GIVEAWAY: Moving Comfort Endurance Capri

Tomorrow, my half-marathon plan says that I need to run five miles. It will be my longest run - ever.

I'll be wearing a Nike v-neck shirt, New Balance tennis shoes, and Moving Comfort Endurance Capris. These capris are super stretchable, ultra-comfortable, and fantastically flattering. They lift the butt and hold in your stomach. Plus, there's a hidden pocket in the back that can carry your phone, a house key, or a few dollars. I've made good use of that feature when I've been caught in the summer monsoon rainstorms here in Southern Arizona. No need to worry about my iPhone getting wet. I simply zip it safely in and press on through the storm.

GIVEAWAY: Moving Comfort Endurance Capri 1

The Endurance Capri retails for $52 and has a 4.5 star rating on the Moving Comfort site. I highly recommend them for walking, running, and working out at the gym.

Enter to win a pair of your own below.

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* Thanks to Moving Comfort for providing product samples – for review and for this giveaway. 

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169 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Moving Comfort Endurance Capri”

  1. I usually wear shorts and a baggy shirt or sometimes my
    I work out on the treadmill so I never get too fancy.

  2. I have a pair of capris I use for my regular workouts, but I have 2 problems: 1) they're getting worn out and 2) The waistband is too big. (A totally happy problem, as I've lost weight!) I have a jumbo safety pin holding the waistband in place so the capris stay where they belong.

    These look fantastic--I'd love a pair!

  3. I usually wear some sort of spandex capris (but not as nice as these!) and a workout tank. Simple but doesn't show my pit rings! :)

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  4. I wear my workout shorts and a tank top or long sleeved shirt depending on when I run. If i run in the AM it tends to be a bit chillier and i will wear long sleeved and workout capris.

  5. Capris and a tank top. My heavy duty sports bra is from Moving Comfort and I love it, but I think it's time for a new one! I used to wear ratty old Tshirts, but found I am much more motivated when I am wearing clothes I love!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  6. I usually wear a running skirt in the summer and capris in the winter. I HATE the capris I have now and need some new ones. These would be great! I love Moving Comfort!

  7. Depending on what I'm doing - for yoga I wear capris like these, a sport bra and tank top. Today I'll be doing crossfit so I'm wearing running shorts, sports bra and tank top and my ON running shoes. :)

  8. Oh I would LOVE to win this. And yay you for the half marathon training! I usually run in Under Armour shorts I bought at TJ Maxx. They are comfortable but not flattering, and that puts me off on days I'm feeling discouraged.

  9. I normally wear a pair of Target drawstring shorts. I would LOVE these capris, particularly as it starts to get colder outside!

  10. These capris look great! I have finally realized the importance of investing in quality exercise clothes that I like to wear.

  11. I workout 5x week, I always wear performance clothing that wicks the moisture away, I would love these capr's! love the style!

  12. I usually wear a tank top and a pair of running shorts, I've been wanting to try capris like yours though, now that it's getting cooler

  13. Im looking for good workout alternatives since fall is approaching. I'm trying to start running outside instead of just on treadmill so will need some longer pants

  14. I have a small collection of workout clothes that i wear when I work out: mostly Under Armour and Reebok. I've recently been looking at Athleta clothes - so cute and comfy!

  15. I wear a Moving Comfort bra for running - it's the best sports bra I've ever purchased, and worth the price! I'm excited to try their capris.

  16. I typically wear capris in the fall and spring to work out - and a technical t-shirt/long sleeve when it gets really chilly. :)

  17. I work out at home, so I have to admit to sometimes working out in pajamas! Usually it's bright Zumba clothes or comfy work out capris... so these look awesome! :o)

  18. I think I would really like the coverage capris offer. I have shorts, but sometimes I feel like they are a little too short...

  19. I wear my Life is Good white baseball cap - so much better than sunglasses for glare, a Moving Comfort sports bra because I couldn't run without one, compression leggings that I am wearing holes in under a running skirt over them and my Mizuno Wave sneakers with inserts...and I'm always pushing my 11 month old, because our run is our favorite part of the day!

  20. I usually wear my Moving Comfort Juno bra, under armor tshirt and champions Capri along with my Nike Frees to run in!

  21. I usually wear shorts when I'm running. I just bought a pair of Moving Comfort Work It Shorts (which seem to have been discontinued :( Boo). I won't be needing capris for a few more months here in Texas (I hope).

