Anything to Make Nursing More Comfortable and Discreet in Public...

Anything to Make Nursing More Comfortable and Discreet in Public... 1is worth a shot in my book.

And I'd LOVE to try out one of these Bebe au Lait nursing covers. So stylish. So functional.

Have you tried these covers? If so, post your review here!

Oh, and head on over to Mom Views for your chance to win one!

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4 comments on “Anything to Make Nursing More Comfortable and Discreet in Public...”

  1. Hey Steph,
    I went to MOPS last week and one of my friends had a "Hooter Hider" it was so trendy and very functional. I sure wish I knew about them when I was nursing our son and daughter. My friend seemed so comfortable and relaxed. She would just look down to peak at her tiny baby with out having to keep readjusting. Based on what I saw.....I would totally recommend one:)

  2. I could not imagine a better way to nurse- it looks like it keeps it on when your baby starts flinging his arms! How wonderful- if only I was having another....

  3. Oh and thanks for the comment about Little Lady's sweat suit. She got it as a baby gift at her shower so I'm not actually sure where it is from. It's Calvin Klein and I'm not sure who sells baby Calvin. But thanks! I love it too!

  4. As you know I think these covers are INCREDIBLE. I couldn't have lived without fact I had two. Everywhere I went I had people asking me where I got it because everyone wanted one. Here's what I wrote on my blog about it:

    (these used to be called Hooter Hiders before they changed the name, hence the way I refer to it)

    Had my hooters not been so well hidden I may have had a much more horrible nursing experience and most definitely would not have been a milk machine this long. This chic, cute cover keeps the breasts and the baby under wraps while still allowing you to adore your baby, keep eye contact, and have easy access. No wrestling with a bouncing baby and a blanket which repeatedly wants to slide away. No wondering what that babies up to under there. I’ve had so many mothers ask me about this invention. It really warrants you the freedom to breastfeed in public and still keep yourself private. Plus, it comes in a plethora of cool patterns!!

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