BEST OF 2009: Baby Products

BEST OF 2009: Baby Products 1Want to know what one of my favorite things is? Waking up right next to a super smiley baby. And it happens to me every single morning. I know - I'm lucky. What can I say?

I reviewed my fair share of baby-related products this past year and quite a few of them were really wonderful, but I narrowed down my picks to three OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, YOU-WON'T-REGRET-BUYING-THEM products.

Here goes...

BEST OF 2009: Baby Products 2Cozy Ankle Booties by Robeez

I've remarked in the past that shoes are largely unnecessary until babies start walking. Now, however, I have a baby in the winter and I love slipping these little cozy ankle booties on her cute little footsies. In fact, she wears them almost every day of the week. They provide excellent warmth and a nice buffer against the cold tiles in our house. That buffer is especially nice when you have a baby who is crawling and pulling up and climbing all over the house.

BEST OF 2009: Baby Products 3Although the booties are extremely practical for chilly weather, they're also extremely stylish. In fact, I would say that they're pretty much the height of baby fashion...the stuff of baby runways and such. Priced at $38.95, you might blink a bit when you make the purchase, but you're baby will likely wear them absolutely everywhere in the fall and winter and early spring.

BEST OF 2009: Baby Products 4Complete Air Convertible Car Seat by Safety 1st

Here's a word of advice to all expectant parents: DO NOT BUY AN INFANT CAR SEAT. I repeat: do not buy an infant car seat. They're expensive. They won't last you as long. And it's not good to carry your baby around in them when you're not driving anyway (Read: Infants Shouldn't Sleep in Car Seats, Study Says - 9-5-09).

Convertible car seats are sooooo much more practical. Take Safety 1st's Complete Air Convertible Car Seat, for example. It's good for babes from 5-50 pounds. Plus, it comes with an infant body insert, a removable cup holder, a 5 point harness with up front adjustment.

BEST OF 2009: Baby Products 5Another "pro" of this seat is that it's a little bit narrower than other seats on the market so it's great for cars...yet it's still comfortable for your little one. Worried about those huge boulders on either side of your baby's face? A. They're part of the Air Protect Technology system, that "diverts crash forces away from a child’s head, the most vulnerable place in a side impact crash." You can read all about it on the Safety 1st website, but it essentially means that those big "wings" will keep your baby super safe on the road. B. My 3-year-old doesn't seem to mind them a bit.

Available at Target, Babies-R-Us, and Amazon, the seat retails for between $200-$250.

BEST OF 2009: Baby Products 6ERGObaby carrier

I have reviewed A LOT of baby carriers over the past three years. Slings. Pouches. Mei Tais. Wraps. You-Name-It.

Today, my friend Dayna called and asked me which carrier was my favorite. I answered without hesitation, "ERGO!" I didn't have to even think twice. I'm not saying that the other carriers are worthless (in fact, I think it is very handy to have a handful of carriers around to fit your baby's age, personality, and mood), but the ERGO is truly the "best of the best." It is comfortable, easy to put on, easy to take off, makes my baby happy (which makes me happy too).

BEST OF 2009: Baby Products 7I've worn my ERGO through airports. At Disneyland. On long walks. At the beach. At the mall. Around our neighborhood. Everywhere. And it is truly amazing. The fabric is butter soft, yet super sturdy. The carrier provides excellent waist, support, and back support (unlike other carriers that will remain nameless, but that rhyme with D-yorn). It also has an absolutely brilliant sun/sleep hood that I use all of the time. Oh, and it has a pocket that is perfect for storing your driver's license, flip video camera, keys, or other small items when you want to be truly hands-free.

What else? It's cool-looking: people often remark on how content she is perched inside. It's versatile: Baby can be worn on the chest, hip, or back. It's truly an innovative and intelligent product. I can't stop talking about it - and I bet you'll feel the exact same way once you have one.

Bottom Line: If you're only going to buy one carrier, this should be it.


WIN IT! One winner will receive ALL of the above-listed products:


To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, January 11th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about my Best of 2009 series (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

*UPDATE* The winner is #92 Heather. Congratulations!

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  1. I have a pair of Robeez and I love them; they keep my baby's feet warm and he doesn't kick them off. I am currently looking for a carrier and have read a lot of reviews and the Ergo Carrier seems to have the most great reviews. I will also need a new car seat very soon so the car seat would be awesome as well. It it would be a terrific day if we won this prize!

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I found it very informative as I have been researching a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about.

  3. Thanks for posting this info. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. I can’t wait to read lots of your posts.

  4. These are all nice baby products. Shopping for a car seat is really tough weeding thru all of the choices. I am going to consider Saftey 1st for our next one.

  5. Wow! These look like some great products. I love "best of" lists because they are great way to get an idea of which products are worthwhile!

  6. I hear so many great reviews on about the Ergo. I really should try one out sometime. We have a booster seat that has side protection wings near the head and the girls don't seem to mind them either. They do help keep their heads upright when they fall asleep so no more crinks in the neck for them.

  7. These are such great products. I really appreciate this giveaway, we need a car seat badly and this one looks just perfect!

  8. It would be great to have another high quality convertible car seat. We do a lot of driving when visit family and keeping my boys safe is top priority!

  9. i really want an ergo syste & robeez shoes but money is so tight right now. I have a snugli but my little girl will outgrow it soon. She loves to be in her snugli so i hope to find another carrier soon.

  10. My husband and I love to go on hikes and see the sites. The baby is starting to get heavy and it's not always possible to push a stroller. I'll bet the ERGO would be a great solution. It's looks simple enough that I might even be able to convince my husband to wear the baby in it.

  11. When we first moved to Canada, my daughter then a young baby started wearing the furry robeez booties. So cute and comfy. A lot of babies wore them there, very popular. I haven't tried the Ergo.

  12. I love my Ergo. It is so much better than other carriers because there is no weight on the shoulders. I would love to give one to my sister as well.

  13. My wife and I just saw the Complete Air carseat at BabiesRUs this weekend. My son looked very comfortable in it. What a great giveaway!

  14. I need a pair of those adorable robeez for myself, lol. They look so comfty cozy:) (HINT, HINT Robeez.)

    The main reason for entering this contest is that AMAZING Safty 1st Carseat. Our current model is awful, and I fear if their is ever a test of it's safety, IT WOULD NOT be a good outcome! LOVE everything about it, but especially the side crash safty rating!

    Thank you MM and all the generous sponsors of this giveaway! Jes~
    greimanj AT

  15. I think the Safety 1st Complete Air carseat could very well be the perfect carseat. With such a tall shell and high weight limits, this is exactly what I need for my toddler.

    I have been wanting an ERGO ever since my toddler was born. If not for the high price tag, I would have one. I'd love to have one of these to use with my newborn.

  16. Those are great gifts. I will forever regret not getting the Ergo baby carrier when I was pregnant. I have tried 3 other carriers and wish I had the Ergo carrier.

