BEST OF 2009: Miscellaneous

These two products fall in the "Miscellaneous Marvelousness" category...meaning that they didn't fit in my other categories, but they were too marvelous to overlook. Check 'em out.

Here goes...

BEST OF 2009: Miscellaneous 1Women's Montecito Boot Leather by Teva

BEST OF 2009: Miscellaneous 2The best shoes are ones that have the perfect marriage of Comfort + Style. Surprisingly, those kind of shoes are hard to find. Often, I'll find the cutest, chicest heels or boots...only to discover that - ouch! - they're not really designed for a human to walk in. Or I'll find a pair of shoes that are pillowy soft, but they're nothing special to look at (hmph). But when I find the perfect combo, I say "I them."

Take, for example, the Women's Montecito Leather Boots ($140) by Teva. They're so, so comfortable...but they're also super hip and modish. Perfect paired with jeans or a skirt.

You can see pictures of me in my boots in my previous post - Oooh. She's got her new boots on.

BEST OF 2009: Miscellaneous 3Plantronics Voyager PRO

I think I mentioned this before. Tim talks on the phone...a lot. Way more than I do. In fact, I shy away from the phone. If my phone rings, I tend to run into the other room. Okay, not really...but I definitely prefer texting or e-mailing or skyping. I have my reasons, namely the fact that I almost always have a babe in my arms or a preschooler at my side (which means the potential for loud shrieking noises happening during phone conversations is very, very high).

BEST OF 2009: Miscellaneous 4Anyway, all that to say, Tim can be found with the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset in his ear almost every day. The handy little device helps him to have conversations the car, at home, or walking around the neighborhood. I say walking because Tim paces when he talks on the phone. For reals. That man is *always* moving.

If you know someone who talks on the phone a lot (or if you do), you should check out the Voyager PRO. It has exceptional sound quality (no annoying echoes) and the batteries last a long time. Plus, it's comfortable to wear and not too obtrusive either. It's professional and non-showy and such. We like it...or he likes know what I mean.


WIN IT! One winner will receive BOTH of the above-listed products:


To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, January 12th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about my Best of 2009 series (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

*UPDATE* The winner is #143 Crystal Warren. Congratulations!

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501 comments on “BEST OF 2009: Miscellaneous”

  1. I would love to get in style with these nice
    boots from Teva and the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset,which I could use since I don't seem to have enough hands.I have a pair of flip flops from Teva and they have lasted me forever and
    also comfortable.Thanks for the nice giveaway

  2. Those boots would be used daily here, I think. All my current boots are black. What's wrong with me? lol I think I'm concerned that the shade of brown I choose won't be just right. If it's already chosen, I'll be totally satisfied. :-)

  3. I need a bluetooth! Every time I try to talk with an earpiece (with a cord), my babies pull it right out of my ear by the cord

  4. I would love to win these products. I love the headset. Boots are my favorite fall accessory. I would love to win these boots by Teva.

  5. those boots are cute and I need a good pair since I do so much walking getting to the bus stop and/or trains.

  6. I've always heard that Plantronics makes the best Bluetooth headsets -- I'd love to see for myself :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  7. i would love to win both of these items for my fiance. i can't ever do enough for the woman i love. have a blessed day.

  8. What I like about the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset is that it goes right into your ear so you can hear better. I have an older model from about 7 years ago and I am having trouble hearing from it while driving. This model is so much more improved...and Teva shoes are so durable and these boots are great looking as well. I would LOVE to win these.

  9. These leather boots would be so great! I don't have any boots and these sound beautiful! The Plantronics Voyager PRO would be a nice gift to give to my daughter. I know she would be thrilled to get it!

  10. Your giveaways are THE best! Especially lately! This would be fantastic because the Bluetooth would be great for my son for driving around all day with his job as a computer tech, and the boots would be wonderful for my daughter who could really use them! Both incredible!

  11. I think I love those boots! They look pretty soft and comfortable - I'd probably pair them with a skirt to show them off. Thanks for the chance!

  12. I would love to win these boots and the blue tooth as my boyfriend hates calling me when I am driving. I rarely answer my phone but am tempted when he calls! (Yeah this is new love, what can I say?!) Thanks for this fantastic contest.

  13. It's funny b/c when I hear the word TEVA...I think of sandals...I NEVER imagined they would make such cute boots.....

    I'm going to say it...I WANT BOOTS! Hehe!

  14. I really love the boots! I think they would look great with jeans and they would get a lot of use here in the snowy northeast! I'm not too much of a phone talker (hands free or otherwise), but I'd love to give the bluetooth a try.

  15. I really like these boots and the style of them. Teva makes fantastic shoes and boots and they are always comfortable.
    I don't own a headset but this one looks perfect for my needs.

  16. These are both nice. These boots look like they would be super comfortable. Andyes, the headset is something I should have already been using. Would love it.

  17. I am on-the-go all the times with my two toddlers and my bluetooth is my best friend! I think they are a must-have for every mom!!

