something is stirring

When May arrives, we eat popsicles - every day.

something is stirring 1 something is stirring 2 something is stirring 3

The heat settles over the grass and lingers. The pavement is scorching to our bare toes. Our cheeks are rosy. Our lips are chapped. The local news station tweeted that we may reach 100 degrees on Friday.

This is the time of year when we always talk about moving. We thirst for a cool breeze, a cloudy sky.

But this year...that restlessness seems more intense. This year, it's something beyond the weather. Deep. Stirring. Something.

We contemplate new ways of serving, of giving, of BE-ing. We look behind us - and squint ahead of us.

More than a quarter of our lives are behind us already - perhaps more. How will we spend these next years? How can we make them matter most? These are the questions Tim & I talk about, as we stroll together every evening in the golden glow of the Arizona sunset.

What are summers like where you live? Do you eat popsicles (and, if so, do you have a good recipe?)? What dreams are rumbling in your heart?

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24 comments on “something is stirring”

  1. The popsicles your kids are eating look yummy - did you make them and do you have a recipe? Summers in CT are perfect for popsicles and since my husband is a teacher, we LOVE the summer time! :)

  2. Our summers are quite pleasant here...although our best time of year is right now and late August through early November. The main summer months(June - late August) are typically foggy at my house. Living just a few blocks from the beach has its perks, however I am in a little pocket that the fog lingers in the longest. It will literally be sunny two blocks away from my house and I would never know it if I didn't go out. The fog burns off just after noon and rolls back in just after four or so. We love to play outside in the sprinklers, make sand castles and dig holes on the beach and eat lots of fresh fruit from the farmers market.

  3. It gets really hot in LA also. My oldest loves smoothies and shakes during the summer and Audrey is starting to love them too.

    Watermelon is also a favorite here. Watermelon pops are yummy! Just watermelon, water, and a little sugar in the blender.

    Stephanie! You are making me hungry!!!

  4. We feel the same way when the HEAT arrives...we were just talking last night about visiting a few states in the next few months to see how we like them...states like....New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah. What state(s) would you consider moving to??

  5. I love all the "seasons" in AZ. You can do something different and special everytime. We have been doing a lot of playing with chalk lately. I stay clear of the popsicles as much as I can since they make a mess BUT I'm working on that.'ve been tagged!

  6. I love summer here, is So. Az! Call me crazy! I am so happy when it's so hot the girls have to go swimming. I love that they ride their bikes out front as the sun sets. It is my favorite time of the year......*even* with our broken a/c in the car. :-)

  7. Flagstaff is BEAUTIFUL in the summer! You should move here! (not exactly a "metropolitan" spot, though ;) After one of the worst winters we've had in years, we're so glad to see the ground again, we're outside nearly every waking moment.

  8. I tolerate our summers here in PA, though the last few years have been great with low humidity and highs in the mid 90s at most. We didn't even put in our air conditioner last summer, it was so nice.

    We eat popsicles too, and spritz each other with water outside. Having a kiddie pool (for us to sit in too) in the shade is great too.

  9. We usually think of moving when the never-ending winter hits Chicago. But, we really do love it here. Our summers can really range. We definitely have our share of hot and humid, but it's unpredictable at times. May has been very comfortable, even a bit cool, (and somewhat rainy) so far. [Actually now that I think about it we had frost advisories two nights this month and I had to cover my newly-planted outside flowers and plants so they wouldn't die!] We love watching storms on our (covered) front porch and playing in the rain and puddles.
    We do eat popsicles occasionally, but I rarely get around to making them myself. We get them at a nearby store and they are made of organic raspberry puree and sweetened with evaporated cane juice and are absolutely delicious.
    Dreams . . . it seems life right now is on a crazy path that makes it hard to dream beyond today. But that is okay for now. I am enjoying the everyday moments--which often are dreams come true in and of themselves.
    Also wondering, what are the best weather months, or what is the best season, in Arizona?

  10. I live in WA state. I used to live about 45 minutes north of Portland, OR, but then I moved to Tacoma, WA, about 45 minutes south of Seattle. I absolutely love it here! The summers are nice, but not blazing hot, and it's BEAUTIFUL. Green year-round. I was born and raised here, and never plan on leaving!

  11. You think about moving in the summer and we think about moving in the winter. Wouldn't it be nice to afford a summer home and a winter home so you have the best of both worlds!

  12. Where I live, summers are perfect! Hot, certainly (AZ, as you know), but I love the heat and, even more, I LOVE being off work and spending more time with my kids. I work some, for sure, but not the full 50ish hours per week. Summer, though hot, is my favorite time of year for many reasons!

  13. Summers in Milwaukee are fantastic! They are our reward for our frigid winters. Each weekend we have a different ethnic festival along Lake Michigan. Tomorrow, we are going to a Cuban Fest, which is one of my favorites, along with the Italian Festival. We don't eat popsicles, but we do enjoy frozen custard. We think about moving in the winter, but we couldn't leave our family. Enjoy the weekend!

  14. I always think of moving when August rolls stays so hot for so long here, sometimes all the way into December. I get really sad some Fall's when all I want it big brown leaves and we have santa ana winds and sometimes fires. We eat lots of popsicles too....I make smoothies and then freeze the extras in molds. The kids are big fans of those and I get some good green stuff in them as well :) We also love sorbets and homemade ice-cream, vanilla is a favorite around simple and so good! I am going to invest in some stainless steel popsicle molds this year. Most of the cheap plastics used for molds that we have seen are made in China, are not recyclable and are not BPA free. Plus the SS ones last f-o-r-e-v-e-r in a good way. As for dreams, our latest our coming true! We are working on our new house and I can't wait to get some chickens!
    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  15. I totally think you need to move to Utah :) We have such a diverse geography - from the red rocks to the sand dunes and up to the beautiful high desert. Plus we get our share of Popsicles eaten and we can have hot chocolate when you really need it. All four seasons experienced.

  16. Summers here make me want to move. I love all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that come from summer, but oh my...the heat! It gets awful here, and so very humid.
    Levi is only just semi getting into popsicles, and he still never eats a whole one. I'm thinking of making them in ice cube trays this summer. As far as good recipes...I just like to blend up fruits and juices, freeze, and serve. No two batches alike.

  17. Where I live, summers are perfect! Hot, certainly (AZ, as you know), but I love the heat and, even more, I LOVE being off work and spending more time with my kids. I work some, for sure, but not the full 50ish hours per week. Summer, though hot, is my favorite time of year for many reasons!

  18. Love how you put it, rumbling dreams in your heart...for me it's to write a book soon, though I'm no writer. Just allowing myself to dream again has been an enriching journey. Thanks for asking this question. And summers...they're not too hot here in CA. It's usually hotter in the fall but I'm nothing like what you experience in AZ. Have a cool weekend!

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