SLY Awards: Vincent Shoes

When it comes to clothes for my girls, I rely heavily on hand me downs, consignment stores, clothes swaps, and sales racks. But...I will pay a pretty penny for higher quality shoes because they're more comfortable, they last longer, and they don't stink (literally).

Vincent shoes - based in Stockholm, Sweden - offers well-made shoes in clearly modern designs.

Check out three of my favorite picks [click on each picture for pricing and further details]:

SLY Awards: Vincent Shoes 1SLY Awards: Vincent Shoes 2

SLY Awards: Vincent Shoes 3

Cute, right? Vincent shoes have a cool, voguish flare to them - and the bright colors add a lot of kid-appeal. The shoes retail for between $33-$64, but they also have a great CLOSEOUT Cubby section of their website where you can get shoes for as low as $12.95.

SLY Awards: Vincent Shoes 4SLY Award recipient Sarah Bessey has two kids - 3-year-old Anne and 1-year-old Joseph - so I'm sure she'll enjoy picking out one pair of shoes of her choice.


SLY Awards: Vincent Shoes 5WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of shoes of his/her choice from Vincent Shoes. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, May 10th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a U.S. or Canadian mailing address.


SLY Awards: Vincent Shoes 6Vincent shoes has generously donated 2 pairs of shoes for this SLY Awards promotion – one for Sarah and one for the giveaway. I received no product or monetary compensation for this post. I’m just excited to celebrate Sarah and…you.

*UPDATE* The winner is #11 Kristie. Congratulations!

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132 comments on “SLY Awards: Vincent Shoes”

  1. We're in the middle of winter to summer to size up shoe switching. Our secondhand shoes are about to disintegrate, so it's time to find replacements. Oh, and I need to get some mud boots for the boy who is magnetically drawn to puddles.

  2. We have the most terrible time finding shoes for my son! His foot is very wide (like his Mom's) and we can't even squeeze his foot into 95% of the shoes we've tried, let alone find something he's comfortable in. I wish more kids shoes came in wide widths. I'm glad to see Vincent carries shoes like the Nestor and Rasmus with adjustable straps around the toes as well as the ankle. That's the only way I know for sure that we can get something around my little guy's foot.

  3. My almost 3 year old granddaughter outgrows shoes so fast - I know her mommy would love to have a pair of Vincent shoes....she will have to pick the style and size.

  4. The Ally Sandals in black are very cute! So are the Chris shoes! Both would be great for my older daughter! These two seem pretty popular!
    HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  5. I also will shell out more money for better shoes. Those ALLY shoes they have are adorable! Thanks for the chance!

  6. I love the Vincent shoes and agree that I will pay a little more for comfy shoes. Especially when it's for my baby's feet!

  7. We are expecting our first. I saw the rain boots you have in this post and they look adorable. We see all the baby shoes that are in the stores and online and they are so cute. I think the baby is going to have way more shoes than we do combined. Too bad they can only wear them for a short time.

  8. I wonder if these shoes are narrow. My niece has very narrow feet and it's very difficult to find her shoes that fit.

  9. These would be perfect for one of my grandkids because they are both still so young. Adorable!

  10. It's nice to have velcro shoes for the kids but honestly, then we forget to teach them to tie. Win some, lose some, eh? These shoes look really comfortable for the kids. Nice to see.

  11. The Ebba style is cute. And I know mt duaghter would picj the fushia colour. She goes through shoes like crazy. But I love picking shoes for her like crazy so i guess it works out.

  12. These are such great shoes. I have been thinking about getting my son a pair for a while. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I have been hearing good things about these shoes from friends in Denmark. I especially like the look of the Benny running shoes, and so would my little guy, since they look almost exactly like his daddy's soccer shoes!

  14. My gf's son had a pair and I loved them - especially the logo on the bottom. Would love a pair for one of my kids!

  15. We have those rainboots in green and the girls adore them. They are perfect for spring/summer puddle jumping. I think my favorites are stan.