    The only shoes I own are one pair of casual shoes and one pair of tennis shoes! These boots would be reason enough to go out and celebrate!
    Thanks for another amazing giveaway!

    [email protected]

  18. wow what gorgeous boots i also love their Women's Westwater Leather shoe and the headset would be awesome for my driving teenage daughter :)

  19. My wife would love those boots! She's been looking at a pair for a while now and thinks I haven't noticed. These TEVA's are better quality. I could use the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headshet. I'm constantly getting calls while driving around for work and a hands-free device would be more convenient, not to mention safer!

  20. My Girlfriend is pregnant. Gongrats to me :) Would love the plantronic bluetooth so she can stop using her phone while driving. Plus as big as her ankles will get within the next few months those boots would fit her perfect. LOL. Hope she doesn't read this cause i'm in for a hormonal beatdown. Her strength has increased and her anger has escalated severely! With those boots she should be gellin.

  21. I love those boots, they are so cute. My boots are falling apart from all the snow already this year.

  22. I so love those boots. These days I do comfortable footwear only, one of the things that age brought about I guess, or just the need to be able to run after my daughter if necessary!

  23. lol - I think its so funny to watch people look at other people weirdly when they don't realize that someone is on their bluetooth - but instead start talking to that person because they thought the person was talking to them.

  24. I would love to win these boots for my wife. I am a disabled carpenter and could not afford to buy Christmas presents this year, and i know she would love the montecito boots. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  25. The Teva boots are very attractive! Boots are a must here in the Midwest, and it is hard to find ones that look good and feel great, too.

  26. Now that you can get a ticket in TX for talking on a hand held cell phone while driving in a school zone, the Plantronics would be a money saver.

  27. I can't wear heels due to an injury and it's really hard to find cute shoes and boots. Love these Teva's! Very cute :)

  28. If I were to win anything that I feel is useful and worthy, it would be something that helps promote the health and safety of our family. That being said, I would love to 'gift' to my wife the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset - because she scares the 'bejesus' out of me when we are together and she's driving and trying to talk on her cell phone at the same time. ;)


  29. I live in snowy climate and these boots would be great for me. My husband could use the bluetooth hands free device.

  30. These are JUST what I NEED. I recently threw away my lace-up boots after wearing them for Many years. --I agree that boots that say OUCH are not worth the discomfort and the foot problems one will have later on.

    I will take your word that these are--COMFORTABLE!!

  31. I'm not a big phone talker, but when the kids call and I'm in the car, hands free answering is soooo important. I need these boots too because we have 14 inches of snow here. YUCK

  32. I'd gift these boots to my daughter for her upcoming birthday. She'd love them! I've been wanting a bluetooth, so I can talk to my hubby & kids while I commute to/from work.

  33. The boots would love to win for my wife. The bluetooth she would not want so would use myself. What a great contest, something for both of us.

  34. This comment is all about an entry for the boots. They look mom- comfy and the leather looks super soft. I do love the look of a boot- yum.


  36. its a shame the buga thermo boots sold out at all sites! wanted to buy a pair, how can that happen with such a big company, and right before christmas and when it gets cold???

  37. Wow this would be the perfect thing to have! i JUST got a new phone that has blutooth and no headset for me. Plus cali has hands free law. And those boots. Need I say more? They are gorgeous!!

  38. I bought my daughter boots for Christmas even though I was tempted to keep them for myself as I only own one pair. Teva Boots would be an excellent addition to my shoe wardrobe.

  39. Ohhh.....I remember when you did the boots the first time and how cute I thought they were. I'd love to win those. I've enjoyed looking back through your "best of" series. Thanks.

  40. I'm the first to admit I'm a bit of a chatterbox so the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset would be great so my hands would be free to do other things! As for the boots, they are stylish & comfy, what more could you ask for?

  41. those boots look awesome!!!! I would get black ones!!! and i would gift the blue tooth to my hubby for valentines day

  42. The boots look really comfy and durable and cute all at once - not sure if I'd pick black or cigar. Black would go everything but I just love the color of the brown ones.

  43. I have seen so many women wearing boots over the last 4 months that I had been planning to buy a pair.. will wait and see if I win this one looks perfect

  44. My wife really does talk on the phone, a lot, since it is her connection to folks all over the country. She could use the Plantronics device.

  45. I'm a big fan of BOOTS and a big fan of TEVA footwear. And we have had really cold weather this winter so, It's hard to find what you want and really hard to get lucky and maybe win a pair along with a cool bluetooth to go with it.

  46. Teva has wonderful products. I have sandals that I wear in northern wisconsin for EVERYTHING! I am sure the boots will not dissapoint. Just what I need for Wisconsin winters!

  47. I bought my first pair of boots this year, they were $7 @ walmart's black friday sale. I mostly needed them to shovel snow off my driveway. I would really love a cute pair that I could wear around town. It would sure get rid of the strange looks I get when I wear sandles in January!

  48. The hands free headset would be perfect for my husband - he is on the phone for work all the time and he really needs one of these.

