BEST OF 2009: Pregnancy Products

I spent 2 1/2 months of 2009 pregnant with my second daughter. January, February, and 13 days of March. What a beautiful relief it was when our sweet little bundle of beauty and joy made her debut at 8:30pm in the quiet of the birth center.

Instantly, we were in love. Instantly, we couldn't imagine life without her. Such is the wonder of becoming a parent.

I reviewed my fair share of pregnancy/L&D products this past year and quite a few of them were really wonderful, but I narrowed down my picks to three OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, YOU-WON'T-REGRET-BUYING-THEM products.

Here goes...

BEST OF 2009: Pregnancy Products 1Melinda G Maternity & Nursing Bras

Is it just me or are good nursing bras reeaalllyyy hard to find? I tried some from Target, but they were so blah...and not quite supportive enough. And I have one from Motherhood Maternity, but I tend to avoid it because it has underwire and tends to "dig" in all the wrong places. Hands-down, my Melinda G nursing bras are my favorite. I reach for them first every single time. They are comfortable, supportive, easy to unclasp, and so, so pretty.

BEST OF 2009: Pregnancy Products 2Style #2115 (Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup Nursing Bra) is probably my favorite because the comfort is unmatched. There is no underwire (hallelujah!), yet it's surprisingly supportive.

BEST OF 2009: Pregnancy Products 3Style #2160 (Glorious Contour Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup Nursing Bra) is another favorite. It features the same great clips and wonderful support, but it dives down for deep cleavage. Makes me feel pretty at nighttime.

Melinda G nursing bras retail for between $35-$45 and are sold at a variety of baby boutiques - both online and at retail locations throughout the US.  (P.S. The Breastchester is going out of business and is currently selling style #2115 for $22.80 and style #2160 for $24.60...that's the cheapest I've ever seen them anywhere! Get 'em while they're hot! My size is all sold out, but yours might still be there! If not, you can get style #2115 on Amazon for $38 and style #2160 at Amazon for $44)

My one piece of advice to Melinda G would be to take their already-perfected designs and make them in bright colors and pretty patterns. I recommend ruby red, pumpkin orange, and mischievous magenta, for starters. For now, though I'll settle with black and nude (it's actually more like champagne...).

BEST OF 2009: Pregnancy Products 4Majamas Lace Sleep Set from Better Mommy Fashions

At the end of the day, I want to slip into something silky soft, ultra-comfortable, and super pretty...with easy peasy nursing access for when I'm "dazed and confused" at 2am. Enter the Majamas Lace Sleep Set from Better Mommy Fashions. It is GORGEOUS and flattering and so perfectly functional.

BEST OF 2009: Pregnancy Products 5Truth be told, I wear it almost every other night. The sleeveless, no-fuss, pull-over style is exactly my cup of tea. I actually sort-of wish that it was sold without the robe because I personally don't have much use for it, but others may beg to differ.

Priced at $82, it's a bit on the expensy side, but it's worth it. You can wear it throughout your pregnancy, right after baby is born, and for months/years afterward.

Better Mommy Fashions is owned and operated by Ruby, a former international model and current mommy who has great fashion sense. If you buy now, you'll support get free shipping!

BEST OF 2009: Pregnancy Products 6Original Shower Hug

When I first saw this product, I thought, "Cheesy...infomercialish..." Then, I tried it...and oh-my-goodness...I want to give one to every pregnant and new mama I know! It's like a miracle product or something (now *I* sound like an infomercial, but - seriously - it is everything it claims to be).

BEST OF 2009: Pregnancy Products 7You're probably wondering exactly what it is. Well, it's this luxuriously soft piece of fabric with a velcro fastener that you wear in the shower when your breasts are particularly tender (I'm putting that mildly).

The website puts it like this, "The Hug is made of the softest, most luxurious knit terry velour to provide expectant and new moms with gentle bust line support and to soothe sensitive nipples and breasts associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding."

At $29.99, it makes a fabulous gift or you can buy it for yourself. I know you might be thinking, "It's just a little piece of fabric - Big Deal!" Um...actually, IS a Big Deal. I wouldn't shower without it for the first few weeks postpartum. True story. All of this raving reminds me that I need to get that little piece of magic back from my little sister (I let her borrow it and she totally LOVED it) case I need it in the future.


