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Are you a runner or do you aspire to be one? Keep tabs on this category for running advice, running product reviews, and 5K and 1/2 marathon training plans.

How to Give to a Good Cause (without spending any money)

Today, my 6-year-old and I ran 2 miles. Simultaneously, we helped send a girl in the developing world to school for two weeks. We didn't fundraise or send in a check. We took our legs, our lungs, and our hearts - and hit the pavement. This is how it works. Download the Charity Miles app on your phone. […]

10 Tips for Training for Your First 10K

I ran my first 10K yesterday - my longest run ever! After kissing three little blonde heads, I walked out the front door into 44 degrees and glorious rays of sunlight. One foot in front of the other, I prayed and breathed with each step. If you've circled a 10K date on the calendar and […]

GIVEAWAY: Moving Comfort Endurance Capri

Tomorrow, my half-marathon plan says that I need to run five miles. It will be my longest run - ever. I'll be wearing a Nike v-neck shirt, New Balance tennis shoes, and Moving Comfort Endurance Capris. These capris are super stretchable, ultra-comfortable, and fantastically flattering. They lift the butt and hold in your stomach. Plus, […]

running - back at it

Tim and I sat down a few weeks ago to put together a fitness schedule. We've been running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. We also try to add in a "bonus run" on the weekend - either that or a hike/long walk. Tim pushes the girls in the double jogger. I run alongside. We've […]

On Fitness and Feeling Good

I look over at my running shoes, knowing I should put them on. How is it so incredibly hard to get started? I don't know, but it is. I finally convince myself - remembering all of my reasons. I put on my sports bra. I pull back my hair. I gather shoes and sweaters and […]

3.1 Miles of Smiles (+ Sweat)

This 5K may have spoiled me for good. It was hosted by Sierra Morado, a master-planned community by Pulte Homes. The goal, of course, was to get people interested in their homes in this not-so-hot economy. But they seriously did an awesome job putting it together. The path was well-marked. The weather was gorgeous (I […]

Get Fit...with Fabulous Athletic Bra

For the longest time, I just thought I wasn't cut out for running. Dancing? Yes. Swimming? Yes. Walking? Yes. But running...? Not for me. Now, however, I go running several times a week and I enjoy participating in local 5Ks in my town. Much of that change was mental...deciding that I, Stephanie Sheaffer, could in […]

I want to be...Fit

Tonight, I'm going to download ten new running songs from iTunes for my birthday (Thank you for the gift card, Joe & Rhonda!): Roll To Me by Del Amitri Two Princes by Spin Doctors Yes I Will by Bebo Norman and Joy Williams Material Girl by Madonna Suds In The Bucket by Sara Evans Suddenly […]

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