running - back at it

running - back at it 1

Tim and I sat down a few weeks ago to put together a fitness schedule. We've been running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. We also try to add in a "bonus run" on the weekend - either that or a hike/long walk.

Tim pushes the girls in the double jogger. I run alongside. We've been running 2.5 miles; the second half uphill. Killer.


running - back at it 2

Skirt Sports recently sent me the Tough Girl Skirt ($90) and Happy Hour V-Neck ($65)...and I feel like I'm on-top-of-the-world as I run.

The Tough Girl Skirt is especially awesome. It has the perfect amount of stretch, the flared leg is super flattering, and the skirt keeps my bum covered. I know I'm going to wear it all 4 seasons.

Do you have a weekly fitness "schedule"? What is your exercise of choice?

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25 comments on “running - back at it”

  1. I really like the running outfit. I try to run/walk most days of the week. With it being so cold today started out at 14 degrees I am using the treadmill. And it is great, but I miss being able to run outside. I must say the view in your running video is beautiful.

    1. I'm not a fan of the treadmill either. Boring with a capital "B."

      Our running seasons are opposite. It's too hot to run in the summer in AZ and perfect in the winter. ;)

  2. I can only run in the Spring/Summer/Fall here as it's too cold/snowy in the Winter. But I plan on doing some treadmill running this winter and starting again in the Spring. I miss it!

    P.S. You look fantastic! :)

  3. I'm happy that you guys are back at it. Nothing makes me feel ready to take on the day quite like a brisk run. Sometimes it seems the procrastinating about lacing up my shoes takes longer than the loop.

    I have been looking for a running skirt for some time. Compression tights are important for me to wear when I run and for now I just throw on an old pair of shorts on top because no matter what I agree, having my rear loosely covered is a must have when it comes to running, no matter what the season.

  4. I also run, lately way more than usual since I let a friend talk me into doing a half marathon in London's Run in Queen Creek in January. I'm terrified the trucks will have to pick me up because I'm so slow, so I've been doing a 5 day a week training program for awhile now! Its been good for losing the baby weight, but I'll be happy to not have so many long runs all the time come February! On my easy run days, I push both girls in the jogging stroller- and completely negate the "easy" part of the workout! But they love it, and I think that'll help me be more consistent and keep it being a family thing.

    1. You're my hero! Tim had to opt our our run yesterday and I tried pushing both girls in the double jogger. I don't think I made it even 1/2 the distance we normally run!

  5. Good for you guys! And that outfit (and those pics) ... SO cute!
    Running is definitely my workout of choice, but no real schedule :( I mostly run right after work, before picking up my kids (I am NOT strong enough to push them and run), so it only happens when I'm able to split early enough. I'm usually happy with 3 times per week. Bonus points if one of those is a longer weekend run.

  6. I don't at the moment, but as much of the world, I plan to after the holidays. Although I never get a chance to do my favorite workout, it is most definitely swimming!

  7. Come the beginning of the year after all our holiday traveling, I intend to start running again. It's been almost 9 month since I stopped (my little one is almost 5 months.) My goal is 3 days a week. I do walk where I can now - to the library, post office and just around the neighborhood. I've struggled to find a way to fit exercise back in my schedule consistently since my son was born (and hubby rotates shifts every other week, which doesn't help.)

    Before little one was born my husband and I used to play a lot of racquetball.

    Question for all: do they make a jogging stroller that faces backward? At almost 5 months my son still doesn't last a 15 min walk without being able to see a parent. I think I could be more consistent if I could take him with me.

    1. That's a good question, Katelyn! I've actually never seen a jogging stroller that faces backwards. Perhaps you should invent one! ;)

      I DO know that most strollers advise not running with a baby until he/she is 6 months or older.

  8. I love running and I love the Tough Girl Skirt you are wearing. My exercise of choice is running daily, hiking whenever possible, and a 20-minute Jillian MIchales workout several times a week for toning and strength. You look very fit by the way!

  9. i wish i was more routine with my workout schedule...lately its when i feel inspired (which isn't often). i LOVE yoga...i used to love running but both of my knees can't take it anymore... :( so sad.

  10. I love wearing skirts while I run. I feel like such a pretty girl when I do! They are pretty expensive though and the only one I have was bought at Skirt Sports end of the year sale. I went online just now since they have products on sale for $12.99 but the skirt I wanted was $60 - too much for my pocket! I am not running right now since I am dealing with plantar facisitis but hopefully I will be running again in a month or two.

  11. We were doing really good with our fitness schedule last year. After my husband got home from work we would take a 3 mile walk with our son in the stroller. And then.....our son decided he didn't want to be in the stroller any more! He wants to walk but that means we can't walk fast enough for exercise. I also work from home, so his nap time is my work time, and then I can't exercise. Oh well, I'm sure he'll come around, but I do miss working out!

    I love that running skirt and those pants.

    1. Our youngest went though that stage for awhile too. She didn't want to be in the stroller, but her walking pace was a snail's pace. ;)

      Now that she's older, she'll sit in the stroller happily (usually).

  12. are totally keeping me motivated:) I get so mad at myself when I make excuses! I am going to have to make a schedule...that way I will stay on track...literally! It would be so much easier if you just lived next door!

    *You look awesome and I want a Tough Girl Skirt!!

    1. Tell me about it! I hope we really do get to be neighbors someday. We'll scope out the best cities across the country and keep you posted, k? ;)

  13. This is an area that I'm totally lacking in - I and the kids have got to get on some sort of fitness schedule. Last spring we were walking about 3 days a week and I loved it, then summer came and the garden and walking went by the wayside, never to be picked up again... I don't enjoy running, I have bad knees and have to run on grass if I run - but I do enjoy a brisk walk!

    Oh and I love that top - so cute!

  14. My fitness schedule went from daily to sporadic at best. My favorite exercise is definitely a family bike ride - everyone can come and we get to see so much along the way.

  15. You are one hot mama! And...what I wouldn't give to have legs like yours! I so want to be running...I am a bit nervous, and to be honest, haven't had the motivation, to try again. Each time I try, my shin splints rage at me. I feel so defeated...argh! But I do walk with the kiddos and push them in the double stroller anywhere between 3.5 and 6 miles (depends on the route we take) almost every morning. I have been running with them a smidge...really, just a see if my shin splints flare up. I need to be more organized with my time and MAKE time for exercise. Thanks for the inspiration. And look fantastic!

  16. Sigh... miss that running thing. Good for you guys for getting back into it. I love running for the purity, exhileration, and simplicity of it- but haven't been consistent in a few years. I think I will be settting up a totally doable fitness schedule of some sort soon. The big sis has seemed especially interested in participating lately :) Maybe a couple of runs a week for mommy with some mother-daughter yoga, dance, or resistance training videos while baby sis naps... it's an idea. We'll see- keeping sessions short seems to be key these days.
    You look adorable and fresh faced in your fitness gear :)

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