WIN IT! One winner will receive ALL of the above-listed products:


To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, January 10th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about my Best of 2009 series (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

* UPDATE* The winner is #5 Amy @ Finer Things. Congratulations!

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190 comments on “BEST OF 2009: Pregnancy Products”

  1. I love all of these products so much! Each of them are great for pregnancy,and most of all, they don't look like typical maternity items! These items make you feel womanly! Love it!

  2. I agree with a good nursing bra being hard to find. The best ones I've found are the ones with elastic and no underwires. I'm currently nursing twins so I'd love some new ones :)

  3. I've had three back-to-back pregnancies (I have daughters ages 3, 2, and 7 months). I have lived in nursing bras for years now. When my third daughter was born last May, I added two new Medela nursing bras to my sadly falling apart existing ones from Motherhood. I've never even heard of Melinda G Maternity & Nursing Bras. I'm glad to have discovered something new.

  4. The wire-free nursing bra seems to be a good shaper. Has anyone found a post delivery girdle they like? I would love to see a review of these too.

  5. I was pregnant for, oh, a lot of 2009. The little guy was born in mid-August. I'm a nursing mama now so this would be a wonderful package to win!

  6. These products all look great! My husband and I are getting ready to start TTC, so I'm enjoying learning about all the best products out there!

  7. I'm currently pregnant with my first and due in February so I definitely would appreciate all of these! I haven't bought any nursing bras yet and definitely need some! Thanks.

  8. I would have to say that if I didn't have a nursing bra while pregnant I would be miserable! Yes, while pregnant. I love all this stuff thanks for the chance!

  9. I have been trying to find a good nursing bra and haven't had much luck! I like these and would love to try them. They look very comfortable! :)

  10. My baby girl is due in Feb. and I will be nursing her so I would love to try the nursing bras. They look very comfortable to me. Also the Majamas Lace Sleep Set is beautiful and it would great to actually wear a pretty nightgown while nursing instead of boring tank tops!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  11. I am pregnant with #3 due in April and would LOVE some new Melinda G nursing bras! I have been so many different sizes since having kids that my old ones are just too big. A good nursing bra is the best thing!

  12. Oh remembering, and not looking forward to the first weeks of breast feeding. I remember just how painful a shower was then. These all could be useful for me very soon. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. the bras look like awesome support there is nothing worse than a bra that lets you sag..i hate that :(
    what a great package and thank you for the giveaway :)

  14. Great items! I especially like the Majamas Lace Sleep Set, I'd wear it even though I'm not currently nursing, that's how pretty it is! My sister is trying to conceive so these pregnancy products would be a super gift for her when the time is right!

  15. What an awesome giveaway! I'm due in March and have been collecting recommendations on nursing bras. Too bad it's too early to get one just yet. You found an awesome deal!

  16. The shower hug looks really cool! I would love to win, we are going to start TTC again in 2 months, and all these products look great! I really need a new nursing bra too. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. I am due in March with my second child, and I am determined to find a comfortable, ATTRACTIVE nursing bra. Let's face it, you don't always have the time (or desire) to change into something "sexy" when you have the chance to be intimate with your husband...I'd love to feel sexy already!

  18. I'll see product in infommercials and think there's no way it can be a good product because it's being sold in that way but I have found some surprisingly good products through late night tv! Thanks for reviewing (and giving away!!!) these great products.

  19. I've really been wanting to try the Melinda G bras. They look nice and comfortable. I've heard great things about them. It's so hard to find good nursing bras.

  20. My sister is pregnant with her first baby and I have been blessed to be able to live with her. I would love to repay her with these amazing gifts. She has mentioned a few times how sensative her boobs are in the shower.. haha. i laughed when i read that.. and her baby is coming in 2 months and I'm sure she'll need some great nursing bras. :0)

  21. My first few weeks postpartum, I was so uncomfortable in the shower and began wearing my bikini top for support & protection. The shower hug would be so much nicer & softer. Thanks for the review!

  22. wow! so wonderful!!! i am currently preggo with my first baby gal (due end of april). all of these would come SO in handy - and i was just looking for nursing bras... what a great opportunity. thanks for taking the time to do this write up. everything is so new this first time around, it helps so much to have someone with know-how showing the way!


