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How to get a better night's rest with baby - including posts on cry-it-out, cosleeping, sleeping arrangements, etc.

Miss Independent

I am fairly certain that every mother goes through a quiet wrestling of spirit shortly after she has her firstborn baby. She feels the trifecta of terror, bliss, and exhaustion. She hears the buzzing voices of relatives, coworkers, friends, and "experts" - telling her what she should BE and DO as a mother. But, ever […]

My baby is such a "GOOD" sleeper

"How is your baby sleeping?" "Is she a 'good' sleeper?" "Does she sleep through the night?" People still ask me those questions. I always hesitate before responding. The most truthful answer is that she is a wonderful sleeper and that we are all well-rested. If there ever is any lack of sleep in our house, […]

You Asked, I Answer (Part V)

Here are 3 more questions you asked...and my answers. Mary asks: Have any tips on dealing with separation anxiety in an attached baby? It's not that I want to leave my child with strangers, but it would be nice if her grandparents could hold her once in a while... Um. Not really. Because...we don't really […]

BEST OF 2009: Baby Posts

Here's a look back at my five favorite newborn/baby-related posts from 2009: Themed Weekend: Babies Don't Keep {September 11, 2009} 15 Newborn Necessities {April 18, 2009} 6 months ago today {September 13, 2009} National Breastfeeding Awareness Month: a letter to myself {August 21, 2009} How to get your baby to sleep through the night, Part […]

Nursing at Night - What to Wear to Bed

In the beginning, baby #2 was a "prodigy sleeper" - sleeping 8 to 11 hours pretty much from birth. Now, at 9 months, she's waking in the night to nurse - several times. Truth be told, I don't really mind. I am, however, grateful that I have a few nursing nightgowns and pajama sets to […]

co-sleeping and your sex life : what you need to know

"Don't bring your baby into bed with you. It will ruin your sex life." I've heard a lot of people say or write that sentiment. Authoritatively. With a swoosh of the head and a sure smile. They warn that bringing baby in between the covers will magically make your sex life disappear. Poof! You'll lose […]

Celebrating Sleep {a giveaway}

Currently, my husband and I are pretty "spoiled" when it comes to sleep. It hasn't always been this way though. I remember the sleepless, walking-the-floors-with-restless-baby-at-2-am, "zombie days" when my older daughter was an infant...quite well. I can still remember that overwhelming exhaustion like it was yesterday. In fact, our older daughter was still waking up […]

How to get your baby to sleep through the night, Part II

Okay, okay. You may be thinking groggily...letting a baby "cry it out" is heartless and harmful. I agree. BUT I'm totally and utterly weary to the bone. What do I do about that? (Yawn...) That's a completely legitimate concern. After all, it's hard to be a good parent when you are sleep-deprived. Here are my […]

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