    I am in need of a new car seat! Wiggle Bean has outgrown her infant carrier and we need to upgrade.

    Those booties look so snugly, to bad they are baby sized!

  17. anyone having a baby this giveaway sets you right up for having the most cute and helpful products..i love the robeex shoes and it is so hard to choose which pairs you like best because they have soooooooo many and i also love their Robeez Mini Shoez Trainer H&L Laces - tan.the carrier is so precious for keeping your little one close to your heart :)now the car seat gets is so awesome for protecting the little ones in side impact collisions..i would feel safe with that :)

  18. I really like the Robeez shoes especially their Puppy Booties. I follow them on Twitter so I always get notified of their new styles

  19. Robeez have to be my favorite baby shoe of all time, so dang cute and my Ergo carrier that I used to have was so awesome...if only I hadn't given it away. Thank you for this great opportunity to win some amazing stuff!

  20. The Ergo baby carrier is supposed to be a great carrier and easier on your back than the Baby Bjorn. And I can't tell you how many babies in my Baby Time storytime show up sporting their Robeez shoes.

  21. I've heard a lot about this baby carrier. I've stopped using my other one because my back would get so sore and now that my baby can sit up on his own I have my hands free a little bit more. The car seat looks great, I'm all for narrow when you're trying to fit three kids in carseats in a back row.

  22. These are great products that would be wonderful to have for my new little boy. Especually the lined Robeez for this cold new england weather. Also I love wearing my baby, but usually use a wrap and recently saw an ergo at playgroup and was truly intrigue. WOuld love to hae one of my own!

  23. My daughter announced last Thursday she is expecting her second baby. While she still has several things from her first baby she would love these items. Lil Bit is ready for a bigger carseat and we have looked at several of the Safety 1st seats. I think she would be very happy with this one. She never had a carrier with her first baby but always wanted one. She'll need one with the second baby because her hands are definitely going to be full.

  24. These seem like the must haves for a new baby! I have tried a few of these items, and they would all be perfect for my sister, who is finally expecting, after 4 years of trying!

  25. With my daughter, I swore by Robeez. They are the best! My son is due in March and I plan to outfit him with them when he gets a bit older.

  26. Ergo carriers are great, but I used my ring sling a lot more when my guy was little. And we did get a lot of use from our infant car seat/carrier because he was a preemie and too small for a convertible seat (hospital was strict about what car seat he left in), plus he was in it during the winter and we could use bunting instead of bulky coats and blankets.

    Anyway, my SIL is due in July and could use all this gear for her little one. Thanks!

  27. Really, where do I begin with this? Thanks for the advice on the infant carseat. This is my first little one, and I need all the education I can get! I like how the carseat is narrower, allowing for more space.
    All these products look fab, of course. My sis has the Ergo, and I used to wear my niece in it whenever I would see her. To the bathroom and all. I loved it, she loved it(well maybe not the bathroom part), and I'm pretty determined to get an Ergo for my little one too.
    I'll admit, I know nothing about shoes for little ones, I'll just take your advice. ;)
    Thanks for doing this!

  28. I'm trying to have another baby this year and these products all sound amazing, especially the Ergo baby carrier. You've sold me on it!

  29. I love that the car seat is so versatile, that it can go from holding a newborn to a toddler. For my first, I had to buy 2 different car seats - hope I can win this one for my second baby!

  30. Hi Stephanie, I'm Lesa. What a great giveaway of products. You and your sponsers are certainly offering well made, thoughtful products for our babies in these items. When I can look at something an know that my child or anothers child would be safe or comfortable in that product, I think that matters. Or if I can look at a bottie and say "I'd like a pair of those for me"..then thats a well-though-out booie. LOL! The carseat is a *beautiful* piece of furniture almost. Safety is what matters most to mothers as we all know. ANd the carrier looks great. How invaluable is a great carrier? They make life so much easier for mothers. And a well made one, will be appreciated by a moms back for years to come. So again I thank you Stephanie for the generous and thoughtful items. Youre great! Prayers for the family.

  31. This is a great trio of products. The sling is great for keeping baby close while leaving your hands free, especially while pushing a todler in the stroller. The carseat takes safety to the next level, and those booties look warm and cozy enough that I would like to be wearing them in my size!

  32. This would be awesome to win! We are going to start TTC again soon, and I need everything all over again. Apparently I thought I was done having kids... only to change my mind!
    That Complete Air Convertible Car Seat looks really cool.
    Great reviews on all of the products, espically the carrier!
    Thanks for the chance!

  33. Aaaargh! I didn't realize the backache, shoulderache, and neckache involved in rearing a baby since I had my first one a mere month ago, but I am oogling that Ergo with vim and vigor for the new year! Thanks for this awesome contest!

  34. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway package! I really need a second carseat for our second vehicle (husbands). Such a pain to keep moving the carseat back and forth. I would love the ERGO as well! I have heard so many great things about ERGOs and everyone loves them.

    Thank you for the article about babies sleeping in carseats! Now I'm wondering about babies sleeping in swings?? I'm sure they are just as bad. Our baby slept in his swing for many months because he would not sleep in his crib. I'm determined to not let the next baby do that. Scary!

  35. With a little girl due in Feb. finding the right car seat has been a huge part of our life right now. The features on the Safety 1st car seat sound fantastic!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  36. Robeez and ERGOgbaby are brands I have heard great things about. I have not heard of air protect but I went to the site and looked around and it sounds like a really great product. I would love to win any/all of these products

  37. Once again, awesome giveaway! The carseat would be so wonderful. My 4 month old is already pushing the weight limit on his infant carseat and my 3 year old is not big enough (IMO) for a booster, so we're going to need another convertible in the very near future. The ergo is a carrier I've alway wanted to try. I'm thinking if I won it, this would be one carrier my husband would actually enjoy too.

  38. Thanks for the product advice! My husband and I are ready to start a family and I have no idea where to begin with all the products out there! :-)

  39. The convertible carseat looks exactly like what I need as I'm currently expecting my first, who is due in February! I've been debating what carseat to get after they are past the infant stage and this would cover both stages!

  40. That car seat looks so awesome my little girl will be out of her baby carrier in a couple months and that would be the booties too!!

  41. Totally love the boots [looks soooo soft] and the carseat. My daughter is too big for the baby carrier but my friend just had a baby boy. This would be perfect. She'd love it! :)

  42. Baby Girl will soon outgrow her infant seat. I don't regret using it; it made transfer back and forth from the car easier when she was younger, and we've used it with an adapter for our stroller. But now I'm at a loss as to which car seat to buy next! We already have an ergo, so if we won that I'd pass it along to a friend.

  43. I was interested in your comments concerning not buying an infant car seat. I had not really thought about buying the convertible first. Glad you told me about this. We need a car seat for our granddaughter and it was good to learn about the Safety 1st seat. Hope we win!

  44. I have never tried and Ergo, but I hear great things. So far, I have used a sling and a wrap, so I guess my next step is a carrier!