  23. These would be great! We're going to be trying to conceive soon and I would love to have one of the nursing bras.

  24. Me and my 6 week old would both love to have this amazing prize pack. Its our first and we're making do (ok ok, I'm making do) but some new baby toys would be great! Thanks!

  25. What a wonderful prize pack! I would absolutely love the shower hug and nursing bras, as I'm due with my second in April. Thanks so much for the chance!

  26. I'm pregnant with my first, and all these things sound so wonderful! I've already heard other women talk about horrible nursing bras, and although I don't know what my breasts will feel like postpartum, but goodnes, I sure could have used the Shower Hug during my first trimester, as the shower hurt SO bad then!

  27. I have a Melinda G Nursing Bra and it is my absolute favorite! I could use a second one!

  28. This would be a perfect gift for my best friend. She is about to give birth to her third daughter any day now. macd82 at gmail dot com

  29. wish I would have seen those nursing bras when I first started and specially that shower hug! Glad to know that something like that is available!

  30. Wow, I wish I had all these when I was pregnant! I bought some nursing bras from Amon Maternity & Target. Both brands seemed to wear out really fast for some reason. Anyways, I'm trying for baby #2 soon so these products would be fabulous to have!

  31. I would love this for my sister who is due in March. I never know what kind of things a new mom needs - but these seem like some good ones!

  32. i'd love to win some new nursing bras... i've done the ones from target and they really don't have the support! i'm tired of wearing layers over them!

  33. I'd love to win these for my pregnant co-worker. She is due with her first baby in March. I think I'm done having kids but it's been fun reliving the "1st baby" experience through her.

  34. What a wonderful gift for my daughter, who I know will need the innovative shower hug. I sure needed a hug when I was pregnant with her.

    Love your site.

  35. I haven't been around your site for a while, but I'm glad I saw this! I've been transitioning into motherhood with my first little one. He's 8 months now, so we're beginning to think about when we might try for our second. So hopefully I'll need these things again before too long! and actually, I could use the nursing bra now! Thanks! :)

  36. WOW! I have never heard of the shower hug but it sounds absolutely wonderful. I am expecting my third baby (due in mid June) and have relived the uncomfortableness and have vivid memories of the postpartum showering - It's all worth it, of course - but what an amazing product. And I've been searching for some cute jammies as per my husband's request. Poor guy, he wants to see me in something other than t-shirts and sweats at night so I've been on the hunt for something pretty and the Majamas look like they fit the bill. And I love nursing but have yet to find a bra that is supportive and looks nice under clothing. I always feel so frumpy and unattractive when nursing...will be looking into the Melinda G bras. Stephanie, what AWESOME suggestions and so pertinent to my life right now. God Bless you for the fine work you do on your blog; many women are thanking you!

  37. I am not a mommy but my stepdaughter is going to be a new mommy and I would love to win these for her! She will be going through so much and I think these would help a lot!

  38. Oh how I wish I had something like the shower hug after my first pregnancy, Brilliant! And good nursing bras are a RARE find! Yay!

  39. I did not find a comfortable nursing bra when I was pregnant with my first and then when the baby came, i just quickly bought something that I thought would work at Target. Did not work at all and I ended up ruining my regular, good bras. Would so love this for my next pregnancy!

  40. I just had my baby girl on December 18th and I'm breastfeeding her. I could totally use these nursing bras! I've been shopping around for the perfect one. :)

  41. I had recieved a pair of maternity PJ's from my sister in law only to find out my breasts wouldn't stay in them!! lol

    So Ihave mentioned before that I am a first time mom to be (march) and I have never heard of a shower hug. I looked at it I read about it and still don't understand how it is used. Is that supposed to help with water in the shower hitting sensative breasts or used for outside the shower. Sounds dumb I am sure but it is called a shower hug. I assume you wear it in the shower? Can you email me and maybe give me a better understanding?

    [email protected]

  42. The shower hug sounds really nice...but my hubby would really like to see me in the lace sleep set. I'm due the first of May and I've already been bra shopping.

