SLY Awards: TwirlyGirl

When I was a little girl, I had a red & white dress that was "twirly." You know the kind I'm talking about. I could spin in circles and it would lift gracefully up in the air. I felt Pretty. Free. Happy.

SLY Awards: TwirlyGirl 1Cindy at TwirlyGirl knows just such a feeling and she strives to recreate it for little girls across the country with her Reversible Twirly Dresses and Reversible Twirly Skirts. The dresses are designed to twirl, but they're not button-y and scratch-y and lacey (fancy dresses for little girls too often fall in that category).

On the contrary, these dresses are comfortable, soft, and...made for play.

From the website: "Each dress is a work of art. Only a limited number of each version is made  - empowering individuality and inspiring creativity."

Check out a few of the current designs available on her website (note: get 'em while they're hot...the designs change frequently):

SLY Awards: TwirlyGirl 2 SLY Awards: TwirlyGirl 3

I happen to know that SLY Award recipient Dayna Hadden shares my love for handmade, NON-character-driven kids clothing so she'll undoubtedly be thrilled to receive a delightful twirly girl dress for her 2 1/2 year old.

Note: All TwirlyGirl dresses and skirts are made right here in the USA.

Note 2: If you like, you can follow TwirlyGirl on Twitter or on FB.


SLY Awards: TwirlyGirl 4WIN IT! One winner will receive a Reversible Twirly Girl Dress ($74). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, June 4th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.


SLY Awards: TwirlyGirl 5TwirlyGirl has generously donated 2 Reversible Twirly Dresses for this SLY Awards promotion – one for Dayna and one for the giveaway. I received no product or monetary compensation for this post. I’m just excited to celebrate Dayna and…you.

*UPDATE* The winner is #41 Blessed.

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101 comments on “SLY Awards: TwirlyGirl”

  1. I love the dresses super cute, my daughter loves wearing dresses and playing dress up, she can be quite the girly girl with a little tom boy mixed in.

  2. I think the fact they make only a limited number of color/styles is really awesome. It makes the dresses more like art and less like mass-produced clothing.

  3. I love that these dresses are reversible. They are so adorable. My daughter would look so cute going out to dinner in these this summer. Thanks!

  4. These are so cute! I love the colors on Sweet Blossom Dot Falls Reversible Twirly Dress. All of them are very different and unique.

  5. How adorable! I have never heard of Twirly Girl before and besides being very fashionable, I love that they also give back to the community. That's very awesome! I fell in love with the Wings of Wonder [WoW] line. I don't know any little girls who wouldn't love these dresses. Good luck everyone and thanks for hosting this fab giveaway!

  6. I would LOVE to win this dress for my niece...they're so sweet. She'd look so cute in one of these dresses this summer!

  7. How fun! They even have cute little leggings to go with them. I'm gonna have to bookmark that site, so many cute things :)

  8. ooh these are so cute. I love that they don't look like the same old dresses you can buy just about anywhere. I want my baby to look different and this fits the bill.

  9. My niece is a "twirly-type" little one and would really love this! I can remember being the same way when I was her age!!!! Shoot, I still twirl around in front of the dressing room mirror when trying on dresses!!!!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  10. I can remember all of the twirly dresses that I owned as a little girl. What fun to spin and spin. Where has the time gone? I would love to win this for my granddaughter. In fact I would love to have a twirly dress for myself!

  11. These are absolutely gorgeous. I love individual things like this so that my child isn't wearing the exact same thing as everyone else at the park. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  12. One of my daughter's favorite activities is spinning and putting on pretty dresses so this is perfect for her.

  13. My granddaughter would LOVE these dresses. I remember twirling in my dresses, watched my daughters do it, too...

  14. We are soooo excited for this dress. I have never heard of this company but you know little miss loves a dress. She plays amazingly hard in them! I love that these don't have the scratchy stiff buttony lacey stuff. I remember being so sensitive to that when I was little and try to remember it w/ my girls.
    All of that overworked stuff (and licensed character clothes) come into our house as gifts and often mysteriously find new homes:)
    Thank you so much! There will be much twirling...

  15. Oh my goodness, I would have been in heaven with a dress like this. So I'm entering to win one for my little girl even though she's only 2 months old!

  16. When I was little, my cousin had a reversible dress and I thought it was the coolest thing ever invented. I remember begging my mom for one, and I think she may have tried to find me one with no success. I suppose it would bring me some closure to have a reversible dress for my little girl!

  17. When I was little I used to have the "twirl rule" that a dress or skirt would have to pass before I would agree to buy it--if it didn't twirl (and I mean the cool twirl, not the one that makes you look like a big poofy thing), then I wouldn't get it. I must admit I still follow the rule when I get my girls dresses...these dresses would clearly pass with flying colors, and I doubt whether I would ever have wanted to take them off when I was a kid. That's the only danger in winning/buying one of these!

  18. I have never been a girly girl but my daughter certainly is...those twirly dresses are so cute and my daughter just loves to dress up...if I only knew how to help her with it!

  19. What cute dresses! I love how bright the fabrics are, and how each side is completely different! I love the "Groovy Alice" thanks for entering me into this giveaway.