  49. These are adorable boots. I am definitely a boots girl. If I could wear boots all year long and not look ridiculous I would. I also do not have a blue tooth headset and have been wanting one so this would be great.

  50. Great contest! I'd love to win these but alas, I'd have to gift them to someone since basically nobody makes footwear in my size. The bluetooth I'd keep though :)

  51. Cute picks! I always say that if it is cold enough to wear boots, then it is too cold to take my hands out of my pockets! These are the perfect combination!

  52. I love these boots. They look nice enough to wear with jeans in a hurry for a casual look, but rugged enough to stand up during snow shoveling.

  53. my lady,,,loves boots.she has 2-pairs and as we all know that is never enough fashion. I would love to win these for her.

  54. I do not have any boots, but would like to have a pair of the Montecito boots in Jet Black. The site also has some women's shoes on sale that I like-the Ventura Mary Janes and the Kiru ballet shoes.

  55. What a hard winter we are all having, and everyone needs Boots, and these have STYLE! and look comfortable too.

    retsbar2go AT gmail DOT com

  56. I see all types of people wearing boots and living in florida you think that would be strange but after the cold we have had I was wishing for some boots. Teva is a very good brand
    I signed the petition a while back for distracted driving so I'm for anything hands free for everyone

    Thank you so much for giving me a chance to be a winner


  57. I still love those boots! I need to get a pair of some kind of long boot soon! Also, I'm still breaking the law (here in CA) by talking on the phone while I am driving, so I also need to get a hands free device!

  58. I use to have a pair of boots that looked just like these. They were ruined in a flood helping my neighbors move their stuff.

  59. My husband recently got his first real cell phone and I've been wanting to get him a bluetooth headset to go with it. This would be great! Thanks for the contest!

  60. Boots rock, period! If I'm not wearing boots it must mean it is summertime and I'm wearing sandals. Teva is a great brand, too. Quality through and through. We've been wearing the teva brand in this house for years!

  61. I haven't owned a pair of high boots in years. I always loved them, but someone it seemed easier to wear sneaker like boots. These boots look fabulous and I know I'd get lots of use wearing them. Thanks for the giveaway.


  62. I love boots! I tend to alternate between boots and sandals and these look really cute. I also don't have a wireless headset yet so that would be very useful. Thanks!

  63. Those boots look amazing and very durable for long walks. I'd love to wear these anytime between the Fall and Spring months.

  64. Having a headset that is wireless would be extremely useful to me. It's about time I joined the 20th century. I've also heard great things about that brand.

  65. I need a bluetooth so I can use the time while baby sleeps in the stroller to connect with friends. (When I stop pushing, baby girl wakes up!) Also need one if I want to talk on the phone at all when I drive, (we have hands-free laws here.) But those boots would be sheer indulgence for me.

  66. I have been wanting a pair of boots for years now and still have not allowed myself to spend the money on a quality pair. The Teva's are super cute and I am sure great quality.
    Hands free while driving is always a good idea in my opinion. I usually just use the speaker phone, but with munchkin singing or playing behind me it is not alway easy to hear.

  67. I like that they come with a one year warranty. Just this year my current outdoor play boots started to tear at the seams, and with all this snow and wetness everywhere it leads to wet socks, ugh.

  68. I have never had a bluetooth but my husband has had on for years and loves it. Maybe I will join the 21st century and either win this one or get one myself!

  69. My oldest daughter could REALLY use a Plantronics set. I gave her my old Motorola Bluetooth, but she couldn't figure out how to sync it with her phone, and before I had a chance to get to her house to try to work it out for her, she had moved and we still haven't found that darn earpiece. But she makes me nervous - she talks on the phone while she's driving - a lot - and we all know that distracted drivers are far from the best drivers in the world. A headpiece would at least cut down on the "distracted" part because she would have both hands free. Thank goodness she's not a texting-while-driving type of driver, because then a headset wouldn't fix anything. :)

  70. Those boots look like they are made for walking. It is good to read that they are actually comfortable. So many are not.

  71. i love great comfort matched with style boots. the current ones i have are EARTH boots... wonderful boots that have been with me now for about 7 years... holding up nicely but would LOVE to have a second pair so they could take a break. :D pick me! pick me!


  72. I gotta admit I'd rather email or text somebody too! I hate smalltalk...those forms of communication allow you to get straight to the point :)

  73. The boots look perfect for jeans and either casual, or slightly dressy top. And I do believe that Plantronics makes the best Bluetooth earpiece.

  74. Oooh, what a fabulous giveaway! I've been wearing Teva sandals for years; love them! Haven't had opportunity to try Teva boots yet. I really need to get a new pair ( winters in Michigan, sigh ) but haven't had the time to get out there shopping for me lately.

    The headsets looks great, too, for any parent. Aren't we always multi-tasking? Oh, for an hour away from it all....

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    tsue1136 at yahoo dot com

  75. I've been wanting to get some boots but I'm just too cheap to pay $180 for a pair. The Ugg boots are nice but I also like the Teva boots mentioned above.