  43. Oh- I hate spending money on bras and such- and those nursing bras looks so nice. I would love to be able to have ones as nice as those.

  44. A good sleeping set would be SO nice!! I was never comfortable in any of the pjs I had when I was pregnant and nursing. Not only is the Mamas lace sleep set cute, but it looks comfortable too!

  45. Wow - I've NEVER heard of any of these products and I'm excited as we're thinking of #2... That shower wrap would have been just the thing about 5 months ago...

  46. Dude, I have always wanted to try that shower hug!!! I remember being TERRIFIED of that painful water stream when I was engorged and all that... ugh!

  47. I will STILL be sensitive and even more so AFTER the baby comes?! Yikes! But still I can't wait until I will need a nursing bra. And the nightgown does look a lot more comfy and sexy than my current sweats and t-shirt! Thanks for this opportunity!

  48. I am currently trying to convince hubby that we need to start trying for baby #2 and all of the products would be so helpful when the time comes. I learned very early on with baby #1 that you can never have too many nursing bras!

  49. i would love to win this! i hadn't heard about any of these products, so thanks for introducing me to them. the shower hug in particular sounds very helpful!

  50. I could *so* use these products. I'm at the end of my first trimester with my second baby and am already starting to need all the maternity stuff I can get my hands on!

  51. All the products look very useful. I didnt have a maternity bra my first time around that fit, so the second time around would be very nice.

  52. I think these items are great. I am actually entering to win them for my friend who is currently 2 months pregnant. I think it would be a nice surprise if I won these for her. I only have one child and do not plan on having another one just yet. But I think these would be nice for my friend. Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. I absolutely hate having to shop for bras because good ones are so hard to find and they're usually expensive. These nursing bras look promising.

  54. I truly believe that proper nursing attire and gear is essential to a positive experience for mom and baby! When you make things easier and more comfortable you are more likely to carry on nursing. I sure could have used these products with my first!

  55. My sister was due Jan 1st so she will be needing all these products soon. That shower hug sounds like something that would be very nice for a new mommy. Isn't it crazy how much something simple like taking a shower can cause so much pain? I remember standing out of the water most of the shower, or my back to the water to avoid that tender area.

  56. Ooooh these products look positively divine. (I'm 6 months pregnant.) The shower hug looks actually like something I would try out in other scenarios (like, walking down stairs).

  57. The shower hug is not something I would ever think of, but all my friends who've been pregnant probably would. :)

  58. I’m not pregnant now, but my sister is she is having her third after no babies in the house after 8 years. She really needs stuff for her and the baby.

  59. I feel like I just read these posts... and had a newborn. Now I am thinking about everything all over again with #2. Wow. Time flies.
    Isn't it good to look back over the year and think of all the "bests" in your life? My baby will be one tomorrow. I can't believe it. A year ago today I was in A LOT of pain. But it was worth it. Well worth it. As has been the YEAR of sleep deprivation (with no end in sight).

  60. Our first apartment had this shower with the BEST water pressure. I just loved it! One day my sister had come to visit and told me that it was the worst shower ever -- and I'd understand once I was pregnant. This last weekend we were staying someplace with a shower with extreme water pressure. As I was guarding myself from the "sprays of death", I finally knew where she was coming from. With that knowledge, I can see how the shower hug would prevent me from curling up on the floor of the shower.

  61. Let's be honest here. I have only 2 nursing bras...and I'm getting stinky! I'm in desperate need of some quality nursing garb. especially in the bra department...

  62. The Majamas Lace Sleep Set is so pretty and the bras look so nice and comfortable I would love to have a new bra.

  63. I am due in February and would love to have these products. I really need a new nursing bra. I bought one new one for this pregnancy, and I really need another! Cheap maternity/nursing bras just do NOT cut it! Also, I would love to try the Shower Hug for when I am nursing... I remember all that tenderness and engorgement from my first son... I think the Shower Hug would be amazing to try! And the sleep set is gorgeous! I would love to have something flirty and feminine in a time in life when I remember feeling very ... unpretty!

  64. I wish I would have had the shower hug when I was pregnant with my first. Since we are trying again hopefully I will need it soon.

  65. I'm past needing the "Shower Hug" this time around, but would love a new nursing bra & Pj's. I've always just gone the old hike-up-the shirt method for pj's, but would love to have something pretty & functional!

