Children's Book Spotlight: Shiny, Touchy, Smelly

Children's Book Spotlight: Shiny, Touchy, Smelly 1When it comes to Christmas and other gift-giving occasions for infants and toddlers, I often rely on books. Interest in toys fades and clothes are outgrown, but books retain their magic for many years. They are read over and over again - in the car, before bed, and throughout the day.

We recently went on a road trip and I pulled out two new books for the journey "Shiny, Touchy, Smelly: Colors" and "Shiny, Touchy, Smelly: First Words," both created and published by Make Believe Ideas.

My daughter was mesmerised. The books are "shiny" because they have "sparkling pages to catch the eye." They are "touchy" because the have "soft, rough, and smooth textures to explore." Finally, they are "smelly" because they feature "a range of smells to find and identify."

I have to admit that I was impressed by the books - the bold colors, the wide range of photos and graphics, and the cool textures to feel (scaly dinosaur skin, fluffy duckling fur, and more). Plus, who can resist the "scratch and sniff" component - the ability to smell lemon and licorice, play-doh and pine trees. I love how my daughter brings her nose up to the page to sniff the scents.

My only [very minor] critique of the books is that the "smells" could have been fine tuned and engineered to more closely match the "real" scent of the objects pictured. There was very little difference between bubbles and licorice, for example...and that's just a little weird.

Overall, though, these books delivered. They are fun, interactive, and exciting...and they definitely top the list of my daughter's favorite books. And for $7.95 a book, these books are a real steal.

WIN IT! There will be two lucky winners for this giveaway. One winner will receive "Shiny, Touchy, Smelly: Colors" and one winner will receive "Shiny, Touchy, Smelly: First Words." To enter, leave a comment and your e-mail address on this post prior to Monday, December 3rd, at midnight. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 4th. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner of "Shiny, Touchy, Smelly: Colors" is #22 Shannon and the winner of "Shiny, Touchy, Smelly: First Words" is #54 Jason and Caryn. Congratulations!

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65 comments on “Children's Book Spotlight: Shiny, Touchy, Smelly”

  1. my daughter would love reading either of these with me! It's our favorite together activity.

    jennifer.smithson [at]

  2. Those sound amazing! I know my little ones and the ones I babysit would love them, but I bet my teens and preteens would "read" them to the little ones just so they could smell the things, too, lol.

  3. Not only would my little one like this, but the kids at school clamor for scratch-n-sniff, no matter how odd they sometimes smell!!



  4. I want to start collecting books for my 3 month daughter and this would be a great start thanks for the giveaway

  5. with a title like that....who would not waht to win!! I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old...we are all about shiny, touchy ,feel me please around here..

    thanks for entering us!

  6. hi stephanie~
    these sound like great books- it's a neat concept. we've just begun collecting books for our little one on the way. these sound like they would be a great addition! please enter me.
    thanks! jessie ([email protected])

  7. I have never heard of these, but I ablsoutely love the idea! What a neat and interactive way to explore all the senses! I'm SO keeping my fingers crossed for this...It would be great for my little man this Christmas!

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