  76. I've never used a bluetooth, but it might be time for me to start.
    I retweeted your "best of" on twitter @creep4ward.

  77. I REALLY need a bluetooth so I can drive handsfree.

    TEVA means Nature in Hebrew. Also, most people pronounce it "teeva" but it's actually supposed to be "teva" (a short e).

  78. Those boots are cute! I have used Plantronics bluetooths before, it is so nice to be handsfree and chatting! Thanks for the contest.

  79. I think the bluetooth is the only way cellphones should be allowed in vehicles. I've seen too many accidents with people messing around on cellphones, and the inear bluetooth is perfect to solve this problem.

  80. These boots look like they would be very comfortable on me. I have large calves and it is difficult to find boots that fit well. I also could use the Plantronics ear piece in my life.

  81. Oh goodness, those boots look fabulous. I've heard really good things about Teva (I'm a Born girl myself) and have wanted to try them. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  82. I didn't know Teva made boots. They would look great on my feet. Love my plantronics headset at work and would love a bluetooth headset.

  83. I remember when Teva was a little known sandal company used by the outdoorsy folks like whitewater raft instructors. Now their inventory has expanded along with their audience. I'm sure their quality is still just as good so I'd love to try these new boots... maybe I'll have them for 10+ years like my Teva sandals.

  84. ohhh ... both of these prizes would are so awesome !! I am riding a Motorcyle and my Motorcyle Boots are pretty old and beat up and these are hip and stylish and new :)and the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset would be perfect for riding also.No more missing calls!

  85. I really need some beautiful classy boots like these. All I have is mud boots!! THese boots paired with my new jeans will look great

  86. The boots are great! I would love to have a pair of nice comfortable (yet still stylish) boots.
    The bluetooth would be so nice to have too. With multiple children my hands are constantly full!

  87. I love those boots. As I get older I am sacrificing style for comfort more and more. With these I don't have to. Thanks!

  88. Love Teva...Have some of their sandals which I have had for a long time..did not know they made boots. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  89. Hot boots! I've been looking into bluetooth but haven't made the jump yet...this would make me take that plunge.

  90. Those boots do look cute. I love boots, but to look good most have tall heels that hurt my feet at work.

  91. these boots look great! i tend to lean towards comfort rather than looks but when i find a pair with a combination of both i will wear them to death!!

  92. Oh man, I love those boots! So stinkin' cute. And teh headset would be awesome for those of us with a 45+ minutes commute. :)


    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  93. Headset and boots r a dream come true. Flat boots like these are so hard to find in the larger sizes like mine.

  94. I love the idea of boots but most are too "fancy" for me. These Teva boots are stylish and look comfortable/down to earth. So cute.

  95. This is the perfect prize pack for my husband and I. I would love the boots because I love cute and need comfy with 4 little ones to run behind, and my husband, who always has a phone to his ear, would love the earpiece.

  96. I love the way these Teva boots look. I am looking for a comfortable boots to get me through the rest of this winter.

  97. The boots I have are not comfortable so I will be checking out Teva. I love wearing boots I just hesitate buying them because I'm worried about how they will fit and feel after a few months.

    I'm like you with the phone. I'd much rather meet up and talk to someone in person

  98. i have been looking for a bluetooth set that has great sound quality, also my current bluetooth seems to always need to be recharged, I like that the plantronics one has a long lasting battery

  99. We've had the worst winter so far. So much more snow than usual and so cold. I want to look nice but can't wear nice shoes with the footing so treacherous. These boots would be the answer...functional and fashionable.

  100. Wow the boots are so awesome! They look so cute with skirts or long pants and with the crazy weather we're having I really need these boots! Great style, too!
    mainlandmama at gmail dot com

  101. It's supposed to be -17 here tonight and -23 tomorrow night...BEFORE windchills. I could use something comfy and that will keep my ankles warm!

  102. Those boots are cute. I hope they are as comfortable as you say they are. I'm at the age where comfort is important, lol.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  103. I could really use these boots. I've been fighting plantars fasciitis and could use some good and fashionable boots to wear. Also the bluetooth could help me get so much more accomplished, hands free, as I'm looking to start a home business. Thank you for doing this give away!

  104. I too am always on the phone, however not as much as I am on the internet/texting. It seems easier for me to communicate this way.

    When I drive, I like to talk on the phone, which means I could use one of these, so I don't get in trouble for talking while I am driving.

  105. I love leather boots - as long as they can survive the snow - it seems I'm always trying to trudge through snow drifts in winter

  106. Those boots are so fantastic. I'm a big boot wearer and love that their are some great stylish "flat" boots out there. For a long time it was all heels and that just doesn't work in the snow and ice!

  107. We're awaiting a big snow storm right now in Ohio and those boots are looking pretty good to me! Thanks for the chance.

  108. While I have a hard time imagining myself talking with a bluetooth. I have zero problems with imagining myself walking in the boots. They are so pretty and would be a nice change from the unprofessional clunkers I wear to work most days.