  45. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win the car seat. We only have 1 car seat, but 2 cars, so it's really a pain. A 2nd car seat would be great!

  46. I would love all of these items. The conve3rtible car seat would be awesome because I don't like the infant seat my son is in now and since he loves to be carried when shopping, I don;t really need it. Also, my carrier really hurts my back so I would love to try the ERGO! Thanks for the chance!

  47. Thanks for sharing your best of '09. These all look like fantastic products. Since I too love baby carring to Ergo would be nice to try out.

  48. I was on a parent opinion panel to help design the Safety 1st carseat you're giving away! I didn't realize it was available yet. Looks like an awesome item.

  49. Oh wow, what a fabulous giveaway! I especially have wanted an Ergo for some time now, since I miss carrying my son, who is too heavy for the Baby Bjorn. We would also love that carseat, since it's a pain having to remove ours from our car to use in my parents'. Fingers crossed.....

  50. Wow I thought the nursing bra related giveaway was too good to be true! I'm searching Craigslist daily for an Ergo.. can't quite afford it new. I hope I win! Also thanks for the link on baby carriers. Very interesting.

  51. Wow, these are awesome prizes! I especially want the Ergo...I have heard that it's the most comfortable and versatile carrier out there.

  52. We have been researching carseats for our little guy. He is quickly getting to small for his infant carrier. Thank you for your great reviews so that getting a carseat isn't as much of a worry. I would love to win.

  53. I wish I had heard of the Ergo carriers when my babies were little! (I used to go on nature and astronomy hikes with the older one[s] - my 3 girls are each 5 years apart with a little brother trailing along at seven years apart from his next-oldest sibling - with those high-backed carriers where, by the time you're done, your back is dying). My oldest daughter has an Ergo for her baby, and I've used it when I had to pick up my son from school and was watching the little one, and, even now, when I'm a "few" years older, this carrier IS awesome! No back pain, no constant hiking the baby up, but still safe and secure.

  54. I have a 6-week old baby and have only the very basics. I could use all of these items. My baby sling is soooo complicated to use!

  55. I've heard that convertible car seats are very handy since they work from birth through toddler ages. macd82 at gmail dot com

  56. I have heard a lot about the ERGO carrier and I would love to have one! The carseat looks comfortable and safe, and with the weight requirements it could be used for a long time!

  57. My sis is pregnant and I know these products would make life with a new baby a ton of a lot easier. As a new auntie I wouldn't mind such a cute car seat in the back of my car either. :0)

  58. I love Robeez... They are cut and comfortale. This is a really good giveaway for any family. The carseat is all really good from the research I have done and would be a great back up seat for our third vehicle.. Thanks..

  59. i've been looking at the ergo carrier... how exciting that i could possibly win one here! the sea green with silver lining organic one totally caught my eye. what a wonderful concept and everyone raves abt it! also, robeez has got the cutest little booties and shoes one could want. or that i want! :D
    thanks for this chance!

  60. My youngest is 11 months, but I intend to continue wearing her for a while. I'd love to try the Ergo! I think she would love riding on my back. I'd love to be able to carry her on my hip, and still push the stroller with my toddler. And...we could use a carseat upgrade right around now, so this would be a fun win!

  61. this is such an amazing giveaway. just to get one of the prizes would be huge! i love the car seat. my baby is almost due to move out of her carrier car seat and could really use it!

  62. All these products are top quality. I think those booties are my very favorite of all the cute shoes I've seen this season. Great for cool/cold weather.

  63. Wow these are all fantastic products! Every time I get in my car I am worried about side impacts. My son's current car seat does not offer the protection it should and I would LOVE to have the
    Complete Air Convertible Seat by Safety 1st for my little man.

  64. I'd really like to win a ERGObaby carrier! We have a sling, but that is really uncomfortable esp. with a bigger baby. The Robeez booties look so comfy and WARM!!! It's a great set of giveaways! Thank you for hosting it!

  65. I have been reading about this Safety 1st car seat, and the more I learn, the more I like it! My baby just started crawling a few weeks ago, and her socks slide off - I hate it when her sweet little toes are cold! Those slippers are both adorable and just what I need. I used a wrap right now, and while I love wearing her close to me, I don't love how complicated the wrap is to put on - especially when I'm trying to keep the yards of material out of the dirt when we're out and about. Basically, I'm falling in love with these three products you're giving away - thank you so much for the chance to win them!

  66. These would be perfect for my boss who just adopted a baby girl! I retweeted your "best of" link on twitter @ creep4ward.

  67. Wow, what a great group of prizes! Baby's getting a little heavy on my arms, that carrier's looking mighty nice right now. I'm really excited about the car seat too - we have a car (not a van/SUV) so the narrowness is a definite bonus to me.

  68. Car seats keep improving and little lives are saved because of it. The Safety 1st Convertible looks very safe and I do like the head protection. That is most important in a collision.

  69. First of all I want to thank you for being a blogger and having these reviews.
    Since my kids are preteen, teen and older I don't get to try out all the baby items. My new grandson lives 1200 miles away so I'm always trying to help by winning much needed items. I'm so thankful for the review on the car seat as I have been so worried about my grandson in a car seat that will not protect him and I have heard and read the great facts about this seat and the side impacts are such a great worry to me. Thank you for caring to give the best reviews and advice


  70. id love to have the ERGO carrier for my son, he is proud dad to a 5 month old little angel, and he is mr mom since he is out of work..he tends to the baby while his wife works and while she sleeps since she works night shift..this would be so handy for him

  71. These are awesome baby products! I am always looking for reliable things to buy for my sister - she's having her first kiddo in March. These would be perfect to surprise her - with things she didn't even know she needed!

  72. The Safety 1st seat looks like a great seat. I like the idea of the removable cupholder--so practical for when gunk gets caked in it and you need to clean it!

    Also, so far, our first and only pair of baby shoes have been Robeez. They're so practical and can't be easily ripped off of the feet.

  73. Wearing the Ergo at Disneyland sounds like a lifesaver! I definitely need to try that next time around. Thanks for the great contest!

  74. I need to find a sling - I've been reading reviews but actually got kind of overwhelmed! I had a maya wrap with my daughter...and she's 8 years old now. LOL Our son is due in a couple of weeks and I have yet to find one for him! The Ergo looks awesome!

  75. I have been wanting to try an ergo carrier for awhile, but wasn't sure about spending that much money. I don't know anyone that has one, but I use ring slings all the time and as my baby gets heavier it would be awesome to have an ergo!

    Also, the Safety 1st seat has gotten SUCH great reviews-I am actually going to be buying one if I don't win this one (it would be awesome to win though :) )

    Thanks so much for the giveaways! They are awesome!

  76. Do you think they make those booties in my size? Those look great, especially for all of our crazy weather we have been having. Then I carry my little one in the Ergo after taking her out of the carseat. :)


  77. we have been looking for some little cozy warm booties for our little baby and I think those Robeez look perfect! Also, I know someone who has the Ergo and loves it so its definitely on my list to get if i dont win it here, thanks!

