I want to be...Fit

Tonight, I'm going to download ten new running songs from iTunes for my birthday (Thank you for the gift card, Joe & Rhonda!):

Don't laugh at my eclectic mix of tunes. I chose them because they're upbeat and singalongable...and will likely keep me energized as I run my 1.5 mile course. Yes, I said 1.5...not 15 or 20...like the amazing Kelly of According to Kelly. She was just tweeting yesterday about her marathon-training pursuits...so inspiring!

I want to be...Fit 1

I've written pretty extensively about how I want to be a fit and active mom (read: 7 Things I Do to Get Motivated to Exercise and I Never Considered Myself To Be A Runner). Exercise has too many benefits to ignore...and I want to show my girls that it's important to prioritize their health.

Although I'm pretty committed to putting one foot in front of other by running a few times per week, I'd like to be even more fit. It's a goal that is constantly in the forefront of my mind. I want to be fitter, toner, stronger.

Photo At Right: Me doing what my husband refers to as a "mama sit-up."

YOUR TURN: What do you do to stay fit? If you run/exercise with music, what are your favorite tunes?

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23 comments on “I want to be...Fit”

  1. My playlist is extremely varied too. I'm always looking for new songs to add to it-some of yours may have to be added! Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. I have taken the plunge and started on my journey to become more fit. I've started at a brisk walking pace on the treadmill or a steady pace on the elliptical at my workout facility. Today I was up to 5 miles, but now I think it's time to push myself to the jogging speed!

    And I love your music choices, I listened to many of those songs back in the day, and I too have eclectic taste in music!

  3. Love the iTunes mix! I know and like a lot of those songs. It's more fun when you mix genre's and get some different stuff in there.

    I don't do a lot to stay fit, other than go on walks every now and then. Or sometimes stretch.

  4. What is that Pilates move called when you balabnce & roll like a ball? My thrill-seeking baby loves for me to hold her & roll back & forth. She laughs & laughs.
    That's about all the working out I've been doing for a while. Ha!

  5. wow i can hardly keep up with your posts. you are one busy woman.
    i think you have touched home for me with all the different things you want to be as a person. i feel like sometimes i lose sight of being fit, well read, fun, available etc. when i get so busy just doing mom and parent stuff.
    i have a close friend that has challenged me without even saying anything to reconnect myself with the hobbies and things that i love doing so that i can pass that on to my kids (reading, music, sports). i feel likes its important to include my kids in my hobbies so they can see the value in having passions.

  6. I am a walker because of arthritic knees. I love the music of Phil Collins from the animated
    Disney Tarzan Movie!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  7. I thought I remembered you asking about tune suggestions a few weeks ago. Glad you enjoyed the gift. I enjoyed the cheesecake this morning, it was a little piece of sunshine on this gloomy morning. Happy running, can't wait to join you again on day.

  8. Material Girl! Haven't seen anybody admit to that in a while :-).

    Marathons are overrated. I was told how difficult it would be before I did Chicago a few years ago. Sure, I got tired, but it wasn't bad at all. I think your attitude is just about right. just strive every day to get a little better. When I woke up and saw I was getting older I decided to quit trying to win races and just start having fun.

    I don't own an iPod or anything like that. I guess that means I have to sing to myself :-)

  9. I love running, but don't usually listen to music because I run, and talk, with friends. I did go by myself this weekend and grabbed my ipod, and it was nice! I just have a random assortment on there, and did the "shuffle" so would hit Baby Einstein now and then too! It was fun!
    Good luck with your goals!

  10. I have a list of tunes I need to get and I think I'll add Suds in the Bucket, love that song!

    Hoping to one day become extremely fit, I take spin classes 3x a week, do cardio and will start doing strength training again 3x a week. Oh and I am on my 2nd week of running (ok walk/jogging!) on the treadmill. I am going to start training for a few 5k's before hubby and I run in the Reggae Marathon in Jamaica (we'll do the 1/2 marathon). This is a HUGE challenge for me so I pray that I can accomplish it. It's very scary because this running thing is CRAZY! Every part of me hurts and I'm exhausted. But I'm going to keep going.

  11. I am a cyclist...and endurance athlete who is an Athena woman...which means I am a bigger girl! I did a 100 mile century last year and will do another this year. I raise money while at this to support cancer research. This motivation helps me exercise "for a purpose."
    From The Two Whos

  12. I love to be outdoors and to walk, skip and play with the kids but I'm really bad about making sure I get my exercise and I'm really out of shape, something that has really bothered me lately - so I'm making "getting healthier" one of my projects for this year. I've started with drinking more water and less coffee and eating better, physical activity is the next step! Thank you for being such an inspiration in this area for me.

  13. Lovin' the "Mom sit up".

    I like to do just about anything that involved the outdoors and activity. I'm not one for floor exercises, or aerobics indoors.

    So getting out, running, walking, hiking, chasing the kids, playing at the park, basketball, roller blading and so forth.

    That all gets me feeling the a happy little bird!


  14. I'm getting a BOSU ball. Lately, i've been going out to the gym a lot and my body have responded well. I drink more water and feel lighter. So you go girl!!!! I do not just for my husband and darling girl but for MYSELF too...An healthy life is an happy life.

    I listen to anything while I run, so far its R&B baby!

    Visit my blog on http://www.safehomehappymom.com for the safety conscious MOM

  15. I actually had my first Step Aerobic class last night (after a 7 year absence). Our family loves to run and bike in the warmer weather.
    I don't listen to music when working out (except aerobics class and I think it is Christian rock).

  16. Your playlist is fun! I'm a passionate exerciser...love love it and have to do it every day (except Saturday)!! I think it sets a wonderful example for the little ones. My 2 year old LOVES doing yoga with me, getting out her "weights" and doing workouts with me, and going on pretend "runs" with one of our old broken ipods! It's awesome. She has never watched any kid shows or movies and doesn't know any of them, but she knows my DVD workout trainers by name - Billy, Jackie, Jillian, and Rodney! :)

  17. You are once again inspiring. I want to be fit too. I feel like I have a long way to go, but alas, I must start somewhere! My daughter loves to watch me do push ups and she tries to sit on my back while I do them...not so easy with an extra 35 pounds! I still have a bit of a running itch, and I am NO runner. Your song list is great...very eclectic. I like to exercise to No Doubt, and Bebo Norman (I know some of his stuff is rather subdued, but it reminds me of when I would run in New Zealand - my disc player (ha!) was broken and my Bebo Norman 10,000 Days CD was stuck in it). Needless to say, I listened to him a lot. While we are friends now, I babysat Joy Williams a few times when I was in jr. high and she was seven. She is one of the most talented people I know.

    Hope you had a great day!!

  18. I try and work out 5 days a week. Right now doing the 30 Day Shred! I do it not only for me, but to be an example to my girls.

    Oh, and I totally laughed at your song list! :) In a good way. It was just funny seeing Madonna on there along with "Kiss Me". ;)

    Happy Birthday once again-hope your day was fantastic!

  19. I've been listening to worship music while running. I never would have thought that would be my running "tunes" but that's what I pick over and over :)
    My little ones have started pretending to "go on a run". I love that I'm setting an exsample for them and that they see it as a fun, enjoyable activity.

  20. I love how you are shooting for goals that you can achieve. We're not all made to run marathons! I don't listen to music too much when I work out, but when I do, I like a good Springsteen shuffle, and Macy Gray can fire me up during a workout.

    Good luck, and keep after it!

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