  22. I started running nearly a year ago. I've invested in some great sports bras and a pair of New Balance Minimus. But I haven't spent much on the rest of my work-out wardrobe. I've picked up a couple of tops when I've found them in my size on the clearance racks, but I'm having a harding time figuring out what style of "bottoms" I like best.

  23. I wear yoga pants and a tank top to work out. I'm on the lookout for a good running bra to wear while nursing. Our third baby was born 10 weeks ago and sports bras are too restrictive but nursing bras are not supportive enough.

  24. I didn't know you were training for a 1/2! I am just finishing up the training for my first one (it's next weekend). It's amazing how easy it is when you follow a plan. You'll do great!! Do you have a running buddy for the long runs? That really helps!

    1. How did your first 1/2 go? So proud of you.

      I *wish* I had a running buddy for my long runs, but I haven't found anyone who lives in my area to join me.

  25. I just started teaching dance classes so I'm needing some new workout clothes!
    I typically just wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt!

  26. You can do it! Hope it has been getting easier and easier to run. I haven't been making/finding time to run lately. I ran the Wharf to Wharf again in July and have only run once since then. Ugh. I usually just bring my iPod shuffle when I run because I don't like wearing bulky things with pockets. I love that these capri's have a hidden pocket though...that would make a huge difference.

    Again, great job running...I was doing so well then I went to Austria...

  27. I usually wear a Moving Comfort bra with a cotton tank top and skirted leggings. These capris would be way better for pilates- that skirt gets in the way when you're upside down!

  28. A tank top from Old Navy and my husband's old boxer shorts!! The only things I actually spend money on are the shoes and sports bra.

  29. These days I wear maternity shorts and t-shirts, but when I was running 40 miles/week I mostly wore lightweight shorts (soccer ones were actually more comfy for me than a lot of the running ones-they tend to me longer and that helped with the chafing) and plain old t-shirts-mostly from other races I'd done. If it was cooler, I'd layer swishy pants and long sleeve cotton t-shirts, then eventually fleece sweatshirts if it was really cold. Oh and running tights under the swishy pants or under shorts sometimes. I had one stretchy tank top that was fairly comfortable but I just never felt modest enough in it.

  30. What 1/2 are you doing?? My goal is to start running again (post-baby) in mid-September. I typically run in skirts, but the capris would be perfect for running during "winter" in AZ!

  31. Depending on the time of year and if I am indoor or outdoor, I have a variety of favs. My current fav are my alma mater's exercise shorts that I have had for like 10 years. They always make a summer debut. In the winter, I like my yoga pants for indoor exercise, and I am in need of something good for cold weather running.

    Love these capris you wear something different as it gets colder?

    1. Well, "cold" is a very relative term. ;) Here in Tucson, the high in January is about 65 degrees and the low averages around 39. As such, I don't have to "bundle up" much. I just add a hat and I'm good!

  32. Depending on the time of year I usually run in a tank top/ or short sleeve performance shirt, running skirt or capris. In the cooler months same top with another layer and yoga pants or capris on the bottom.

  33. A really great sports bra, wool running socks, and capri pants. I have not found a shirt I love to run in yet. I ran a half last year you can do it.

  34. I would love to win these. I too am training for another 1/2 marathon and all summer work a running skirt. As fall approaches I have been looking for some new capris to run in.


  35. LOVE your new header! Good luck on your 5 miler today!!! You ca do it!!

    I usually wear something similar to this pant from Nike. It has the pocket feature!! I also do yoga capris depending on whats clean...(:

  36. I usually wear yoga pants and a tshirt. Mine are a little tired though. It would be fun to try something new! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  37. I would love to win these pants! I was just telling my sister in law how I needed to break down and buy some new running pants. And way to go on the half marathon! I just signed up for my first runs, a 3k one weekend then a 5k the next. I may have gone a little crazy. It will be an exciting week. =)

  38. I have normally wear a pair of (Target) athletic shorts and and Old Navy tank top. Those capris look amazingly comfortable though!

    Way to go on training for the half. Two weeks ago I just really started exercising/jogging again after not for a long time (maybe before my 18 month daughter was born). I'm now doing 1.75 miles. Looking forward to being able to go further. How long did it take you to get to 5 miles?

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