  78. We did buy an infant seat, and our 8 month old is almost too heavy for it. We're looking into which seat to buy next, so it would be such a blessing to win this one from Safety 1st! Thank you

  79. The Ergo looks like a great product! I've tried many other carriers and wraps and have yet to find something that is both easy to put on and comfortable. I'll definitely be checking it out.

  80. thanks for this opportunity to win some good stuff! i have no need for the safety seat thing as a live in China and do not own a car...and well, safety? what's that? but i am expecting #3 in early may and with a 4.5 year old, 2.5 year old, and no car, the ergo sounds pretty good to me. (i have a friend with one who puts her 1 year old on her back and rides her bike, with her oldest sitting in the seat behind i said, safety? it's all relative! cheers and congrats to whoever wins!


  81. I have heard a lot of good things about the Ergo - and we have a friend who is due in April who has nothing so far as the baby daddy bailed with all the assets- winning this for her would be a real blessing.

  82. I would absolutely love all three of these products! I have a two year old girl and am expecting a little boy in March. I've heard such great things about the Robeez and definitely want to try some with this new baby. They look so warm and comfy!
    The convertible car seat looks amazing and we definitely could use a new car seat! I love how it grows with the baby!
    I bought a cheap carrier for my toddler when she was a baby, but it doesn't work well and so I didn't get much use out of it. I've heard so many people talk about how nice infant carriers are and how they can really help out... ESPECIALLY when you not only have a new infant, but a toddler to chase around! The ERGObaby carrier sounds divine!
    I would love all three of these products and would use them on a regular basis!

  83. All of these things would come in handy for me. I am due January 25th! I have heard great things about the ERGO carrier, but I don't have one...yet.

  84. My husband and I are getting ready to adopt our first baby. I've been looking for baby stuff, and I trust your judgement when you do reviews. Thanks That Ergo baby thing looks pretty cool. My husband and I like to go hiking and it seems like it would work well.

  85. Wow! Holy Moly! We are expecting our first grandbaby May 10th.. I sure would love to win this for my son and his fiance.. They are both college students and could use all the help they could
    Thanks for the chance at such fabulous products :)

  86. I am really loving on the Cozy Ankle Booties by Robeez! Especially after the cold winter we have had so far and never being able to keep the house warm enough. Impossible to keep baby's feet covered so they are always cold! These definitely look like they would keep him warm and snuggly!

  87. I'd love to be able to surprise my best friend, who's expecting her first child this year, with this amazing pack, especially the Ergo, which I'm glad to hear is so positively reviewed (and travel-friendly, which is a must for my expectant mother friend). Thanks for the review and the chance to enter!

  88. LOVE the Ergo, this is THE reason we are able to eat dinner! =) I need another for my hubby. Also my babies feet are constantly in need of some booties like this, he is constantly pulling his sockies off in the car or anywhere for that matter! And they are soooo cozy!

  89. The cozy ankle booties are adorable, and I've been looking at ergo's for ages.

    My daughter loves to be worn, and I'd love to have something that my husband and I could both use.

  90. I love love love those little boots - tho it took me second to realize they're baby boots, I was kind of hoping they'd fit me - LOL!!!
    And I really need a new baby carrier - mine is from a garage sale and lovely neon colors. I've ben really wanting a new one. I've heard alot about the Ergo carrier.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  91. What a great contest! I'm pregnant right now and I've heard great things about these items.

    Thanks for hosting such a great contest!

  92. First off, I love Roobeez. YOu cannot go wrong with these shoes and are durable, stylish and good for baby feet. BOth of my boys have worn them before. Second, I have also tried lots of carriers and I love my baby sling but my 2nd child's personality is not working out with it. He wants to be close but not that close, maybe the ergo is exactly what I am looking for. And three, we need a new carseat, my 6 month old is ready for something different. Might be time to check into buying one of the Safety first car seats!

  93. I have wanted to try the saftey First Car seat! It looks like it would be really breathable for the summer months! also those boots are too cute!

  94. My wife asked me to enter. I know she always checks out your blog, she loves your taste and writing. Apparently you know your children products pretty well too. After my wife's extensive research on products for our kids she chose to register for the Safety 1st car seat and the ergo baby carrier (which I can testify is pretty darn comfortable). I'm hoping we receive both products as gifts otherwise I know my wife will be purchasing them.

  95. What a great giveaway, as I have a 1.5 yr. old and she needs a car seat and I need a carier for her. Robeez shoes are so comfy, I have the crib owl shoes for babies and they lasted me a long time too. I hope I can win these fabulous prizes.

  96. I am one of those parents that purchased an infant carseat and only used it a few months. You offered good advice...go right for the convertible carseat...and an Ergo!!

  97. I've been looking for a really good front carrier, so I'm glad to hear your review of this one! I might end up buying one if I don't win the contest. My baby wants to be held all the time but doesn't like being tucked into slings, so this seems like a good alternative!

  98. I have always been the one in my circle of friends who knows the must have baby items... and yet I have no babies of my own. I know the must haves because I have watched friend after friend spend a TON of money on every type of sling, car seat, gadget, stroller and baby item known to parents. I have seen that look on the face of a baby that if translated would say, “What on earth could you be thinking??” I’ve seen the smile that says, “Ohhh, that feels good!” Through observation I have learned that quality doesn’t always mean expensive and that cheap may be more costly than you might think. And so it is with a grateful heart that I come across your fabulous list. A sigh of relief is inspired by the car seat alone. You see, although I have no babies of my own, our new year’s resolution is to get pregnant this year. I’ve crossed my fingers, said my prayers and lit my candles in hopes that we will be blessed sooner rather than later… in more ways than one! Thanks again for the list.

  99. We've been looking for a car seat for #2, we are going to have to look into this one some more. And I have been wanting to try a Ergo carrier, I hear that they are so comfy!!

  100. I am pregnant with my first child. I really want to get a sling - and heard that the best one is ERGO. And obviously, I need a car seat too!

  101. I am a first time mom so all of these items are new to me, and I am sure I would get great use out of them. Leaving a topic related comment is hard for me considering well this is my first child! lol So here goes, i did not know you could use a regular car seat for an infant. Knowing that the safety first seat can be used at only 5lbs makes me re-think my choices. We have not bought our "travel system" yet. I know this will be perfect weight wise cause she is already 3lbs and still have 8 weeks to go!
    I also remember my neice when she was younger always complaing about how uncomftable she would be in her car seat. I got her a new one and everytime she got into my car i would always hear.."oh my comfy seat!!!" lol I used to take her alot so i know the kids need to be comftable too!
    [email protected]

  102. I would love to try to ERGO carrier - I'm pretty small and have a big baby so I'm having trouble finding a good carrier that fits both of us well

  103. Wow, what a generous giveaway. I checked out their website, I absolutely LOVE their boots, they are so adorable!

  104. Yep, these are definitely great baby products. I wish I had read this before I had my kids because I would have saved myself a lot of time and money had I known your tips first!