  21. what a nice idea-i love that these dresses are reversible. Every little girl should have one of these.

  22. These dresses are adorable. I love it when little girls where pretty dresses. It seems you down see to me wearing them anymore. I love the fact that the are made in the USA.

  23. I love these dresses and know that my 4 year old would. It is very nice to have clothing without characters on them. What a great idea!

  24. Their Kaleidoscope Twirly dress in size 12 caught my eye! I can already hear the compliments for my little sister(who loves dancing around in dresses)

  25. These dresses are so adorable. I especially love the purple and yellow one, it would look so cute on my little girl.


  26. I never understood what a "twirl" dress was, that is until my daughter turned 1 and started "twirling" in her dresses. Now I get it, and I must say, dresses are my favorite to put on my daughter. There's SO many cute patterns to pick from on their site. My top fave is the "Splendor" dress. I like the florals. I also like the accessories they have. I love putting leggings with dresses; makes for a cute look.

  27. I love the terrific colors, and two dresses in one. I am so glad to have found your blog! This is exciting.

  28. I really love the Splatter Garden dress in pink.
    Reminds me of a similar dress I had as a little girl.
    I'm glad I found your blog and Twirly Girl now that I have a granddaughter to spoil after raising three sons!

    Thanks for the chance!

    [email protected]

  29. These twirly dresses really are works of art! Just looking at all the pictures on their site, makes me feel like a kid again!
    What a cute and genius little invention! Thanks so much for the heads up for the information about Cinday and twirlygirl!

  30. Those are so cute, and i know JUST the girl who would appreciate it. We call her the Dancin' Queen!

  31. I am glad to know the clothes are not scratchy. None of my children have ever been able to wear anything that felt scratchy. The Splatter Garden party dress is absolutely gorgeous.

  32. These dresses are adorable. I know when I was a little girl I loved to twirl around in my dresses. However, non of mine twirled as good as these do and they were certainly not reversible. Great idea. I am certain that any little girl would love one of these and I plan to give it to my God daughter if I win.

  33. My little one loves to twirl (and stand above the air conditioner/heat vents to let the air blow her dress up too... ) and these are awesome - reversible? That's a great idea!

  34. Oh, I have such a twirler in my almost 3 year old daughter. Oh, how she would love one of these! HeeHee I can envision it now!

  35. I have two girls who will only wear dresses. I am definitely not complaining about that. I love that these dresses aren't just for the littlest ones. I love that they are just fun dresses instead of dresses that look like they are for grown ups.

  36. my 5 year old loves to twirl - and I have been on a fruitless search for twirly skirts recently......

  37. One of my favorite memories is of an Easter dress that my mom made me... She says it was full of mistakes, and really not that cute, but I LOVED it, because, as we all know, the sign of a good dress is if it shows your underwear when you spin. It did. It was marvelous. I can't wait for my baby girl to love those kinds of dresses when she is older. Hopefully we can spin and spin together...

  38. The workmanship of these clothes is amazingly beautiful, you always find such wonderful things to give away!

  39. Oh, I love finding new brands. Capri lives in dresses, they are the easiest thing. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  40. I agree...these are a work of art! I would love to see my little girl twirling around in one of these beautiful dresses! I especially love the "City Wonders" dress.

  41. I made a twirly dress for my three year old and she loved it! Thank goodness three year olds are VERY forgiving, because it did not deserve all the accolades she gave it. And it sure as heck did NOT twirl like those dresses at Twirly Girl!

  42. The Butterfly Soiree Dress is so cool! I never heard of these dresses before, and I love the fact they're reversible.

  43. Super cute, i had something like this when I was little. My mom made it and i asked her to keep adding more lace. By the time she finished there were 12 yards of lace. I loved it, it was extra twirly.

  44. Those are amazing! I was always a fan of the twirly dresses, and my girls have definitely followed suit. My only problem would be to decide which girl got it! (Probably the big one, so she could pass it down to the little one)

  45. I hear you on the character thing! My daughter is obsessed with the Disney princesses but I don't buy her anything that is clothing related in that area.

    Those dressses are adorable! I love how well they twirl.

  46. I was a tomboy growing up (although my husband says you'd never know it from all the pictures taken on special occasions!)

    But I love wearing dresses now and even have my own twirly dress that my sister made for me. And a twirly skirt I made myself - first piece of clothing I ever made so probably I will never get rid of it. The secret is to make the skirt really full. Lots of fabric but totally worth it.

    I do NOT get the whole clothing with character thing. We have some Winnie the Pooh stuff which I guess is okay (all our clothing is either hand-me-down or hand-made) but I do not understand the fascination with Dora (who?) or Hannah Montana (shudder...)

  47. Those dresses look so cute and fun! I recently bought my little girl a tutu because I don't remember ever having one. I am having so much fun dressing my little girl. And I agree that I avoid clothes with characters on them.

  48. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful award. I love the Twirlygirlshop, the dresses look comfortable and comfy. Those girl models look happy in it, the designs are bright and vibrant. I think my daughter will look lovely and happy in it!

