Get Fit...with Fabulous Athletic Bra

For the longest time, I just thought I wasn't cut out for running. Dancing? Yes. Swimming? Yes. Walking? Yes. But running...? Not for me.

Now, however, I go running several times a week and I enjoy participating in local 5Ks in my town.

Much of that change was mental...deciding that I, Stephanie Sheaffer, could in fact be a runner. After I had my first baby, I just decided that running was the cheapest, easiest, most convenient, and most effective way for me to get I did it.

One thing that helped me immensely in my journey was when I discovered REAL sports bras. For the longest time, I wore those flimsy Target ones that stretch over your head...sometimes double-layering them. Those may work for some women, but if you're a C-cup or larger, you probably need more support. One of the reasons that I didn't enjoy running as a teen and young adult was that it was so...uncomfortable.

Get Fit...with Fabulous Athletic Bra 1Then, I discovered Fabulous Athletic Bra...and these bras are truly FABULOUS. They hold you in without being too tight and give you all of the support you need. The Ultra is my very favorite sports bra. It's a little hard to get it on, but - once you do - you'll feel snug, secure, and supported.

Available in Nude and Black, the bra retails for $79 and is available online.

BUY IT! Want to buy one? Place a phone order and mention "Metropolitan Mama" for $10 off. Or, use discount code MM100 when you check out. Offers expire February 14, 2010.

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

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6 comments on “Get Fit...with Fabulous Athletic Bra”

  1. I am in the sports bra research process but it's hard to find ones that fit. Looks like I would like the Ultra one too but they don't have my size. So hard to find!

  2. sooooooo true! i am not a large chested woman at all but even small breasts that are not properly supported can get in the way of a good sports game or run!

  3. I have started running again and I am in so much pain, if you know what I mean. ARGH. I always ran in regular bras before, but that ain't workin' for me anymore. Just today I was thinking I needed to get online and find something that really supports the girls. I'm so glad I found this post!

  4. For some reason, whenever I don a sports bra, I feel incredibly athletic. I remember one time in college I put one on (I honestly don't know why I owned one... NEVER exercised!) and figured I should do lunges around my room for 30 minutes. HA! I couldn't walk right for days. And my quads hurt so bad when I went to sit on the toilet, I would just fall (too much info?? :))
    Good times. This bra looks like a winner!

  5. I gotta get these puppies under control before I start running. HA! I'll have to look into this bra as an option.


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