  105. A new car seat would be awesome instead of worring about experation dates. With my first child it was impossible for me to use the carrier without someone else helping me. UGH! What's the use of the product if you still need help.

  106. My neighbor found out she was pregnant two weeks after giving all of her baby stuff away (surprise!) I know that these would be appreciated.

  107. I love the "Safety 1st’s Complete Air Convertible Car Seat" because it is made for a baby-child from 5-50 pounds (great for a growing child) and especially the safety of its 5 point harness with up front adjustment.

  108. I've been looking for a carrier that offers more back support than the one I own...I'm excited to read about the ERGO carrier!

  109. I like the carseat a lot. Carseats can be so expensive and it's worth it to know you are getting a good one.

  110. Not only are we in desperate need of a new car seat, but I have been eying the Ergo for quite some time! Before we have another baby, I am determined to get an Ergo. Thinking I should check out the gently used ones if I don't get lucky and win one! So glad they sell those! What a wonderful idea!

  111. I was just checking out the Robeez website to see what sales they have and saw the Cozy Ankle Booties. I think it's just the most adorable shoes ever!

  112. I just got my 1st Robeez for my 14 month old - because I never thought she needed shoes before either... I WAS WRONG - she stays warm and leaves them on... Why didn't I think of that last winter...

  113. The possibility of the Ergo alone has me pumped. I have a Moby & Hotsling, but not a carrier like that. And we're thinking of trying for #3 soon, & I've heard only great things about the Ergo. How great!

    Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  114. I have been counting my pennies, figuratively speaking, wondering if I could budget in splurging on an Ergo this spring. We love to hike together as a family, but my son's short little toddler legs often need a rest, and I'm a bit worried that our current carrier won't work for him by the time spring rills around. The more i hear about them the more & more I want an Ergo!

  115. oh my, i wish i would have bought an ergo ... i love my hotslings, but during my christmas travels i saw so many mommies with toddlers on their backs in ergo carriers ... my second is 18 mos. now and i know he would still ride with me if i had him on my back. would love to win one :-)

  116. Great products --- I am curious as to why you feel so strongly about not getting an infant car seat? We used one with our son for 8 months and I don't know what I would have done without it when I was doing errands and he was asleep. I would just bring it into the store without him waking up. I was actually going to ask you for your opinions on a good one =) it's been 5 years since I've bought one =)

    autumn398 @

  117. We have some Robeez and love them. So cute and they stay on! Would love to win this pack for my sister who is expecting.

  118. I have an Ergo that I LOVE. My 20 month old (who is HUGE) stil rides in it comfortably. I even wore him all through my pregnancy with my newborn. The baby is still a little small to ride in it without the newborn insert (which I don't have), so I haven't tried wearing him yet, but I definitely will. I'd love to have a second one for when the baby is a little bigger and my husband and I both want to wear a baby!

  119. Although I'm only 11 weeks along, I'm already thinking about what would be the best carrier and carseat to get...and had no idea, until your blogpost! Thanks for all the great tips from a more experienced mommy!

  120. aww this is a Grand giveaway, my friends a new great-grandmother and I know she doesn't have the funds to buy for all her grand children and great grandkids so I would be donating these to her, she would be so excited I'm sure.

  121. I really love those boots for babies. My little would love to wear them as slippers in the house! I also have been wanting to babywear a lot more, so the Ergo looks great!

  122. A couple things. With an infant car seat that attaches to your stroller it's SO nice to just take them from the car to the stroller when their asleep and not wake them to switch them from one to the other. With the convertible car seat you have to wake them up right? BUT, my 9 month old is quickly approaching the weight limit and now we're having shell out another $100+ dollars for a convertible car seat anyway. This was probably the hardest decision we were making when we registered!!

  123. My 12 month old constantly pulls his socks off. We have (fake) wood floors that are really cold and the only way for him to keep his socks on is to have shoes on. The boots look perfect for inside and going out. All of the products look absolutely great, what great taste.

  124. I love the little Cozy Ankle Booties, they would be great for keeping a tiny ones feet warm in this cold weather!

  125. I FB'ed it but I don't know how to link directly to that? Can you just check my account to verify?


  126. I love my robeez... I don't have the cozy ankle ones, but they look AMAZING. We'd love to try them. I love my sakura bloom ring sling, and so does my baby (most of the time), but I told my hubby that I want an Ergo for hiking purposes, much more practical! It'd be great to have as an alternative... and also because my husband won't wear the "girly" looking sling (it is silk).

  127. I have to tell you I'm saying a little prayer about this. Our baby is ready to move out of his infant seat and we need a really safe seat like that one.

    And I'd love the carrier, because the other ones I have are wraps and I need something easier and quicker to get in and out of.

    Money is tight around here... thank goodness for contests! ;)


  128. We could use all these things! I've always wanted to try an ERGO, never had a pair of Robeez and need a new car seat:)


  129. This stuff would come in so handy for me! I'm pregnant with my second child and passed all of my "baby stuff" from my son on to other pregnant friends. Now I need it all again!

  130. i fully second your statement about not buying an infant seat. but i didnt know this one my baby was on her way. Now it is time to change her to a convertible seat, and i think this one would be perfect.. 5-point harness are the best!

  131. I have been researching different carriers and I have to say I am many to choose from and their are good and bad reviews for everything...thanks to you I am going to look into the Ergo more...Thank you and Happy New Year.

  132. As we expect baby number two I know what a difference good baby products can make and you have found really good ones! Keep up the great work.

  133. I love Robeez! In fact, it is almost time for my littlest girl to get some cozy booties! This sounds funny, but I do like the colors of that car seat! I just bought a Beco Baby carrier, but I am curious to see how it is different from the Ergo.

  134. Thank you for the information on how infants shouldn't sleep in car seats. This was a real eye opener. I wish I had it when my son was younger but now I'm much better prepared for my next child.

  135. I LOVE Safety First products!! I like that this car seat is designed to protect my baby. I was reading in your description that the huge boulders on the sides of this seat "diverts crash forces away from a child’s head, the most vulnerable place in a side impact crash.” This is a must have with a LO. I also was pregnant in 2009. I had a miscarriage in 2008(due on 01/22/09) but the Lord blessed us on 9/17/09 with little Bryce!!

    I also love the Ergo Baby Carrier. I need this to keep up with my busy 6 yr old and still have baby close. Baby wearing is a must for me!!

    Happy New Year!!

  136. I never had the ergo carrier with my first and I truly think it is the one baby product I really missed out on. When #2 comes I know I am going to have to have it. I will need to wear one while chasing the other!

  137. I switched to an Ergo a few months back and am loving it! It is much better on my back (my baby girl is 22 pounds now). I use it to do grocery shopping so I can put my coupon binder in the seat part of the cart.