  49. I love the colorful fabrics! Both of my daughters would die to have one, but I think my 3 year old would probably be the happiest. She's a girl to the bone and constantly likes to twirl and whirl.

  50. This was my dream dress when I was 5! When my mom made me go shopping with her I would try on dresses and judge how much I liked them by how well I could see my underpants when I spun around! I love the fabric on these dresses too! So fun and colorful.

  51. Is there anything better than a dress that twirls? My daughter spins around and around every day just to watch her dress 'fluff' (as she says). Your girls would look quite perfect in these dresses too!

  52. I too as a little girl had a twirly dress that I just loved. I would love my girls to have twirly dresses of their own. How much fun and it doesn't get much girlish than that. I am going to have to go check out Twirly Girl and see what I can find.

  53. Wow! I have never heard Twirly Girl before, but what adorable dresses! Either of my girls would love them! I think if I won, I'd have to buy another dress so they could both twirl together! :)

  54. I've lusted after one of these for a while but they're a bit more expensive than I usually like to spend on Roo's clothes. A boutique in town carries them and they are just as lovely in person, and definitely super soft and twirly. I'd love one in my size!

  55. wow what a cool shop!
    i immediately fell in love with the groovy alice dress. it's so dramatic. i love it!
    i am constantly amazed by how creative other mom's can be.

  56. What a great name for a company! Both of my daughters (4 and 2 years old) LOVE wearing dresses, but they have to meet one very specific requirement...THEY MUST TWIRL. If they do not, they are quickly dismissed and wearing them is a struggle. They might as well be (gasp!) pants! :)

  57. What fun! My daughter would get such a kick out of one of these dresses! I love all the bright colors in the Good & Plenty dress.

  58. Twirling in the sunshine is what these dresses reminded me of! I would love to win one for Amelia and spend more time twirling!

  59. Dayna sounds like a lovely person!! These dresses sound just darling and my daughter would LOVE them. Twirling is her most favorite hobby right now :)

  60. Those are so pretty! Mikayla, my 5 year old, love to wear dresses. The other day she had a skirt on and said it was her hula skirt and started to hula. I have no idea where she learned how!

  61. I really hated scratchy clothes when I was a kid. I think it sort of turned me off to "girly" clothes of all sorts. I've dressed in a decidedly tom-boy manner up until very recently, where I've been trying to branch out and be a little more fashionable. Hey, I'm turning 30 next week, after all!

    My 6.5 year old daughter is so in love with all things pink and girly. It's sort of a shock to me. I don't know what to do with it half the time! But she doesn't like "fancy" clothes, either. Simple knits are just her thing. As long as they still look girly! I know she would LOVE one of these dresses. She just recently started discovering the joy of a skirt that can twirl. I don't know how it took her this long!

    I took a look at the site, and what fun they are! She'd have such a fun time picking a favorite. I'm betting the Butterfly Clouds style would make her top 5, at least. And isn't it great that this shop offers bigger sizes? I see awesome things all the time on Etsy that are limited to about a 3 or 4T size. So sad for those older girls!

  62. My oldest child is a boy. I get boys. I have 4 brothers, I taught in a special education class that was 90% little boys, and have babysat families of boys. In general they want to feel tough. They want to wrestle and crash and build and destroy. I can do that. I understand that.

    I was due last August with another baby, and we decided not to find out the sex during the pregnancy. On the morning of the 30th my sweet baby girl was born. I had been nervous that I would have a girl. I don't feel as comfortable doing tea parties and playing dress up. Although I did all of those things as a little girl, I haven't had as much practice playing as a grown up. I was actually concerned that I would have a hard time connecting with this precious little girl as I struggled to acclimate myself to a new realm of parenting. Much to my delight, God had a surprise for me. OK, so she is not quite 9 months. We don't do a lot of pretending yet. However, I already have this longing in me for late night mommy/ daughter talks. How long until I can pull her hair into a ponytail? Should it take me longer to chose her outfit in the morning than mine? Where did all these soft pink items come from and why do I find myself feeling delighted to see them? God knew he was giving me a little girl, and he stirred in my the precious relationship I have with my mom. I long to help my daughter have that "I am beautiful from the inside out" kind of feeling.

    I love how God knows special ways to bless us in personal ways. Not only in equipping me as a mom of a little girl, but in spoiling us with awesome friends with older daughters who are willing to share their little girl loot. We have hair bands and bows and flowers, dresses and sweaters, tennis shoes, black flats and pink open toe sandals. I love these twirly girl dresses for their uniqueness...and their personality. What a great way to bless moms and their sweet girls!

  63. What a great dress! My daughter is very girly and only likes dresses that are "spinny and fluffy"!! She would love this dress.

  64. What a wonderful gift! I love the SLY awards. So nice to see everyday people being recognized for the great work that they do. And, I think one of my favorite memories is of twirling in pretty much any dress I got my hands on to see if it'd twirl. Awesome business idea! Cheers.

  65. I love that these dresses aren't scratchy! My daughter is a full on dress-up fanatic. She would welcome a beautiful twirly girl dress that didn't give her hives an hour in.

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