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Babies are miracles. Follow along for articles on pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby products, birth, vaccines, and baby care.

If I were a 1st time mom again

I would register for these products...[click on each picture for product details]. Pregnancy Breastfeeding Baby Care Life You may be scratching your head and wondering why I left out so many "essential" items. Cribs. Bottles. Pacifiers. Pumps. A matching changing table and bookcase. A swing. Baby toys. Travel systems. Etc. But I actually left those […]

Creepy, Crazy & Quirky Baby Products {would you buy them?}

Advice to 1st time moms-to-be: be weary of the baby industry. Baby stores + expos will try to convince you to buy lots of STUFF - stuff that will collect dust and that you will sell on Craigslist later. To help prove my point, I've been compiling a list of crazy baby products that I […]

SLY Awards: Zutano

Kristen has a 14-month-old son...and a girl on-the-way in late May (Girls are wonderful and sweet and stupendous...and she's going to love it). I'm pleased to introduce her to Zutano, a leading clothing line that features newborn, baby, and toddler apparel in bright colors and whimsical designs. She'll be receiving a $75 gift card. Maybe […]

1st Bday: babyGap

She's rockin' and rollin' and smilin' and fallin' and getting back up again. She is in that crazy stage of fearless flying and trying. She stands. She climbs. She claps. She waves. She grins. Inevitably, there are bumps and tumbles and frustrations as she tries so hard to be as big and as fast and […]

1st Bday: Agoo

I know you're going to want a pair of ruffled bottom pants for your little girl after reading this. Especially when you hear that they are antibacterial, stain-resistant, and have UV protection. Oh, and they are silky soft too. They're from Agoo and - goodness me! - they're cute. My daughter is wearing the Criss-Cross […]

Something Colorful: HOTmilk Lingerie

A Note to Nursing Bra Designers. I think I speak for all breastfeeding moms when I say: We want color. We want "punch." We want pretty. We want pizazz. Oh - and we definitely want comfort too. We don't want nude and black and blah. At least one brand out there has heard our voice... […]

You Asked, I Answer (Part V)

Here are 3 more questions you asked...and my answers. Mary asks: Have any tips on dealing with separation anxiety in an attached baby? It's not that I want to leave my child with strangers, but it would be nice if her grandparents could hold her once in a while... Um. Not really. Because...we don't really […]

Here In The Darkness

Every night at around 7pm, I have about 20-30 minutes of quiet. In the dark. My 10-month-old has a mattress on the floor in her room and I lay beside her in the stillness. Since we don't do the whole cry-it-out thing, I typically stay with her until she falls asleep. After bath at 6:45, […]

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