    The shoes look so cozy! My daughter is starting to take some steps and these look like they would be great for new walkers too.

  138. I must say you have really good taste! One of my favorite things is waking up to the sounds of my kids talking to each other in their room. Soon I'll have another little person in my room who is registered for an ergo carrier and the air protect car seat. It sure would be nice to win them and a cozy pair of slippers for the new little guy.

  139. My daughter just had a baby & we're looking at what she needs for traveling. These products sound like they would be perfect.

  140. I'm resisting the urge right now to tell my husband he was right! He said we should get the Safety 1st carseat, I said we should get another! Luckily we haven't gotten one yet!!

  141. You are not the only person to rave about the ERGO - I've heard nothing but good things about it. If I don't win, it is definitely going on my list of things to buy!

  142. The convertible car seat sounds amazing. I currently have a traditional infant car seat for my 5 month old and it is more hassle than it's worth. I wish I had seen something like this earlier!
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  143. wow! i didn't even know there was an alternative to the oh-so-popular carrier that rhymes with d-yorn! and it's been killing by back now that my little guy is up in the 15 pound range :( not fun, folks! i'd love a new carrier that doesn't leave me in pain - and of course the car seat and the booties would be a nice new years present too! :D

  144. My BFF is about to become a first time mom, and we've known each other since childhood, I have been shopping ever since she told me the good news. I think winning this would knock out my shopping list for my niece or nephew to be. (she doesn't want to know!) She is due in March, I am trying to convince her to hold out until April so we can share the same birthday! Think that will work? hee hee :)

  145. My sister is having a Baby in March she needs everything since she has not had a baby in the house in 8 years. Thank you for the reviews and great ideas on what to look for

  146. The Safety 1st’s Complete Air Convertible Car Seat looks amazing. I like the fact that it is part of the Air Protect Technology system. Also, the fact that it is more narrow is awesome. I am running out of room!
    [email protected]

  147. It makes me soooo happy to hear you rave about the ERGO. I am glad you have it. I think it's the best thing known to man. And woman. And baby. Ahhhhh.... :)

  148. I love the idea of baby wearing. We're working on our first and I've been exploring slings and carriers. The Ergo's got my vote so far. I'd love to have this for my baby.

  149. I've been doing carseat research for a while now and I really like the Safety 1st Air Convertable. The video they have on their website showing the effects of side impact crashes is enough to sell me!

  150. Awesome products for my 6 month old. I've been eyeing the Ergo carrier for some time now. I am in desperate need for a good carrier, my baby is getting sooo heavy! Also, have to agree--I hate carrying the infant car seat around, actually I can't even do it...way to heavy.

  151. Oh, I love to "wear" my babies, and toddlers for that matter! I'm still not quite sure if we are going to go for a fifth child, but I can for sure share the Ergo, and my youngest child would make great use of the carseat and the Robeez. Thanks :-)

  152. 7 weeks into motherhood - could really put to use all of this stuff! I'm especially interested in the baby carrier. I didn't know I'd enjoy "wearing" my baby so much. I have a sling and another carrier, but the carrier is bulky. The Ergo looks very cool!

    never tried the booties but all three of my kids have worn and in the case of my third child, worn through a pair of them.

  154. We were given an infant carrier for Goose so we've been using that but at only 6 months old he's about to outgrow it so I've been looking at convertible seats - I'm leaning towards the Air Seat by Safety First - I've been really happy with Sugar's car seat from that same company! Oh... and with the low teens and single digit temperatures we've been having around here - Goose has been wearing shoes too - I love his soft shoes and would love to try out an Ergo!

  155. when my daughter was a baby, she loved being in her carrier. i loved using it--for short periods. it hurt my back after a while, though. i've heard they've come a long way and i've heard great things about ergo. my new-mom niece would love this.

  156. I love the Air Protect Technology in the car seat it looks so comfortable and safe too and the booties are so cute! and the ERGO Baby Carrie's would be so great for hikes with the little one.

  157. Eeek! AWESOME giveaway! I have been coveting the ergo for so long now, and we will be needing a convertible car seat in just a few short months! I have no idea what carrier to get, and frankly, I trust your opinion, Stephanie.

    I actually won the robeez booties when you last featured them, so if I win, I promise to let that prize go to someone else! :-)

  158. I'm due March 5th and *really* wanting this carrier!!! I registered for the D-yorn at baby's r us and now I'm wondering how I cna get my hands on this one...sounds amazing!

  159. These all look like wonderful products, Stephanie, that would be well-loved & well-used around our house. The Ergo carrier especially I would *LOVE* to try - I have a fair collection of carriers already that I enjoy using...but have always wanted to try the "cream of the crop" carrier!

  160. My best friend is about to become a first time grandma. I'd love to be able to give the special little bundle a great selection of gifts like this.

  161. I love the Robeeze shoes and they are durable and last forever. I was upset when we lost one so we no longer had a pair. Both girls were able to wear them.

    I was also the mom who let her baby sleep in her carseat until she was around 9 months old. I could not get her to sleep anyplace else!

  162. Ok....I totally agree that these are like the most useful products for babies! LOVE our Ergo (going to get cleared *hopefully* tomorrow to see if I can use it now that I'm 2 weeks post op from the c section). I was wondering if you put your baby in the Air Protect Car Seat. I have our baby girl in an infant car seat and reading that article you linked to makes me they sit differently in the Air Protect v. the Infant Car Seat?

  163. so, after reading your (and a few other) great reviews about the ergo carrier, i would love to try one! we are expecting our third baby in may, so this would be perfect.
    also, when our first two were babies (they are now 5 and 3), they screamed whenever we were in the car. both of them! so much for the myth that cars lull babies to sleep. nothing helped... sitting back with them, singing, pacifiers, etc. maybe their infant car seats were uncomfortable. come to think of it, we used the same one for both... whatever it was, i am hoping that number three will tolerate car rides a bit better. perhaps the air convertible car seat would be a solution.
    thanks for the honest reviews and chance to win!

  164. Robeez shoes are the only shoes I have been able to keep on my daughter's feet. She is so active and constantly kicking her shoes off. I would love to win the Robeez booties. They look awesome and it is so cold out right now. The other 2 items look really cool too!

  165. someone was JUST telling me about the convertible car seat at a holiday dinner...have heard great things about this car seat!

  166. I know my wife would be so thrilled if we won those 3 items... what a great surprise it would be. Sha always prefers carrying our son instead of putting him in the stroller.

  167. Boy are those "shoes" too cute. True, very pricey... so I don't see our little man getting them unless we win a pair. Thanks!

  168. I am expecting my first in April and feel so unprepared. Thanks for the great reviews! If only more blogs had such useful information...

  169. The booties -- I have the ones that go higher up and LOVE them. Lucy wears them everyday. And here's a little hint if you don't want to spend the big bucks: Check out eBay. I scored mine for $15!

