rich + skinny (minus the rich part)

rich + skinny (minus the rich part) 1Today, we pulled into our new campground in Austin. We'll be staying here for two weeks (the campground is sponsoring our stay). We could tell instantly that it was a very ritzy place with luxury motorhomes, boats, and vehicles at every turn. As I was looking out the window, I said to Tim, "There are A LOT of rich people here." Our 4-year-old suddenly blurted out, "WE'RE not rich. We're skinny!"

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what she meant by that, but...I'll definitely take the "skinny" part as a compliment. ;)

As we travel, we're seeing quite a few spectacular sights around this great country. I'm curious what YOU would like to hear about.

  • Do you want to read bullet post about the "Best Things to Do in XYZ City"?
  • Do you want to hear verdicts about whether we would want to live in XYZ city?
  • Do you just want to read splashes of our everyday life as we go from place-to-place?

We've debated starting a separate travel website, but...that's a crowded niche and tourism isn't necessarily our passion. That said, we do have a unique vantage point - seeing so many places, with small children in tow. And we DO want to chronicle this amazing journey.

Tell me: do YOU want to see travel-related content here on Metropolitan Mama? If so, what "form" would you like that to take?

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30 comments on “rich + skinny (minus the rich part)”

  1. I'm voting for Splashes - I love the way you blog here - your thoughts on parenting, your fun posts about where you've been, the cute things the kids say and do... it's a well balanced blog - not all heavy stuff, not all fluff - kinda like life in general :)

  2. I want to hear more about what you are learning and how you are growing. You mentioned that you think you have grown more as a person in the last 2 weeks than you had in the past year....I want to hear more about how you are changing and the thoughts you are having!

    1. So much has happened (and is happening) in our lives and in my heart...I almost don't know how to write about it Does that make sense?

  3. Okay - those are tough choices to make. I am sure I would love any of those kinds of posts. But if I had to choose one, I pick #3 b/c slice-of-life is one of my favorite styles to read. :)

  4. Your daughter in her glasses is so cute.

    You are great at sharing so much of your day and your opinion. I enjoy coming to read bits of what is happening in your day to day life. How you are managing life in an rv with 2 little girls while spending time with your husband as well. Things you are enjoying & things that are hard while living on the road.

  5. All of the above, but I would like to add that more pictures would be great! I would really like to see what these other states look like, since I probably will not make it to most of them in my life time.

  6. First of all, I have said it before and I will say it again. Your amazing. Thank you for showing Jesus to so many!!

    As far as the blog goes I love hearing what you are doing and how you are doing it. The traveling side is neat but could it just be another tab on the "GED" blog? Maybe its too great for that? Regardless, I love hearing how you are dealing with the adventures, as a wife, mother and daughter of Christ.


  7. I love how kids think and WHAT THEY SAY! Priceless!

    I love how you share a variety of things already. I think you should keep that up mixed with the travel adventures through the eyes of a woman & a mommy, fun places to live or visit and cool people that you meet, how you and Tim make time for each other along the way, how you find time to exercise & eat healthy, how you decided what to pack and how you downsized, etc. Your journey is so fascinating, and the way you share things, it is truly never boring, even when it is the most every day stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us in this way!

  8. we went on long road trips every summer when I was a family bonding experience :-)

    my mom would take to every children's museum, art museum, science discovery center, and historical site within 50 miles of ANYWHERE we EVER were...needless to say, I've been to LOTS of kiddo museums! My sisters and I still talk about some of those fun places (if you are ever in Nebraska - I've got HANDFULS of fun kid-friendly adventure places...including digging up Mammoth bones which was RAD!)

    I'd love to know the different places you take your kids to get your culture fix :-)

    1. What 3 children's museums do you have the best memories of? We're discovering that some of them are exciting and well-maintained. Others? Not so much.

  9. I think continue on with your blog the way it has always been: a mix of parenting, personal, interesting reads, and life with your family (just through the lens of our new life.) I think from time to time, a more in-depth post about RV-parenting/living would be very interesting.

    I think reviews of your campgrounds and of your activities in the area for RVers. We tend to camp a little differently with our pop-up, but I'm always interested in learning about good places to camp!

    1. We'll be publishing "Campground Sponsor Spotlights" over at from time-to-time. (We posted one about Jellystone Park Hill Country last week - a very fun place!).

  10. I'd like to see your RV experiences in a different blog. Your deals and giveaways are great in the current one. An RV or travel blog could include all of your travel experiences, whether child-related or not.

    Good luck and safe travels in the future.

  11. I saw, just don't feel like you are obligated to blog about something & get "locked" in. I like that you always blog about whatever topic you feel like writing about.

  12. Add my vote to the 'splashes of everyday life' category too. Way more interesting than bullet points or lists of places and activities.

  13. I'm afraid I won't be any help, because I'd like all three choices! But if I HAD to choose one, I'd be more interested in the day-to-day life of traveling with 2 little ones, especially any practical traveling tips you've learned along the way.

    PS - Does your 4 year old wear Rich & Skinny jeans?? She's quite the fashionista!

  14. I vote splashes of your everyday life as you travel around. I will likely never get to do what you're doing and really enjoy hearing what its like, especially with your two young girls! Since I may never get to many of the places you are going to, it's great to hear about what you are doing and experiencing in each city as well. Photos chronicling your experience are always a welcome bonus too! : )

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us Stephanie, there are many of us living vicariously through your family this year!

  15. I love the idea of hearing the different places you go with your girls in each city. I'd also be interested to hear your opinions about living in the cities as well.

  16. I like hearing about what you do in each location (through the Give Every Day blog) and your family's perspective on the things that you do. You are on a journey that most of us will never take and to read about it step by step is gratifying. Thank you!

  17. I think a separate sight would be appreciated (although I love all of your content here!) We have a dream of living aboard a boat and motor yachting after my hubby gets out of the Navy (at the ripe old age of 38!) And, while there are lots of sailing blogs, we are really drawn to the living aboard with kids blogs (like this one: because they touch on how to actually DO what we want to do in a similar kid-in-tow perspective that we want to have. Lots of travel blogs are geared towards singles or retired folks-not young families and I think that would be appreciated!

  18. Would love to hear splashes about your everday life. Your perspective is different then the give everday perspective because it's from the mom and kids standpoint. This includes where you visit, volunteer, how you keep the kids occupied, how you do nap time aboard the RV etc.

  19. I think your unique perspective is what people are here for. You may want to start collecting your impressions of certain places and eventually try to make a traveling in an RV with young kids blog (or book!)

    But from someone who will likely never visit the places you are visiting (and will DEFINITELY not be doing it in an RV) ;-) what I want to hear is "splashes of {your} everyday life as {you} go from place-to-place." That's just my personal opinion, FWIW. :-)

  20. I like the idea of sharing must sees or favorite places. And of course the best food finds would be especially awesome for us foodies! Have fun at your new stop!

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