Back to Business

So it's been a week and three days since I had my baby.


My recovery is going quite well because:

(a) I have a heroic husband who has been changing diapers, doing laundry, bringing me cups of water, letting me sleep in, and entertaining our 2-year-old. 

(b) I'm surprisingly not horribly sleep-deprived (thanks to the fact that our newborn goes right back to sleep between feedings...she sleeps in bed with us, snuggled up by my side, waking up to nurse every 2-3 hours). 

(c) We have wonderful friends who have brought us meals every day for a week. Mmmm. Those chicken and green chili enchiladas were SO good. As were the chocolate-covered strawberries...

Now, if only nursing would get a little easier...


Although I expect that my blog will be scattered with photos of baby bliss over the next few months, I also will be "back to business" this week with Tuesday Tours and Wordless Wednesday and the ever-popular Themed Weekends. 

And speaking of business...

  1. I have a new Advertise page...which might interest you if you own a small company or you represent a big brand - and you're looking for a powerful (and economic) way to reach moms. 
  2. I have a new Policies page. It has a lot of rules and disclaimers and such, but it also tells PR reps and boutique owners how they can get a product reviewed here at Metropolitan Mama.
  3. I also updated my Favorites page recently. It's a compilation of my favorite blogs and websites. Go ahead...take a a friend or two. Hey! You never know! YOU might even be on the list.

So it's back to business for me. Which does not mean I'm wearing a business suit and heels (or that I have showered in the past 24 hours). What it does mean is that I'm sitting here in my pajamas with a nursing baby cuddled up on my chest as I I stay connected with you.

What it also means is that you can expect your "regular programming" around here this week.

Unless, of course, I get distracted:


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11 comments on “Back to Business”

  1. I totally sympathize about the breastfeeding! I have breastfed all my kids (my youngest is 8 months) and it is painful for the first 3 weeks, no matter what. After that, everything is fine--no more pain, thankfully. :)

  2. I'm extremely impressed you're so on top of everything and already back to blogging with a new baby! Just be sure to take care of (and take time for) yourself while you're taking care of everyone else... :)

  3. Hi Steph!! So good to see your website up and working again!! We are so thrilled to welcome your new little one and become grandparents again!! We enjoyed hearing your birth story. Maybe you can share it sometime.

  4. I love the picture. Very cute.

    I sleep with my baby next to me and I don't think I could do it any other way. We nurse and go right back to sleep. Its so nice.

  5. Congratulations Stephanie! Once again, I cannot tell you how valuable your blog is to me. As a woman hoping to become a mother in the next year or so, I really appreciate your information on birthing centers and breastfeeding. Your sight is so useful to me, especially since it focuses on the natural and beautiful way to give birth and care for a child. I truly admire you and appreciate your blog so very much. Thank you!

  6. You are one hard workin' mommy! Keep getting plenty of rest and enjoying that sweet bundle of joy.....And, if only more women knew how fabulous cosleeping is.

  7. I love the pictures, especially the last one. The look on your older daughter's face is priceless!

    Enjoy your snuggling time--as you know it goes way too fast.

    and thank you for putting me on your favorites list! :)

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