    The carseat -- I'm so-so on the advice of not getting an infant carrier. First, I 100% agree babies shouldn't be left to sleep in it for long periods of time. BUT--on the other hand the infant carseat is so much better when I have two kids and not enough arms. In the summer I can use a baby carrier when I'm out and about no problem. But in the winter when our temps are usually 20 degrees and below (and a lot of the times WAAAAAY lower than that) I feel it's safer to keep my baby bundled up in her carseat rather than removing her and exposing her to the elements. That's just my take as a Minnesota Mama.

    The ERGO -- I have not tried one of these but my SIL raves about it. And I totally agree with you on the bjorn. I have no idea why those are so popular.

  170. This is an amazing giveaway! I am trying to win some stuff for my friend who is currently about 2 months pregnant. She is always worrying about money and finances as it pertains to life, but now with a baby on the way, it makes matters worse. I think having these great items would help her out, even if it's just a little bit. It would be a nice surprise from me to her. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  171. I truly enjoy reading your perspective on all things baby. I'm especially curious about the carrier, as we will be adopting and I'm hoping to do some baby-wearing to promote bonding, but she will most likely be a toddler. Will the Ergo carrier work for that age do you think? The car seat looks fabulous...we will be needing another one of those, too!

  172. LOVE addicted to baby carriers...and have been secretly admiring the Air Protect Car Seat at my local Babies R Us. Hmmm...this prize package would be a dream come true! :)

  173. I don't see any other husbands/fathers that have signed up for this... (is that un-masculine?) I heard about the giveaway and sucked it up to visit the site and check out what the freebies were that you can win. I admit- I'm impressed. More men need to come to these sites. Are you also giving away a brand new tool set with these? Um... for our baby. Of course.

    Thanks for the chance at this. This really is great.

  174. My sister in law is pregnant with her fifth baby. I'll have to send her to your blog so she can read all the great reviews you have. That car seat looks uber-cool!

  175. These are FANTASTIC products! It's so nice to have chances like this to win much needed things when money can be so tight... thanks so much!! My husband and I are really excited!

  176. I'm so excited, my husband and I just found out a few months ago that we are going to be new parents! Of course, I'm scared to death at the same exact time... (which I suppose must be normal... RIGHT?!) So new baby things are DEFINITELY in order. I feel pretty overwhelmed at the moment with everything on our list to buy... the colors, the baby room, the MESSES we'll be in charge of...

    and I'm just waiting for the day our cute little baby discovers that they can pick up the kitties. By the neck.

    Oh, the joys of new parenthood. :]

  177. As I found myself pregnant after two adoptions, Im wondering how did you carry your baby around if you used a regular seat? My kids were 8 and 11 months respectively when they joined the family and the ergo worked great=)

  178. I'm with you on the shoes not being necessary until they walk - but having a winter newborn... I have been on the hunt to find shoes to hold the socks on so my baby girl's feet stay warm!

  179. I am looking into the Safety 1st for our second...we have a Britax Marathon for our first and while I like it, the Safety 1st seems to be very advanced in it's safety technology. I am hearing/reading great things abour it. I do know the one thing I DEFINITELY am wanting is an Ergo. My 1st was a sling baby, but I want something more stable for #2!

  180. Robeez "booties" are the very best! Not only are they stylish, soft, and warm, but they do not slip off Baby's feet as socks tend to do.

  181. Oh wow!
    What an awesome package@

    Thanks so much for the chance!

    I have found it to be so difficult to win from your site! LOL

    It makes it more challenging I guess!


    Beautiful Daughters!! DANG!! LUCKY DUCK!! LOL

  182. You are truly blessed to wake up every morning to such an adorable baby. Enjoy reading your thoughts on baby products.

  183. I've been trying to decide what to do about the car seat this time around. Thanks for the tips!

  184. I'm a huge fan of Robeez as well, Stephanie. My tinies wear/wore them constantly. I've always been a babywearer but just couldn't seem to get an Ergo. I have a ring-sling and a regular pocket sling. The ring sling is my favourite and Joseph still lives in it. I've lusted after an Ergo and have promised myself that if (IF!) there is a third tiny, then an Ergo will be bought. Great giveaway and I loved your posts about pregnancy as well.

  185. What an amazing giveaway!! That carseat is awesome!! My 4 yr old would still fit in it! And the Ergo would be great to have for her since she's still light enough to be carried in one!! My niece would love those robeez!! You have such great favorites! I love seeing what things you find.

  186. I highly recommend the Ergo to everyone I know -- and even strangers. It is such an easy and comfortable carrier to use. I am also very interested in the Safety 1st’s Complete Air Convertible Car Seat, it really looks like a great seat.

  187. I've heard and read RAVE reviews of the ERGObaby! Apparently it's most comfortable for moms AND babies. I like that it keeps baby in a much more supportive position than the Bjorn. Having a bad back, it ranks #1 on my list of sling/carrier options.

  188. I've heard so many good things about the ERGO carriers, but have not yet tried one out. This would be the perfect opportunity!

  189. Technology, comfort and prices have come a long way over the last 10 years. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest for top qality products. Good Luck everyone.


  190. Wow. All of these giveaways are awesome. I think the winner of this one is going to be the luckiest winner you've had for a while, not that all of your giveaways aren't great. This one is just like 3 for 1. Nice! All of these items are on my wish list.

  191. The Ergo Carrier changed MY LIFE. Kristen told me about hers and after months of having horrible back pain everytime I would put on our bjorn. I made the switch to Ergo and NEVER looked back. I can carry Olivia ALL day long and still feel great afterwards...I have talked about 5 of my friends into getting them. Have a wonderful day!!!

  192. I too didn't think it was necessary for babies to wear shoes till they start walking, but your right on tile floors and crawling it makes sense, especially when its sooooooooooo chilly!
    Thanks for all the great reviews from 2009, looking forward to your 2010's reviews.

  193. I have seen Robeez shoes in a few different stores and have always thought they were adorable. But these booties are the cutest thing ever!!

  194. I've read really good reviews (including yours!) about the ERGO carrier - but do not own one. I love my Moby Wrap, which is what I have been using a lot lately! Keeping my fingers crossed - what a great giveaway!

  195. I could totally use all of these products. I REALLY want the car baby boy will outgrow his infant seat before I know it! Seems like everyone loves the Ergo, and like you said it's nice to have a variety of baby carriers to choose from. Robeez have always been a favorite of mine, and those booties are perfect for our Colorado weather!

  196. I love robeez for learning to walk but never have tried the booties. They look really warm and really cute. I can imagine them paired up with a skirt and tights.

    I saw you mention this carseat in a previous post and will have to look into it a little more. It looks nice and I love the colors.

    and as far as the Ergo...I LOVE that thing! I have the perfect person to gift it to if I won.

  197. I had no idea that babies shouldn't sleep in car seats. Mine only did when we were out and about...even then he was usually in a wrap or in my arms. Next one is only sleeping in them in the car!

