SLY Awards: Zutano

Kristen has a 14-month-old son...and a girl on-the-way in late May (Girls are wonderful and sweet and stupendous...and she's going to love it).

SLY Awards: Zutano 1I'm pleased to introduce her to Zutano, a leading clothing line that features newborn, baby, and toddler apparel in bright colors and whimsical designs.

She'll be receiving a $75 gift card.

Maybe she'll want to pick up a few pieces for her sweet new babe from the Itzy Bitzy line [click on each item to go take a closer look]:

SLY Awards: Zutano 2 SLY Awards: Zutano 3 SLY Awards: Zutano 4

And I bet her little boy would look in this lion-themed ensemble (and, if he gets cold, how about having him slip on that sophisticated olive-colored pea coat?):

SLY Awards: Zutano 5 SLY Awards: Zutano 6 SLY Awards: Zutano 7

Go check out the full Zutano line and tell me what YOU like.

You can keep up with Zutano by following on Twitter or fanning on Facebook (the Facebook page is super fun because it has pictures of real kids in Zutano...).

P.S. I totally think Zutano's styles are perfect for photo shoots. Has anyone else noticed that kids look AWESOME in bright colors and eye-catching patterns?

SLY Awards: Zutano 8WIN IT! One winner will receive a $75 gift card to Zutano. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 23rd at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.


SLY Awards: Zutano 9Zutano has generously donated 2 $75 gift cards for this SLY Awards promotion - one for Kristen and one for the giveaway. I received no product or monetary compensation for this post. I'm just excited to celebrate Kristen

*UPDATE* The winner is #91 Jessica. Congratulations!

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152 comments on “SLY Awards: Zutano”

  1. They have so many adorable items.I really love the Lions Layette Gift Set that is so adorable and would make a wonderful gift :)

  2. I love Zutano! Everything is so adorable. Every time I browse there I see something new and super adorable.
    soluckyducky at

  3. Zutano is my go to clothing line for gifts. They have such a wide array of patterns and styles -- something to please everyone but not run of the mill!

  4. My nephew and niece will look adorable in those colorful and pick-me-up clothes. Congratulations, Zutano!

  5. With two little ones-a toddler girl and baby boy this sure would be great to have. Beautiful clothing! You can tell it is good quality!

  6. I have a new 3 week old daughter and there are so many adorable and bright styles of clothing on Zutano that I would love to see her wearing.

  7. I checked Zutano's website, and loved their mix and match for twins. They can also fit siblings with a few months apart. I love seeing kids wear matching clothes.

  8. I think Zutano's clothes are so cute. I especially love the "Snails" collection, and in particular the newborn dress. So cute!

  9. Very cute one of a kind outfits. They're really stylish for your little one..bright funky colors. I would be proud to take my grandbaby out in one of these outfits. thanks so much for the offer.

  10. I always see this brand online, but we don't have any. I think they would be more "special" clothes, rather than run around in the yard clothes...

  11. I love just about everything at Zutano. They have the most adorable prints, from the new Lions to their Owls, Snails and Fish, and their fabric colors are wonderful.

  12. I love zutano outfits. We have a handful that have been thru all four kids and still look great. They are a great quality and wash very well.

  13. I checked out Zutano, and love their huge selection of bright colors and wonderful prints (I especially love the owl print!). This is a wonderful giveaway, thank you for the chance!

  14. I would love to have the NEW Cotton Caboodle: Modal Striped Dress in Razzleberryfor my daughter. This is so cute and would ne perfect for summer!

  15. I visited Zutano. I didn't know much about them before but I enjoyed looking around. I really liked the prints they have . Wow! Great colours!

  16. I love to see bright colors on kids. I get so tired of the typical pink and blue. The Fuchsia Tri-Color Jumper is super cute!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  17. I love their clothes and I recently read an article on the company about how they let new mother's bring their babies to work with sounded like a wonderful company!

  18. I like how this is cute and preppy but still looks like KIDS clothes. I hate it when babies are dressed like teenagers. :)

  19. My little girl is growing out of her clothes so fast! I'd love to be able to get her some adorable outfits for summer - and I know Zutano has the cutest!!

  20. i absolutely adore zutano clothes. my daughter has a snail dress that i love. i wish my girls' entire wardrobe could be zutano clothes!

