Last Night in Our House

Last Night in Our House 1Last night was our last night in our house.

After running errands and packing, we sat down (on our floor) to homemade pork chop, brussels sprout, green beans, and cookies - courtesy of Becca (thank you, friend - it was the most timely of gifts!).

We bathed and showered the girls, put on PJs, brushed teeth, read books...just like we have for the past four years.

Tim stayed up late boxing things up and making trips in a borrowed truck to various places. I fell asleep early (right beside my girls).

Now, it it dark and the house is quiet. I am sitting here typing at a card table, perched on a 3-legged camp chair. I'm feeling surprisingly nostalgic - looking around at my empty home, scattered belongings on the floor. This is where I rocked my babies, nursed them, stayed up through the night when they were sick, watched my toddler run across the great room, made love to my husband, and danced in the kitchen to make my girls laugh at the breakfast table.

I catch my breath (barely breathing). This isn't a dream.

I've never prayed more.

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41 comments on “Last Night in Our House”

  1. I just can't say enough how beyond thrilled I am for you. You are showing such courage and faith, and I know that you will be rewarded beyond your wildest expectations with such an amazing journey!

  2. You are doing it! And for some odd reason, this post completely caught me by surprise. Peace be with you my friend, and please, keep us posted on your travels. Much love...

  3. I linked to you in my blog today. You have inspired me to take a look at our life and what we need and what we don't. If we were to pick up and move, what would we bring, sell, give away. Even though we have no plans to move, I want to downsize our belongings and give away what we no longer need to bring joy to others. I wish you the best, pray for your journey and look forward to reading about the adventure.

  4. My heart stopped a little when I read this - I didn't realize it was going to be so soon for you - I am sure you must feel somewhat the same way! Prayers and blessings on your new journey!!! Can't wait to read all about it!

  5. WOW - I did not think you were moving out that fast! Did you find renters or sell the house? So when do you load up the RV? It is hard leaving a house with so many memories. I remember feeling the same way when we sold our house but it was something we had to do and we had to money for the house. We just have to focus on making memories that don't revolve around a house and someday we will have a house.

  6. What a grand adventure you're embarking upon. Full of promise, no doubt life changing. You are all in my prayers.


  7. You gave me a huge lump in my throat. This was exactly how I was feeling leaving our home last year. Even though we were following our dream, it was still hard to leave the past behind because the past was our beginning. The first place we lived in as husband and wife, the first place I found out I was pregnant, the first place I brought home our firstborn, and our secondborn. Praying for you right now, my friend, for peace in your heart. I can't wait for your new adventure to begin!

  8. Your post made my breath catch in my throat. Just thinking of all the memories I have had with my 3 year old in our house and wondering if I would ever want to leave the house that we made them in. I know this is the plan and you guys are doing amazing things for God and His kingdom. Praying for you as you take on this next big step. Looking forward to hearing all the good that comes out of this journey.

  9. I'm sure it's so bittersweet. I think you are so courageous for taking such a big leap. I'm sure this new adventure will be amazing for you and your family. Thinking of you!

  10. Wow.. that was well put. I so understand the feeling of looking at an empty house and thinking of all the memories you have there, what your leaving behind and the unknown you are leaving it for. I am happy that all your plans are falling into place. I wish you all the best and will have you all in my thoughts as I already do. Looking forward to see you when you get up to the Northwest. I think we have some room in the culdasac for the RV. If timing works out we could both be moving back to our homes at the same time. If you need anything just let us know. We miss you all!

  11. I love this blog!! And I'm excited for your adventure! Looking forward to many fun stories from your precious family.

  12. Oh Stephanie, my heart breaks and rejoices all at once for you and your family. You are in our prayers as well!
    PS - I LOVE those feet - such a cute picture!

  13. Oh, Stephanie, I wonder if you'll ever know just how many people are praying for you and your family!

    I think I would feel the same way if I was in your heels. As much as I say that material things don't matter, and that home is wherever you make it, there is something special about the house you bring your babies home to. I am also positive that even greater things await you!

    You mentioned that you are renting out your you think that after the RV adventure is over (whenever that is :) ) you would move back to your house?

    1. Probably not. We'll likely search for a new place to settle down when we are on-the-road, but first...we'll have an adventure of giving & learning. :)

  14. I remember those feelings when we moved. Covered with tears, my neighbor hugged me and said, "It's okay to feel this way, they're wonderful memories. The memories you make in your next home will be wonderful as well". She was right and the same will be true for you and your family. (BIG HUGS...and I'm covered in tears as I write this to you!)

  15. Stephanie, you are so brave. I truly believe that one's home is with one's family. It's not intrinsic to a physical building/house or place. You have an exciting future ahead of you and one in which your children will learn so much.

    1. I'm learning that truth more and more every day. Home is not the four walls around us (or the stuff we fill it with). Home is wherever the people are who I love (and who love me).

  16. I can't even being to imagine the roller-coaster ride of emotions that you're experiencing right now. You and your family are in my thoughts and my prayers, and I'm so eager to hear about this amazingly generous and life-changing adventure that you're about to embark upon!

  17. My eyes tear up for you! Tears of joy and excitement as well as motherly sadness. I looove change, so maybe a tinge of jeliously also! But yea for change! Change that will not only stretch you but mold you into the person you really want to be.

    Go get 'em world changer!!! Jesus loves you!

  18. Wow it time to leave already! My mother;s heart feel your pain and I'm sure this journey will bring all new memories, but won't erase those sweet precious one!!!

  19. Wow. You are such an inspiration! I can't imagine all the things you must be feeling right now. I can't wait to hear about the next steps of your journey. I'm saying a prayer for you right now. I think it is incredible what your family is doing! God Bless!!

  20. The next chapter will be full of even more memories...more blessings...and more joy. Nothing beats following the path that God has laid out for you! Blessings and prayers to you and yours.

  21. You may be leaving your house but your true home awaits you! In the meantime, embrace the highway that leads you there:

    (Isa 35:8-10 NIV) And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness. The unclean will not journey on it; it will be for those who walk in that Way; wicked fools will not go about on it. {9} No lion will be there, nor will any ferocious beast get up on it; they will not be found there. But only the redeemed will walk there, {10} and the ransomed of the LORD will return. They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.

    Run to the highway. It's a highway to Zion filled with joy and singing! We've been right where you are and will be praying you through the struggles but celebrating the glory that will be exposed by your exercise of faith.

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