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Babies are miracles. Follow along for articles on pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby products, birth, vaccines, and baby care.

16weeks pregnant (including birth plans + belly shots)

4 months down. 5 months to go. The 1st trimester was KILLER. To be completely honest, it kicked my $$$ (I would say that, but it's not the kind of thing people said where I come from). I was terribly nauseous for months on end, lying horizontal for most of the day. I could barely […]

Our plan for April 2012

People often ask what our plan is for after this year of travel. I now have a definitive answer: We'll be having a baby! We also hope to be settled somewhere by then. A real-life home! With freezer space, a porch swing, a dinner table with room for friends, a library card, a craft closet, […]

She weaned last night.

The last few weeks, she's only been nursing right before bed. "Nurse me, peas," she'd say at bedtime in the sweetest of voices. But last night, she fell asleep while I was reading "The Indian in the Cupboard" out loud (Amazing book, by the way...we're all enchanted by it). Tonight was the exact same scenario. […]

I bought prenatal vitamins (the chewable kind)

I bought a bottle of prenatal vitamins at Walmart today. (Just in case). Now every single thing I do, Tim says, "You're pregnant." He said it when I ate a spoonful of peanut butter last night (but seriously - peanut butter is an awesome snack, am I right?). He said it when I told him […]

Miss Independent

I am fairly certain that every mother goes through a quiet wrestling of spirit shortly after she has her firstborn baby. She feels the trifecta of terror, bliss, and exhaustion. She hears the buzzing voices of relatives, coworkers, friends, and "experts" - telling her what she should BE and DO as a mother. But, ever […]

a tribute to the Tucson birth center

Exactly two months from today, she'll be two. She laughs easily, tells stories with animation, and has the cutest little waddly-run you've ever seen. I often think of the night I first met her. 8:30pm - on the dot. She arrived in the water. I was on all fours. Tim caught her from behind. We were […]

Spiffies: a natural teething remedy for babies & toddlers

What's your solution for teething discomfort for your baby? I tend to breastfeed the pain away (and it works quite well). I also try to avoid all those numbing agents in the baby care aisle. Because they scare me. It just doesn't seem sensible to put chemicals right into a baby's mouth. Recently, I learned […]

The (secret) benefits of extended breastfeeding

In the mornings, when the sun begins shooting gentle rays through the cracks in the blinds, my 19-month-old begins to squirm beside me. I look at the clock and the hands tell me it's still a little early yet. So I lay a gentle hand on her back, "Shhh...Mama's got you." Her body curls into […]

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