  21. These clothes look soft and colorful. I would love to give the Snails Newborn Footies and some pieces from the Lions collection to my pregnant friend.

  22. Though I have all boys, my brother has a little girl on the way that will definately need some awesome little outfits to put her on the "fashion front!"

  23. Zutano has a wonderful selection! I love all the collections, and I must say, after having 2 girls, I am pretty excited now with my twin boys! Baby boy clothes have come a long way!

  24. I got Holly a couple Zutano tops at a garage sale, of all places, and they totally hold up in the wash. I'd love to go on a little shopping spree with my kids! :)

  25. Zutano makes really cute coordinates for boys and girls. I also think they are reasonable prices and wear well. Great giveaway.....Thanks, Cindi

  26. I love Zutano's clothes! This would be a great opportunity to stock up on spring clothes for my daughter.

  27. I've always wanted to try Zutano for my kids, but couldn't justify it when Target's right up the street. This would be a great way. Thank you for the giveaway!

  28. I have loved this company since I first learned about them online earlier this year. I'm expecting baby #2 in May (just like Kristen) however we decided not to find out the gender. If it's a boy...I'm going to need to do some serious shopping...and this would sure help! :)

  29. I looked at the website and found some great outfits for toddlers too!!! I really liked the tiered dress. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  30. These are great clothes. I'm discovering that you can find the best kids clothes by shopping online...the selection and quality are amazing.

  31. Zutano clothes are just the cutest! I don't know what I am having yet but all their clothes are just the softest and best quality.

  32. I have always thought their clothes were precious, and they would make great gifts for all the little babies in our life. crayolaswap at hotmail dot com

  33. How did I not know they made clothes for toddlers?! So cute. I'm going to have to tell my sis-in-law (who has 2 sets of twins)that they even have a "twins" section, thanks!!

  34. I think Zutano is one of the first places where I saw amazingly cute clothes for boys! I think little boys are highly ignored by clothes designers. It didn't really matter to me that much earlier since my first is a girl but now that i have a son I am always on the look out for something not baby blue. I really love Zutano!

  35. I wish our children could stay little forever!LOL It's so much fun dressing them up while they are still little and adorable.

  36. Tiny gets LOTS of hand-me-downs, which we love, but I'd also love to get her one of Zutano's cute pieces just for her. Thanks!

  37. I love this clothing line! I've honestly never heard of it, but glad I did. I would love to win this gift card! The little boy clothes are just adorable!!!

  38. To be honest this is the first time I've checked out Zutano, but I'm an instant fan. I love the colours, patterns, and sense of "baby style"

  39. The pinwheels print onesie and matching baby booties are so sweet for a breezy summer day...a stroller ride in the park to see the squirrels and birds, and other people walking their dogs!

    I can imagine the fun, just looking at these darling styles and prints!!

  40. Well, my pea just got some new clothes at the shower, plus he'll have all his brother's hand-me-downs! The older one though is growing out of his clothes faster than I can shop it seems! So this would be for big boy clothes in my house!

  41. I've been a big fan of Zutano since my now almost 4 yr old was a baby... I'd love to have something for our new baby!
    inalak at msn dot com

  42. I am in need of little kimono shirts for our third baby on the way who we will be another diaper free baby.

  43. I didn't realize that Zutanos had plush animals. My little grandson would love the Boy good Dog. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  44. I have appreciated the colorful choices of zutano for a few years now...mostly through hand-me-downs. Thanks for sharing this company with more people.

  45. Those clothes look adorable and since I have 2 girls - I like to buy quality clothes for hand me down possibilities!

  46. The kitty and the monkey pullovers are both adorable. I would love to be able to buy some things for my friend who is about to have a new baby.

  47. We have received some Zutano clothes as gifts for our kids and they are always so cute. Your little girls sure would look fabby in bright colors! Bright colors are THE best for great pictures!

  48. I love Zutano clothing - my first experience was with a set I picked up at a consignment sale, it was awesome! I'd love to have some more for both little ones.

  49. These clothes are so pretty with all their bright colors. I love having color instead of all the pastels that other clothes makers think we wnat for our kids.