  66. i could definitely use some new nursing bras... our third is due in may and the ones i have now are well worn and will be retired to use as sleeping bras once the baby is born.
    i also love the mamjamas set... what new mommy doesn't like to wear pretty (while at the same time functional) clothes?
    thanks for the chance to win : )

  67. I would really like to win these as I am expecting my 6th child and have never had a shower hug. I can always use breastfeeding bras as well. Breast-feeding supplies are limited here!

  68. Being over halfway done with my 6th & last pregnancy, I still love hearing about new products. The shower hug looks really interesting.

  69. I will have to remember these bras for when I need them in a few months!!! I must have tried 15 different kinds and NEVER found anything I liked, even the Bravado ones. I did like my Glamourmom tanks, but it would be great to have a bra or two that was bearable!!

  70. These bras sure would come in handy as extra support is definitely needed for me being that I'm nursing and my regular bras jus won't cut it anymore.

  71. Underwire bras do dig in all the wrong places. Support is a must and to be comfortable at the same time is a huge plus.

  72. Obviously, I am not pregnant, or nursing. wife is, and she really would love to win! She says that a comfty outfit makes all the difference in pregnancy or nursing.

  73. I have made a note of each and every one of these products. Thank you so much! I never did get a great nursing bra...a mistake I will NOT repeat when baby #2 comes along. I've heard so many great things about the shower hug, too! Showering when you are engorged really is painful, so this would be great to have to help relieve that pain!

  74. Wow, I would have never even thought to look around for something like the shower hug. I think that may just be one of the coolest pregnancy finds I've seen! Thanks so much for the heads up.

  75. I'm nursing and would love to put these things to use! The shower wrap things sounds useful - especially in those painful early stages of breastfeeding.

  76. Hm, I've never even heard of a shower hug, but it makes sense! I don't think I'd wear the Majamas sleep set, because I'm not a fancy pjs sort of girl, but the nursing bra looks awesome!

  77. What a fantastic giveaway! I nursed my first for 14 months and NEVER found a bra that I actually liked. Now I'm 4 1/2 months into nursing baby #2 and would LOVE to try Melinda G's. And the Majamas sound amazing...every mama needs something pretty and functional to sleep in!

  78. Bras...aargh...those were so tough to find when I was pregnant. I was really grateful to find a great local bras store that has an incredible selection of maternity and nursing bras. Next go round I'll have to see if they carry Melinda G.'s.
    And, I would have given just about anything to have had a shower hug. The postpartum soreness is just indescribably awful.

  79. I wasn't able to nurse with my first son (he was preemie in NICU) but I'm determiend to nurse when this baby is born in a few weeks. Products like this would help me do just that!

  80. Wow- I could use most of these items too! I was just admiring some nicer nursing bras in a catalog. I resort to wearing my Target nursing tanks most of the time- but I must admit they are dowdy and blah and not as much support as I need for going out and about.
    The pjs look comfy and would really come in handy.
    Thankfully, my time of need for the shower hug with #2 has passed- not too bad this time- but I would love to give this as a gift to a new mommy friend or two...

  81. I would love all of these. I am nursing my little one and need all the help I can get. I received Majamas as a shower gift and when my milk came in they were no longer the right size. They are so soft, I'd love a pair that fits!!!

  82. I love the sleep set. It looks beautiful and sexy, while being functional. With my expanding body I'm having a hard time finding things that make me feel pretty.

  83. The bras look sooo comfy! With my 1st, we didn't have much money, so I got a couple at a garage sale and didn't really love any of the 3 that I had. With this baby, I know I'll need new ones, because the only one of my old ones that was semi comfy has gone missing. I wish I knew about what size my boobs were going to be so I could order these while they are on sale, but I can't remember how big I got with Reece - I think DD? Maybe I just will order....(or wait until the contest is over to see if I win =) )

    autumn398 @

  84. What great nursing products! I could really use a good nursing bra. The ones I have are functional, but I don't love them. I'm really curious about the Shower Hug. It would sure beat using a wash cloth.

  85. I'm shopping for nursing bras this week! I'm down to only one that I like. I found it at JCPenney and it's good but not great. I'm going right over to see if my size is still available on the sale you linked!