  109. Ooooh, those boots are perfect for our Colorado weather. They look super cute and I'm all about the comfort you described. And my husband practically lives on the phone too, so the Voyager PRO would be just perfect.

  110. The boots are amazing! As a New Englander my boots tend to be on the side of heavy duty snow treking - never stylish - so I would love these as an option! That they're from Teva is a great bonus.

  111. I've been wanting a pair of boots, but it's so hard to find something stylish and comfortable at the same time. I won't sacrifice comfort for fashion, and with these boots I wouldn't have to!

  112. I have flipflops by TEVA and LOVE them! I'd wear them 365 days of the year if i i'd love to try these boots to get me thru winter!!

  113. Ah, Teva offers such good footwear. I had a pair of Teva sandals for about ten years.

    I'm a very light packer so when I went on vacation two years ago to Charleston I packed a pair of Teva sandals made of suede and a pair of delicate, light Ked'ish sneakers (you kno the kind that can be worn with a skirt, shorts or jeans and look good). Well, we were caught in a rain storm for two days running and I had my freakin fantastic Tevas on. Poor babies, the rain got them. They slowly fell apart when they dried out so now I'm Teva-less.

    Teva = quality so I'm very eager to win these boots.

    I promise to wear them wisely. Scouts honor :)

  114. I live in Southern California and not many cold weather days, but would love the boots for fashion. The headset would be great as it is illegal to drive and talk on a handset in california.

  115. I have always heard such positive comments from folks who've gotten Teva's. They seem to be the travelers best friend.

  116. I've never seen Teva boots! There is almost 2 feet of snow on the ground here in NY, these would be wonderful!

  117. I could sure use some new boots. I didn't even know teva made boots...I knew they made shoes beyond their iconic sandals but didn't realize I would like their boots so much!

  118. i think the boots would be cool.....i don't really have anything that makes me a "classy mommy" now is a good time to start...thanks for the chance

  119. i think i entered for the first Teva sandal giveaway. these boots are way better and super awesome!!! i suppose my husband would be pretty excited about the fancy ear piece :)

  120. I would use the bluetooth at my job, I actually sell cell phones for a living and it's a little sad that I don't own one of these. I also love the boots!

  121. Those Boots are to die for! Love them! And I cant even begin, we have a no cell phone law and we MUST get something like this.

  122. Oregon just passed a "no talking on the phone while driving" law, unless using hands-free! This would be SO useful and the boots look so comfy.

  123. I love Plantronics! Before I got laid off, my job was very phone-intensive. For the past 10+ years (when I first discovered Plantronics), I have been a loyal customer of their headsets for phones. So I can only imagine that their Bluetooth device is high-quality. And don't even get me started about the Teva boots...they're just GORGEOUS!! I own a pair of Teva flip-flops -- which I love. To be honest, I had NO idea that Teva made boots. I must own these!
    Thanks so much!

  124. I love the boots and have heard great things about Teva and as for the Bluetooth, My husband is need of one badly. His nephew snapped his in half. Thank you

  125. I got a pair of Teva boots for myself for Christmas 2008 and they are great. I would love to have another pair. Thanks for the giveaway.

  126. Lovin' those boots! It is so hard to find boots that could be described as both stylish and comfy! I don't really have a pair in my closet that I could call that. I would so love to give those a try!

  127. Those boots are really stylish & would go great with jeans (which is all I wear). I have been wanting a Bluetooth headset for a while.

  128. On January 1st Oregon outlawed talking on the cell phone and driving. It's a large fine, so we definitely need a blue tooth around here!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  129. Comfortable and practical boots? I'm all over these! I live in an area where boots several months a year are the minimum. My daughter could really use such a nice phone accessory.

  130. I got a pair of boots with heels last spring but I can't stand to wear them-- I rarely wear heels, and I feel like I'm limping around when I do. I love that these are sleek-looking boots that don't have heels. I keep seeing everyone wearing boots with skinny jeans and I've been to shy to try the trend myself. I might get up the courage if my diet works with the new year....

  131. I just bought a new pair of boots in black, and have been cruisin' the 'net for some brown ones and these are really cute! And I know they'd be comfortable because they're Tevas. I didn't know they even made boots. Very nice.

  132. I so agree about the boots! Usually, if they're stylish, they're uncomfortable and not practical. If they're comfortable and practical, they look like military boot rejects.

  133. I share your difficulty with finding comfy, stylish shoes (who doesn't?) It would be great to have these boots!

  134. While my hubby is driving back and forth to the airport (1.5 hours one way) he spends lots of his time talking on his phone, so a hands free Bluetooth device is essential! Thankfully he only goes to work once or twice each week. Thanks for the chance!

  135. I absolutely love those boots, I agree with what you say it is very hard to find a boot that offers both comfort and style.

  136. My little sister would die if I won these boots. She keeps telling me to buy a pair of Teva's. She has told me numerous times that Teva's are the most comfortable shoes I will ever wear.

  137. I grew up in a climate where boots might look fashionable but they weren't really necessary. So I never owned any. It's taken me 8 years up north to realize how wonderful they are in snow! These look fantastic and comfortable!

