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Summer Fashion: UV Skinz

Sunscreen has always kind of worried me. It makes me nervous to spread a cream w/ chemicals that I can't pronounce all over my skin...or - even worse - on to my child's skin. Just last week, I read another new study that asserts that Many Sunscreens May Be Accelerating Cancer (yes, accelerating!). The news […]

Summer Fashion: Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids

Every morning, my 3-year-old picks out her outfit for the day. Usually, she yells, "Don't come in here!" while she lays everything out. Then, she takes me by the hand and proudly displays her choices. She beams, her smile lighting up the room. Her little hands clench in excitement. "Does it match?" she'll ask. It […]

Summer Fashion: Lands' End (for kids)

In my opinion, the best clothes for small children are comfortable, well-made, affordable, and SIMPLE. We tend to stay away from snaps, buttons, frills, lace, collars, cartoon characters, and sassy sayings. In fact, my 3-year-old doesn't even like jeans because they require a button and a zip. When we shop, we look for soft materials, […]

Summer Fashion: Cake Lingerie

There used to be a day when nursing bras were boring. Beige and white were the only color options available. If you were lucky, you *might* find a black bra at a specialty boutique. The sizes were wonky, the fits were all wrong, and they certainly weren't alluring. Fortunately, we live in a brave new […]

SLY Awards: TwirlyGirl

When I was a little girl, I had a red & white dress that was "twirly." You know the kind I'm talking about. I could spin in circles and it would lift gracefully up in the air. I felt Pretty. Free. Happy. Cindy at TwirlyGirl knows just such a feeling and she strives to recreate […]

My baby is such a "GOOD" sleeper

"How is your baby sleeping?" "Is she a 'good' sleeper?" "Does she sleep through the night?" People still ask me those questions. I always hesitate before responding. The most truthful answer is that she is a wonderful sleeper and that we are all well-rested. If there ever is any lack of sleep in our house, […]

SLY Awards: Vincent Shoes

When it comes to clothes for my girls, I rely heavily on hand me downs, consignment stores, clothes swaps, and sales racks. But...I will pay a pretty penny for higher quality shoes because they're more comfortable, they last longer, and they don't stink (literally). Vincent shoes - based in Stockholm, Sweden - offers well-made shoes […]

baby #3

Tim & I talk about having another baby - every day. We're almost ready to say "go"...but not quite. There are factors to consider. Upcoming [international] trips. A big project/secret that we're working on like crazy. And then there's the fact that I'm not sure I'm ready to stop nursing my 13-month-old yet. I know […]

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