  86. I'm due in May, and I would LOVE these. I just had the "why are nursing bras so unsupportive" conversation with my cousin. I'll pass this info on!

  87. The husband and I are going to start trying for our 3rd in about....A WEEK! I have forgotten a lot of the much needed comforts after pregnancy. These would be so great!

  88. I HATE bra shopping for nursing bras. I had to do it just this last week and I ended up only buying one from Motherhood and I'm not sure I even like it very much. They are never comfortable and dont usually work quite right.

  89. I am due in March with our first and I am the first of my friends to be pregnant. As a result I have been relying on blogs like yours for my product recommendations!! I am especially thankful for a nursing bra recommendation...I had no idea where to even start looking!

  90. How did you know I needed a new nursing bra that was supportive and not so "ugly"? I would love to have all of these product. I would also love to try the shower hug. Sounds great. Thanks for the chance!

  91. I know I'm not pregnant now, but my sister is and I am still nursing. I would love the nursing bras and the sleep set. I would give the shower hug to my sister. Thanks! :)

  92. I LOVE my shower hug and without a good nursing bra I don't know where I'd be! The first couple weeks when milk is starting to come in is so uncomfortable (still in that stage right now). What do you think of pumps? I noticed you don't really talk about them...I have not been able to get by without a pump....I think I just have way too much milk...not a bad problem...just an uncomfortable one....
    : )

  93. wow what an amazing package.
    i have only ever ONCE found a good nursing bra made by La Senza that they ended up discontinuing. ughghg. now that i'm pregnant with baby #4 the search will continue.
    would you say you are more of a pj girl now that you've found Majamas? right now i can't get comfortable in anything that isn't a loose tank and cotton underwears.

  94. Yes, yes, yes! These products sound wonderful. I purchased the shower hug about 2 months ago as it was one product I wish I would have known about the first time around. I'm excited to use it when baby #2 arrives. I could definitely use the other products and know several mom-to-bes that I could pass the other shower hug along to.

  95. wow, what great give-aways. Our first is 9 months old so it won't be long before we start trying for #2... and I'm still nursing #1 so the nursing bras would be great.

  96. Although I just had my 2nd child in October, I plan to have one or two more kids and can see how great these pregnancy products would be!

  97. Thanks for sharing! I'm due in 2 months and getting very bored with my thrifted clothes...again. Nothing like feeling like you're wearing someone else's wardrobe for a year to make you yearn for your old clothes again. Something new would be awesome. Thanks!

  98. OH man would I love to win this! I have been either nursing or pregnant or both at the same time for the last 3.5 years and have still yet to find a bra that is comfortable and supportive. I just deal with the pain most of the time!

  99. I was actually just thinking to myself "I wonder which nursing bra that lovely Miss Stephanie would recomend". Now here you are recomending it again so I don't even need to search :) Thanks!

  100. Those bras actually look very uncomfortable to me, since I truly need my breasts to not touch at all. The rubbing together at the cleavage would drive me absolutely batty, and give me a yeast infection besides.

    The pajamas look cool though, I wouldn't mind those.

  101. I love all of these products and concur on the Melinda G's comment about making the bras in different colors...why not, right? They are a great company, too, because they are made in the U.S.A. and really, the only bra company to be so right now! I'm dying to try the shower hug and one can never have enough nursing bras!

  102. The sleep set looks so comfy. I am big on sleep sets since I wear them during the day ( work nights). I am in and out of bed with Audrey during the day, taking naps and breastfeeding. And feeling soft and comfy is a biggie for me to get good sleep.
    I will definitely look into the shower hug for next baby.

  103. These all look great! I wasn't a giant fan of any of my bras when I was pregnant, so better ones would be great. The majamas just look pretty and comfy!

  104. i'm due with our second in late february so all of this stuff would be great. i've never really had any good nursing bras so those would be especially nice!

  105. Yay! I just found out I'm having my 4th in mid-August! I never had a shower hug, but I can remember a few agonizing times I needed it!

  106. Darn, 1st comments never win... but I would really really like the shower hug! I have been thinking I need one since I saw it! I could totally use it NOW! :)

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