3.1 Miles of Smiles (+ Sweat)

3.1 Miles of Smiles (+ Sweat) 1

This 5K may have spoiled me for good.

It was hosted by Sierra Morado, a master-planned community by Pulte Homes. The goal, of course, was to get people interested in their homes in this not-so-hot economy.

But they seriously did an awesome job putting it together. The path was well-marked. The weather was gorgeous (I know they didn't have anything to do with the weather, but it WAS beautiful!). There were Pulte employees cheering us on at various intervals. And, best of all, there was a huge, family-friendly party at the end.

3.1 Miles of Smiles (+ Sweat) 2Jumping castles. Pony rides. A petting zoo. Facepainting. Hot Dogs. Live Music. All Free.

Our 3-year-old was so, so happy. At the end, she said, "Can we do this more often?"

I'm sure you want to hear about the race.

I ran (almost) the whole time. There was one big hill at the end that I walked partway, until Tim said, "Come on. You can do it. One foot in front of the other. You're not even breathing hard!" So, I did. And, as always, it felt SO GOOD to run across the finish line. Our family together. Tim pushing the girls in the double jogging stroller (he is amazing) and me beside him. 35:54. Slow, but sure...does not win the race (hate to break it to you...).

3.1 Miles of Smiles (+ Sweat) 3

That said, I feel proud. I feel strong. I feel ready to do another one. I hope we always run 5Ks as a family.

P.S. Have YOU signed up for a 5K yet? You CAN. Even if you're not a runner. Here's: How to Train for a 5K.

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34 comments on “3.1 Miles of Smiles (+ Sweat)”

  1. I love the 'family' part of the run you did. Way to go, mama. Running is 'not' my thing, but you can certainly be proud of what all of you accomplished.

  2. Way to go Stephanie! Looks like it was a lovely day. Your family pics are great. My husband and the big sis went and had a fantastic time (at the party- not the race:). I was surprised you all didn't run in to each other. This mama hopes to be there pounding the pavement next year.

  3. How wonderful & inspiring! I started the couch to 5K program a few weeks ago...my goal is to eventually enter race.

  4. What a fun day -- looks like we missed out on that one.

    That picture of you guys is definitely a keeper!

  5. Awesome job! I just love activities that the WHOLE family can be involved in. We just started rock climbing together..SO much fun!!!

    You have a beautiful family...inside and out!!

  6. Great job, Stephanie! And yay for supporting husbands that know better than we do what we're truly capable of. Congrats! When's the next one? :)

  7. That sounds like an awesome day - although I would have had to walk that 5k instead of run it... (mutter, mutter, grumble, blasted bad knees...) ah well - it still would have been fun and you should be proud and I love the family picture!

  8. Great photos!!! Keep inspiring me. For now, I just need to get out walking. Two days of heavy rain forecasted... but after that! :)

  9. That is great, what fun to do it as a family, but I would have hated to be the one to push the double stroller! I want to get a long run in today but my back is telling me otherwise. Oh well there is always next weekend!

  10. we ran our first family 5K last weekend. my husband pushed our 4 year old and I ran with our 7 year old. Daddy is a runner so he ran ahead. A little over a mile in my knee started killing me (sudden sharp pain). I started to walk but my daughter kept running. I couldn't let her out of my sight so I kept running. She was too far ahead to hear me but she kept stopping to wait for me and then would run ahead again. When we could see the finishline she ran even farther ahead (Daddy was waiting for her. she finished about 34 min and I struggled in at 37 minutes. My knee is still messed up so I am not sure 5Ks are a good idea. I think I will run the 1 mile race in the fall with our youngest.
    My husband is running his first marathon in May! We will be cheering him on!!

  11. I saw you there but I wasn't 100% sure it was you so I didn't say anything. I was pushing our 10 month old in a stroller and, yes, that hill was brutal! I agree that it was a well-run race and nice to know that it benefitted the Vail School District where I teach with many amazing people!

  12. I so agree, that was the best one I've done so far. It was great to have so much for the kids to do. (I don't think the boys even missed us while we ran.) Next year again, for sure!

  13. Congrats! It's my goal to run in some sort of race (probably a 5K) after I give birth. My husband (who's never run in any race before) signed up to do a half marathon in May - 13+ miles...I think he's crazy but I'm being supportive (as long as I don't have to waddle along next to him!)

  14. That sounds like a wonderful day!! Congratulations... I would love to do family 5K's, but I think it'll have to wait until the girls can run with us.

    I ran my second one last weekend in the rain, and crossed at 29:44! Apparently I was eager to get out of the rain!!

  15. Congrats!
    I'm bummed we didn't run into eachother there. I saw a super cute little girl and thought "I've seen her before"... wish I had realized it was your daughter - I'm sure you weren't far away!

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