  50. I love zutano! They're clothing is so soft and so adorable! Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  51. I love Zutano and love getting there clothing for friends when they have new babis. My girlfriend is due to have a baby in a month we already got her a cute barn yard out fit, but would love to get her a haby girl a body suit. We loved the Zutano body suits for our summer babies.

  52. My son and girlfriend are expecting their first child and this would be great to win for that new little grandbaby.

  53. I love the Alpine glow fabric. Cute clothes, and seem pretty affordable. Never heard of them till just now, but will check them out some more!

  54. Baby Girl has a few Zutano things and they are my "go to" clothes when I want her to look special. I love this brand!

  55. We've had a couple of Zutano pieces for our kids over the years and it is amazing how well they hold up over the years, being passed down through the babies! One of the pictures of a newborn on the website is killing me, SO cuddly and sweet!!

  56. I've seen this clothing line on a couple of blogs and I love their vibrant colors and cute designs. I know my June baby boy would look so cute in them!

    autumn398 @

  57. While I always enjoyed getting my boys all dressed up, it doesn't even come close to how much fun I have with Kaiya. She likes to have me do her hair and hangs out with me in the bathroom while I brush my teeth, etc. I think she would look adorable in the Zutano clothes...especially the owl print. Super cute!!!

  58. Zutano is great! How nice of them to donate!!
    I had a Zutano dress for Gillian that she wore for over a year. First it was a dress, then it was a swing top over leggings. She loved it. And so did I!

  59. I would love to get the Snails Layette Gift Set as a gift for a friend at work who is going to be a grandma in June :D

  60. found your site while looking up product reviews for bloggers. glad i did! you're very informative and helpful. would write more but am doing the one handed thing while holding my sleepy baby. thanks again!

  61. Is it just me or is the web site hard to navigate? (I'm guessing it's just me...) Oh, well, I have a twin set (one boy and one girl) in my family and I think the Elephant Parade outfits are super duper cute!!!

  62. I can't pick my favorite item from Zutano as I love them all. Their dresses in the bright colors are just gorgeous! Wow, just wow!

    I also gave Kristen a genuine compliment!

  63. oh my goodness. so very very cute. i love the bright colors and patterns. im expecting my first this summer and we just found out that he's a boy. it's seems like its so much harder to find cute boy clothes. ill definitely have to visit Zutano again and pass it on to my in-laws.

  64. I really like the colors that zutano uses- brights and not dull. I had one shirt for my daughter that washed beautifully. I would love to get the lion ensemble for my son who loves "roar"s

  65. Zutano clothes are so cute! Soft and beautiful! Love! I think it is awesome that they make clothing for preemies too.

  66. I love Zutano's clothes. They're so fun and playful! I love the Girl's Ruffle Shorts, and I'm sure my daughter would too!

  67. Fun! I love the bright colors, and I bet that they would take awesome pictures. Well, I mean that a camera would take awesome pictures of them. :P

  68. I too have never heard of this brand, but they look like comfortable clothes, plus the prints are cute! I really liked the Lions Puff Pocket Dress.

  69. Im excited that they're more unisex than most! I dont want to find out what we're having and it seems that there are a lot of sex specific clohtes out there- tought to find more gender neutral!

  70. I'm 10 weeks yesterday and I LOVE the line! I can barely wait until 20 weeks to find out what I'm having so I can buy all the adorable little clothes for my baby angel!

  71. Just introduced an expecting friend to the darling kimono tops on Zutano for her first baby (a girl!). The kimono tops are PERFECT for avoiding irritation to a newborns umbilical, they're just super cute designs by Zutano.

  72. When my second daughter was born 8 weeks early, Zutano Preemie were the only clothes that fit our (my) style - bright, bold colors & modern patterns. What's not to love! I'm in love with the pink/turquoise sets for girls - you can mix and match pretty much any of those. Now that I have a boy (with hardly any clothes, but really, now many does he need???) this GC would be so nice :)

  73. I have seen these clothes in our local kids stores and I love them. I love the beautiful, bright colors that are not your "typical" pastel pink and pastel blue. They are bold and vibrant!

  74. I love dressing our 2 kids (2 year old boy and 1 year old girl, 16 months apart,just like Kristen's will be) in bright colored clothes!! I love the 2 pinwheel patterned ones you have on here!!

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