  138. I love boots without a high heel. at 5'11 i really have no need to be any taller plus its hard to find pants long enough if i wear a high heel. I love that these come in leather and suede! I also though tevas were only sandles so i had to check out their site! Im pleasantly suprised : )

  139. I didn't even know Teva made anything but sandals. I know they're pretty darn comfortable and I'm sure the boots are too. I'm all about comfort especially while chasing around my twin one year olds. A bluetooth is also really nice, a lot nicer that bending my neck to hold my cell phone

  140. Oh my...I love, love, love those boots!! I love boots that have a little bit of a heel, but are still practical and cute. I'm in Minnesota and the sidewalks are covered with a layer of bumpy ice so these would be perfect for getting around. I'm not sure what I would do with the headset, maybe give to my husband??

  141. I agree with you. I have a hard time finding comfortable footwear that I can stand to look at. We go a lot of places where we are walking from morning to night. The pain my feet are in by the end of the day is awful. Thankfully, when we go to Kissimmee, we don't do one park after the other, day after day. We give ourselves one or two days in between to rest our hot tired feet.

  142. I have been looking for a good pair of boots for the last few weeks. The Teva look like they might just fit the bill.

  143. I have a pair of Frye boots my husband bought for me in the 1980's. Still wear them from time to time-they are still in good shape. My daughter asked to wear them out and her friends went crazy over them. they are $300 if you bought them now.

  144. My current boots are pretty functional and not so pretty. I do have one pair of cute boots that never seems to leave my closet, but they are not functional at all, they are more like Fall weather boots versus snow boots.

  145. These look like a good pair of boots for the weekend - not high heels - you can actually walk comfortably in them.

  146. Those boots look so great. I would love to have to wear with my jeans and sweaters this year. I have a brown leather jacket that would match also.

  147. Those are cute boots. I love boots. I would wear nothing but boots in the winter if only I had some that were comfortable.

  148. I must say the boots are wonderful however it's the bluetooth that really caught my eye. Holding a phone on your shoulder with a little one just doesn't work! I think technology is so neat ~ I need to start using it to my advantage.

  149. I totally agree with you about the phone thing... My husband and I call it PTSD (Phone Traumatic Stress Disorder). We have both hate the feeling of getting trapped by the phone and we have a six month old daughter to boot.
    However much we hate the phone, we still manage to always be on it.. the irony.
    The boots sound amazing BTW!

  150. Those boots look SO comfortable. Right now the only boots I own are the very utilitarian tall duck winter boots. Nothing can make them stylin'. Nothing. The only thing they go well with is snow pants.

  151. Love Teva and these boots would be great for my daughter, she rides her moped and needs a good looking pair

  152. boots for my tired tootsies from one of my fave brands Teva and safe driving for me and kids - love the combo!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  153. I need a new pair of boots really bad, especially since I will have to get out and about this year. The temps have been in the teens and it shows no signs of warming up soon.

  154. ooooh, the boots are so nice! They would be perfect for those chilly North Dakota days (that last about 9 months out of the year, by the way). And a blue-tooth YES PLEASE!

  155. My wife likes her teva boots but she goes thru a phone head set every 6 months! This Plantronics one looks like it should take her punishment!

  156. Looking through my boot collection I must admit I am guilty of choosing style over comfort and I pay the price when I go out those awesome boots looks like the end to that!
    and I officially cannot hold a phone and drive..not it's not illegal in my state but for me it should be! I don't even bother to try anymore so the bluetooth headset would be perfect!

  157. Those boots look soooo comfy. Simple, classy style with comfort is definitely something I search for in foot wear and these Montecito boots seem to fit the bill.

    Thank you. :-)

  158. Those boots are pretty darn awesome looking! Plus, I really try to not talk on the phone when driving, but sometimes it seems like it can't be avoided so a bluetooth would really be great.

    For being miscellaneous, these are two great products!

  159. My city just passed a "no talking on your cell phone" law so I really need a bluetooth!

    I also really like the newer riding boots that are so trendy right now. They look so comfy!

  160. When I think of Teva I still picture those strappy sandle things that a lot of guys and I guess girls wore a few years ago.
    Some with socks! ick

    I had no idea they made such cute boots. I really like them and living where the winter gets nasty these would be so great to have

  161. I have always had a "thing" for boots. I'm happy that they are so in style this year.
    As for the Bluetooth, my son is constantly on his cell and it worries me that he uses it while he's driving. This would put my worries to rest a little bit.

  162. We just recently bought a bluetooth, but it wasn't the expensive one so it bothers both of us at times if we leave it in too long.

  163. I love boots! Tall boots,short boots,cute boots and most of all comfy boots. I have been searching for a pair of comfy boot to wear while shopping with my daughter. I wonder if these are a comfy as Teva sandals.

  164. Gosh those Teva boots look so cute !! got to have em! The blue tooth is the safest way to go when driving and talking on cell...Good luck everyone !