  16. My grandchildren go through shoes fairly rapidly, as do most children, so this would really help.

  17. My daughter would totally love the Ebba shoes. She has foot problems and these are some shoes she could be comfortable in and be proud of.

  18. Lately, my son has been going through shoes like crazy. Growing spurt? Anywho... it is really hard to find a good quality pair of shoes that can stand up to all the running around and jumping that he does. If I do happen to find a shoe of good quality, they aren't all that fashionably appealing. The shoes I saw at Vincent Shoes are great looking! If I win (I hope, I hope, I hope) it is going to be hard to choose a pair. I would have to let my son be the deciding vote.

  19. Oh, how I love those bootsies!! The only problem for me would be choosing which ones. I rely on my MIL's yard sale prowess for most of my kids' clothing. For the rest, it's mostly Goodwill. Why waste a small fortune on clothes that are going to be worn out and out-grown within a few weeks?

  20. Mini James collection is very fashionable. I would just need to buy some khaki pants to match :)

  21. Very cute boots! I never put shoes (or socks, unless it was REALLY cold) on my babies until they were walking outside, and this seems to have created an extreme love for shoes in both of them. Me? I can wear flip-flops every day. Them? They're the next Imelda Marcos.

  22. I missed this for some reason. I adore Vincent shoes and was just thinking that I bought a pair or two for my daughter almost 2 years ago and they are still rocking. Really great quality.

  23. The Chris shoes are really cute! They look comfy and sporty. Perfect for playing at the park, thanks!

  24. Love the Bob sandals for my daughter - if the toe isn't closed, she stubs her toes all the time!

  25. I'm actually kinda crushing on the blue boy's sandals. With 3 boys living in a virtual forest, we go through shoes like there's no tomrorow around here...

  26. These shoes look great! We wear See Kai Runs a lot over here and have yet to try Vincent shoes. Thanks for sharing about them. Those rain boots are WAY too cute. Perfect for Sarah's little Canadian munchkins!

  27. There are too many adorable shoes to choose from- I'm not sure I can pick a fav! I think we made need a pair of the Graffe boots for my little one to wear with daddy on the farm :)

  28. I love those bright and funky rubber boots, there is something about boys and rubberboots, my 3 guys would prefer to wear them over anything else!

  29. Those shoes are really cute. I could use some sandals for my little one. I like the Willie sandal in brown.

  30. I'm the same way, good shoes are a must. I'm so happy to see more companies promoting this. Love the rain boots! Although, our rain is so warm here we don't really use them.

  31. Wow, what a great collection! Everything is so... European-looking! I really love the Frog boots.

  32. I do mostly all hand-me downs, although I have read that you shouldn't have your kids wear hand-me down shoes because they have already formed to another child's foot. So I tend to get him new sneakers, but use hand-me down rain/snow boots and flip flops.

    autumn398 @

  33. I have definitely noticed that Sugar does better with good quality shoes. I'm thankful for the huge consignment sale I get to shop a couple of times a year because I've had a lot of luck finding her very nice, good quality, next-to-new dressy shoes there. Her sandals and tennis shoes? I buy those new! This is a great giveaway and I love the second row of shoes. That pair in black would look lovely with a dress Sugar has now!

  34. Vincent shoes are super cute!! I used to splurge on shoes for Levi for the same reasons. But, then he started outgrowing shoes every few weeks which was quite a stretch on my wallet. That has thankfully slowed down, so I'm back in the market for nicer, longer lasting shoes.

  35. Vincent Shoes have a creative flair that I love. The ones that look like they were dipped in paint are so in line with my child's personality. I also love the Elton's in Navy. They'd make a great summer shoe!

  36. These shoes are stylish and look well made for a young child's foot. I would love to win a pair for my granddaughter

  37. I love the ABBE in orange. Caleb's favorite color is orange and he wont wear any other color and it is really hard to find orange shoes so i really hope i win these for him.
    melaniecalcut at gmail dot com

  38. Wow...their shoes are too cute! I especially liked the LOTTA's in pink. Now I'll just have to wait for them to go on sale :-)

  39. I totally agree with good shoes being worth the money. That's one thing I won't skimp on either! These look like they would be wonderful.

