Category: Our Year On-The-Road

The Sheaffer family spent 2011 in an RV, traveling the country to give to others. Give Every Day.

Stress {we've got it}

"You can't be stressed out yet," I told Tim this morning after we had a conversation about all of the things on our plate. But...He is. I am. We are. Our to-do list is too long: to-research, to-contact, to-decide, to-clean, to-sell, etc. Fortunately, there is a glimmering hope ahead. An adventure awaits us. You may […]

Our House, In the Middle of Our House...[is love]

When the day comes for us to walk out of our empty house and close the door, I know I'll cry. I won't cry for the four walls, for the incredible mountain view, for the backyard that we worked on so hard, for the shiny appliances (okay, maybe I will cry for the washer + […]

The Plan: Sell Everything. Live in an RV. Give Every Day.

Our 3-year-old was talking to one of her friends on the phone this week: “Our plan is to sell our house, live in an RV, and help lots of people and all of the kids who don’t have food.” She said it so confidently, so excitedly. She said it with sparkling eyes, with adventure in […]

The best is yet to be

We went hiking last night at dusk. We stomped in mud, splashed in the water, hopped over rocks, heard trains rumbling, and drank ice cold water from our CamelPak. We made it back to our car after sunset - happy, a little overheated, dreamy. Our 1-year-old drifted off to sleep quickly after bath and kisses, […]

something is stirring

When May arrives, we eat popsicles - every day. The heat settles over the grass and lingers. The pavement is scorching to our bare toes. Our cheeks are rosy. Our lips are chapped. The local news station tweeted that we may reach 100 degrees on Friday. This is the time of year when we always […]

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