    Oh, and I would love, love, love to have an Ergo. My little guy would still fit in one in a back carry, and there are still so many times that I wish I could wear him.

  198. Awesome giveaways! I would love everyone of them! We need a new carseat for #3 as ours has been through 2 previous children and is rather worn! I would love to try the Ergo as well. I hear great things about it and though I have a Baby Bjorn I use a fair amount I like that you can use the Ergo other ways (like the hip, etc.). Also, the Robeez look awesome! I'm not a huge fan of the traditional shoe but balk at the price of the Robeez. Winning them would be perfect :)!

  199. Wowee! I love my ergo and since we are about to have baby #2 and baby #1 still uses the ergo at times (we would use it more if I wasn't so large), so we could really use another one. Plus a great carseat! We have a carrier carseat which we will use for a few months and then we switch to a convertible, but we haven't bought one yet. i hated the carrier with the first child, but I think i may like it more this time since we live somewhere so cold. The baby won't have to be carried to the car in the wind, but can be all bundled already.

  200. I'm due with a baby boy in less than a month. This would be an AMAZING prize to win, especially the carrier and the air car seat. I'd love that carseat but it's SO expensive...the only way we can get one is if I win it!

  201. All three of those products look great! I've been browsing different blog recommendations for car seats and baby carriers and stuff, trying to get a feel for the items we want to buy before the baby arrives--but it would be much "awesomer" to win them! :)

    Also, the shoes look adorable and super comfortable. Wonder if I can find some adult-sized ones to wear around my house...

  202. I love how much you and I agree on all things baby!!!

    I couldn't agree more about shoes in the winter. I never expected to buy shoes before Eli started walking, but he regularly puts his feet in his mouth so his socks were always wet and COLD! He wears Shoe Shoes currently, but those booties look warmer and so cute!

    We opted for a convertible carseat from the beginning and there have only been a couple of times when I've wished for a carrier. I'm glad we didn't buy an infant seat. Everyone told me I'd want one. They were wrong!

    I've been entering every Ergo contest I can find. I really want to try one! I'm picking up extra duties at school this semester and that's the first thing I want to buy with my increased paycheck!

  203. Thanks for the reviews! I am so excited for my daughter's feet to be big enough for her robeez that she got for xmas! I've been hearing wonderful things about them before I was even pg!!

  204. These are wonderful recommendations! I only wish any one or all of these were available when I had babies. Now, I am expecting my first grandchild, and would LOVE to win these for my daughter! Thanks for the offer, and Happy New Year!

  205. I love all 3 products but unfortunately own none of them. My husband and I were just looking at convertible car seats, we need to buy one... soon! How awesome it would be to win one since my husband just lost his job.

  206. I love all of those products! I unfortunately have none of them... YET! I fully intend on getting the Robeez when my daughter needs them and I love that car seat! I use a Sleepy Wrap for now but ordered a Mei Tai since the Ergo is expensive but I'd love to win one!

  207. The Safety 1st car seat is great. I love that it goes up to 50 pounds because my toddler is on the larger size and most go up to 42 pounds.

  208. OK- so I am online to buy my Ergo RIGHT NOW (!) and thought I would check your blog really quickly and maybe use your link... and there it is spelled out in your recommendation! Wow- what a generous giveaway. Please enter me- however, I am so desperate to "babywear" #2 that I will be ordering the Ergo anyway. If I win- somebody gets a great gift :)
    I also would love to try the snuggly looking Robeez. I have to admit that I don't regret any of the shoe "splurges" I have had with #1.
    Finally- I TOTALLY agree with your infant car seat advice. We got a "travel system" for #1 and the cumbersome stroller stays parked in the garage. Although my daughter was small and we were able to use the car seat portion until she was more than one, after that we invested in a Britax convertible and she (and we)love(s) it.
    Thanks for all the great advice.

  209. I have heard only great things about the Ergo carrier. I saw a mother wearing one at the zoo this spring for the first time, and I loved it. I saw the price though and decided against it. Just found out that Robeez is pronounced Robbie's. :)

  210. Ok, LOVE the booties! Have the carseat and LOVE it! We are needing to get another one for our second little one. And I'm super intrigued by the baby carrier! I totally agree about the whole lack of support with CERTAIN baby carriers. I have a mei tai carrier, which is great for the support, but not so great with the convienince of putting it on and getting it off... especially with a less-than-patient baby. Thanks for all the info!

  211. This is quite a generous giveaway. I've been following you for a while and appreciate this chance. Have a good year.

  212. Love robeezs, but I havnt ha a chance to try the ergos yet! I want to, maybe with our next baby. I love getting on and checking out your website! :) Great tips and reviews. Thanks for the chance to win! Have a blessed day!

  213. Oh Stephanie, I want to win so much! I know that makes no difference to my chances (ha) but I have to compliment you on your product choices. Those Robeez booties are wonderful. We had borrowed some from my Sister-in-law for Alice and I was so sad to send them back. She wore them every day last Winter. And a good carseat is SO IMPORTANT. Alice has a Britax Marathon (that used to be Clark's) which is great, but Clark got stuck with a different less expensive seat that he hates. He cries and says he doesn't like it every time we get in the car, and I don't have the cash to get another one. And the Ergo? The best baby product I don't own. For sure. I am tweeting too!

  214. I love the car seat is 5-50 pounds. This saves money as you do not need to by an infant one and then another a few months later. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  215. I noticed her little ankle booties last time I saw you. So Cute! I would love to slip some on my little ones feet (even though it's not THAT cold here :)

  216. Every baby needs a pair of shoes, or two or Every baby needs a car seat and every baby needs to be close to their MOM. This package is great. All these things would be great for our new little arrival.

  217. Oh my goodness I need all three of these things so badly.

    I always felt babies didn't need shoes till they were well established walkers but I live in Montana and now that we have snow and cold my little girl needs some cute warm boots.

    I have been coveting the Ergo for a year now. I think, even my doctor recommends it. I think I'm going to have to work some extra hours or something.

  218. The Ergo sounds awesome! When my youngest was a baby she was very colicky and could only be held a certain way...tummy I was not able to use any of the carriers that I had bought. Now she's a toddler and still loves being held, but wow, she can get heavy. Even though she's older, I still like "wearing her" :)

  219. My son's favorite thing to do in the car or in bed is to pull off his socks. Because of that, I nearly always keep a pair of comfortable shoes on him. He can't get those off nearly as easily. Robeez and Isabooties are my favorites.

  220. Dude. These are some awesome giveaways! The Ergo definitely looks more comfy than the carrier we used (like five times), and I like the "boulders" on the car seat; they'll act as pillows instead of letting our kids' sleepy heads flop down all over the place!

  221. I have heard such good things about the Ergo. I enjoy wearing my baby, usually in a wrap. I like pouch slings too but could never quite figure out the ring sling. Everyone who has an Ergo just gushes about it!

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