  40. I never heard of this website! I love their boy shoes for toddlers! Especially the BOBBY, RASMUS , and WILLE. Ahh I love them all! LOL

  41. So many cute shoes to choose from! I think the LORY's in brown would look really cute on my son.

  42. I agree that my kids deserve new shoes even if their clothes are mostly hand-me-downs.

  43. I am the same about buying clothes cheap, but new better quality shoes. I think bad shoes can do long term harm to little feet :( These are really cute!!!

  44. The Ebba shoes look perfect for my active little girl. She could easily put them on herself, and she would love any of those colors.

  45. I love the Blomma boots. I have a 3-yr-old granddaughter that would delight in finding some mud puddles with those! Very cute!

  46. I agree having a good pair of shoes for growing feet is so important! They get a ton of use and abuse and need to support our little loved one's feet! The vincent shoes are super cute too which is great!

  47. They have a great line of shoes. I like their new Elena sandals. I'd love to have the black pair for my God-daughter.

  48. My grandbabies would look great in these styles! I will have too look into getting them some for the summer. I love the colors, they allow you to match them with many different outfits!! :)

  49. I like good quality shoes for my tot too! Thanks for the intro to vincent shoes! The ally sandals are so cute!

  50. I love, love, love shoes! My oldest son was a let down because I would buy him shoes to match his clothes, but he was determined to only wear one favorite pair...whether it matched or not! Now I have a beautiful little girl that I can accessorize and believe me, she loves shoes!

  51. I love the rainboots in pretty much every color, but the sandals seem more practical for the hot, hot, hot summer we are about to be in! Good shoes are a MUST!

  52. I believe good shoes are important for children. My mom is getting bunion surgery & she told me to watch out for it... I think she wore too tight shoes growing up. These shoes would be wonderful for my little girl. They look super comfortable!

  53. What a great treat for Sarah!

    I've been looking for a great pair of shoes for Lucy for a while now. I feel it's especially important now that she's thisclose to walking. Now shoes aren't just to make my baby girl look cute. I have think practically. Shucks!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. I love those cute sandals. I am definitely ready for it to be sandal weather!

  55. I love the cute little designs on all the of the shoes. The colors pop! My favorite type of shoe for my girls are the mary jane style of shoes. This store has a bunch of REALLY cute ones that I'm dying to get for the girls. Their boots are also adorable!

  56. We too definitely splurge on the shoes. My son doesn't really care how they look (basic white is fine with him) but he is constantly on the move and manages to find every puddle, so quality is important! We got our last pair from Stride Rite and paid about $50, but they were worth it. Unfortunately, our two closest Stride Rite stores recently closed so now I'm on the look-out for another place. These shoes look fantastic!

  57. Good quality shoes are so important for growing little feet. I would love the Elton in brown for my son.

  58. My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter outgrows her shoes so fast! A win of Vincent Shoes would help out her mom!

  59. I've long admired their shoes. They're so stylish but not over-the-top, emblazoned with branded cartoon characters. My favorite are the Wille in navy and the Staffan in black.

  60. Those shoes are great! Stylish and very practical! I had no idea that high-end, good quality shoes didn't stink!! That's good to know!

  61. I love the tracy shoe in silver. Such cute shoes! I agree, shoes matter, a lot. I just recently bought Audrey some shoes that looked so uncomfortable and stiff when she walked. I quicly returned them and went for a little pricier but well worth it option.

  62. That's so true that good shoes are a must! We also have a ton of hand-me-downs and we love using them however shoes have been something that our little one uses once and we would never want to pass them on. I haven't tried shoes from Vincent although I appreciate the review.

  63. I've been considering getting boots for my son to play in while at the park...he just loves to play in the sand and water!!!

  64. We bought matching sandals for the girls one year (light pink with little pearls) from vincent shoes and they were the best sandals

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