  165. The boots sound perfect! I love the look of boots, but don't own a single pair. And my hubby sounds like yours, he's on the phone so much more than I ever am.

  166. I'm into boots lately (I just ordered a pair of black ones I'm excited about), so the Trevas would be awesome. Also, my parents live in California, where you can't talk on your phone while driving (I suppose I shouldn't, anyway, but...). The Voyager Pro would keep me legal and my family safe.

  167. Teva makes the best shoes. I wore a pair of their flip flops at Disney and my feet did not bother me at all. Would love to win those boots!

  168. I am a phone person. People text me, and I tend to call them back (or just ignore it). I hate typing on my little phone. I'd love that bluetooth, and Those boots are totally up my alley!

  169. I mentioned it on the original post that you showed these boots on, but they are fabulous! Plantronics is a great company...they are based here in Santa Cruz...perhaps you need to do a facility tour! Can you tell I am trying to coerce you to come up here!? Ha ha!

  170. Wow, I could really use new boots. Ive been wearing the same ones for years because they are so comfortable, I hate breaking in new shoes...but if you say these ones are comfy I'm for it!

  171. I have these boots that are faux-uggs and they just let the snow seep in. Teva is a brand I respect and, from your review, it sounds like I can have fashion and comfort. Thanks!

  172. Wow - those boots look awesome! And the headset would be great for mu hubby - he can't manage to stand still while on the phone either. ;)

  173. My husband has been wanting me to get a bluetooth device for quite sometime. I need it as much as he calls my cell phone! :) I love the boots too!

  174. I could really use the boots here in Ohio with the ice and snow during the winter. The ones I have now have a small hole in them.

  175. Cool boots.It's 16* here and supposed to snow.I would love to have snow and new boots.
    Great giveaway.Thanks:)

  176. Oh my gosh...the Plantronics Voyager PRO sounds like just what I need with my real estate career kicking into gear! I'm on the phone way more than I like to be and at the end of the day my arm throbs from holding my phone to my ear for what seems like days! Plus the safety of having hands free while driving would be an awesome feature! Thanks for providing such an amazing giveaway Stephanie!!

  177. I love boots of all kinds. I can't get enough of them. It is hard though, I live in FL, so I can't wear them everyday w/o looking silly! that's why I love it when cooler weather gets here. Like today:)
    As for the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset , would love to have it. I am on the phone quite a bit. Gotta talk to the peeps in my circle:)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  178. NY has a "hands free" cell phone law so I would love to get the Plantronics Voyager PRO headset. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  179. I have been wanting a pair of fabulous yet functional boots, but haven't been able to justify the cost since my old ones still work... Those look perfect!

  180. I have been boot browsing since October and haven't found a pair that I love and are comfy. I had no idea Teva made boots - I had a pair of Teva's sandals when I lived in Guatemala and they were great for all of the walking I did on the cobblestones.

    And any momma has to understand how great anything is that frees up your hands! Awesome!

    (I've been enjoying your year wrap up series.)

  181. I can really identify with your post! For some unknown reason, I am not very comfortable talking on the home or my cell phone. Many times, I let the answering machine answer and then check the caller
    id! My husband used the telephone a lot for his job. The women's boots are fabulous looking.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  182. Those boots look so great - all I have is my pre-kid boots with high spikey heels that there is no way that I'm going to wear when I'm preggers! =)

    autumn398 @

  183. LOVE those Teva boots!! So functional and stylish! And that bluetooth. I need a new bluetooth. I'm not too thrilled with the one I currently have. I'll have to look into that one.

  184. An Really Bad Ode to all my Teva sandals:

    I've worn you near and far.
    I've worn you in the rivers and in my car.
    On the tops of mountains and by the sea,
    there is no other place for my feet to be.

    But, you've grown old and cracky.
    Even Mr. Blackwell thinks that
    duct tape is just too darn tacky.

    So, here I sit with fingers crossed,
    hoping my inbox doesn't say, "You lost!"
    I would like to have pretty boots for 2010.
    Then I would never have to see those pitying looks ever again.

    (I know it's really bad. :) )

  185. Fun favorites! Teva makes such great quality footgear, I can only imagine how comfy their boots are (not to mention totally chic) I would get a lot of use out of them this winter, stomping around through all our ice & snow.

  186. My husband so needs this bluetooth. He drives a stick shift so he needs hands-free options more than most. At the moment when I try to call him while he's working he answers the phone and then says, "I can't talk, I'm driving!" And then hangs up. Minnesota roads are just too icy to take chances. Even if I don't win, it's nice to have a great recommendation.

  187. Cool giveaways!

    I desperately need a head set like that because I can't stand to hold the phone while I drive. I have heard great things about Plantronics and have been researching their wireless USB headset so I can listen to webinars and other stuff online while I get other things done (like dishes LOL).

  188. I had surgery this past fall on my left foot. I am so looking for boots that are comfortable. And the bluetooth is something I should splurge on if I don't win it. Its a necessary these days.

  189. Seriously, I need a bluetooth because, like you I have a toddler and never have my hands free. I would love to keep in touch with my friends better but when I am trying to multi task like prep for dinner during nap, I need my hands to do the prep but sure could use some conversation while I do it!

  190. Those boots are adorable and I would love to try a pair as I have never before considered myself to be a boot girl. But those look adorable!

  191. Well I could use both of these prizes especially the boots since I don't have any boots right now well actually haven't in years.Would love to be the new owner, thanks.

  192. I remember these boots! You wore them with a skirt! They looked great on you! Would love some too! I have only tried their flip flops...which I love.

    We can get a ticket here in California if we are on our phone, so a bluetooth is a must here.

  193. These boots look so stylish. Love the color of them and especially that they are comfortable too. Thanks so much for this giveaway and Happy New Year.

  194. I am freezing my buns off (it was a high of 12 degrees the other day), and I could sure use a pair of warm, comfy boots to ease my suffering.

  195. I would so love a pair of comfy boots. The two pairs of boots I've owned were from thrift shops...and let's just say I quickly figured out why they were at the thrift shop after purchasing. Thanks for sharing.

  196. My hubby thinks I have too many pairs of shoes but in realty I don't. The truth is he has too many clothes - not shoes just clothes. I always wonder why he has more clothes on his side of the closet than I do and he won't let me get rid of any. I get so frustrated when he asks for new clothes because there is no room for new clothes! Ok now I am off topic - I need new shoes because my are all falling apart. As for the headset I use something like this at work and I love it.

  197. Totally agree about the comfort vs. fashion! It's not an easy feat by any means! The boots look super cute though!

  198. I'm the exact same way with the phone, Stephanie! I actually enjoy talking to people, but at this season of my life, it can be difficult to hold a phone and a squirmy baby. That hands-free set would sure make a difference!

  199. oh...i need both of these! we just moved to the cold, pa to be exact and i need some new boots since my feet keep growing from these babies :)

    and our county is a hands-free only county, so my husband could really use the bluetooth earpiece!

  200. Those boots look cute and comfortable!
    The phone headset would give me the excuse I need to upgrade my phone!

  201. I think I would love the not need any rubbing on diabetic feet, but they would be warm for Iowa winters.

  202. Those are cute boots! I've been looking for a brown pair.
    I'm not much of a phone talker either. I actually hide in another room when the phone rings :) I wonder if my husband would use the hands free device.

  203. Great-looking boots—I'm already (in my head) choosing outfits that would look great with them! Thanks for having this amazing giveaway!!

  204. You are speaking my language with those boots!
    Any shoes really... but I am super picky. I am on my feet all day and HAVE to be able to walk. Still, they have to be cute! Those Monticito boots look great!

  205. I need a pair of boots, but I'm totally digging on the plantronics. I used to have one, but it was a headset. I used it to create podcasts and audio recordings.

    And now that I'm going to be doing a podcast again, I'd like something that allows me to talk and be hands free. That would really help!

    Plus, I adore plantronics. Seriously. They are the best.


  206. I LOVE Teva's and I LOVE boots, so this is the perfect combination! Also, the bluetooth headset would be perfect for my husband who talks on the phone all day, even when we're driving, which is a big NO, NO!

  207. I would give the bluetooth to my son because I don't have a cellphone and he does. But the boots would be mine, mine, mine. I love that they haven't got a heel on them.

  208. I lost all my boots to a closet catastrophe- mildew in the boxes- and only replaced the high-heeled ones. I love, love these flat boots!

  209. I remember your original post about the Teva boots, and I fell in love with them then. I didn't have the need or the budget for them at the time. But thanks for the reminder. Now that I'm in the middle of a Colorado winter, I really could use a pair of tall boots.

  210. I'd love blue tooth, the only time I really have conversations on teh phone is while driving and I guess I should be a little more safe while doing it!!

  211. I've been a huge fan of Teva flip flops for years now. I remember wearing them when I was in Middle School! But now the boot - oh the boots. I'm thinking I might like the boots even better than their sandals.

    I would probably use the headset around the house since my arms are usually carrying around a little person, having a headset would make that even more possible.

    I can see why these are some of you favorite things...

  212. Those boots look great with the skirt or the jeans in your previous post. Teva always makes comfortable footwear, too, so stylish and comfy ;) Thanks for this opportunity!

  213. These are some great looking boots and I love the fact that they're comfortable too. I'd really love to have a new pair of good boots.

  214. I could soooo use boots. NJ is experiencing a terribly bitter cold winter this year, it's awful. Wish I was in Florida or Arizona!

  215. I'm like you I'm not really a "phone" person but my older daughter that lives with me who just had a baby is always on the phone (well, used to be now with a lol! She has arthritis (JRA) and I really should get her a Bluetooth Headset when I have the money she really would love it!
    Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  216. Oh wow! LOVE the boots! I live in Houston and it is usually not cold enough to wear boots (unless they are Cowboy boots!) or any other type of cold weather gear, but this winter has been really cold! We are going to be down to 20 degrees this week, brrrrrr!

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