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Creative Awakening 1Two nights ago, I wrote a children's book.

I was struck by inspiration as I put my 2-year-old to bed...the words danced across my mind in sudden symmetry. As soon as she succumbed to sleep, I tip-toed out and sat down at my laptop, fingertips firing. Tim raised an eyebrow at me. "I'm writing a children's book," I said non-chalantly. And I did.

It needs some editing, but it's actually pretty decent for a first draft. I've been repeating the lines out loud for the past few days. That's a good sign - lyrical lines, easy to memorize.

Now, I have to find an illustrator. Most great children's books have great artists behind them, don't you agree?

I also came up with the BEST business idea yesterday. My 4-year-old has been talking about it ever since - she and I are both starry-eyed about it. You should have heard us at the dinner table tonight!

P.S. I think I'm going to stick with the "Metropolitan Mama" name, but there's going to be a fresh design - plus new tabs and focuses. Can't wait.

Have you ever written, published, or dreamed of writing a children's book?

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31 comments on “Creative Awakening”

  1. Have you found an illustrator yet? I have a friend that would be perfect! It would be her first time doing it but she was just telling me that she wanted to illustrate childrens books. Well, I know that's vague and you don't know me but if you would want more info you can email me at [email protected]

    Best wishes,
    Tricia kambourian
    (Kristen mcgee's friend)

    1. Thank you for the offer, Tricia. I haven't started actively looking for a publisher or illustrator yet, but I hope to do that soon. When I begin that process, I may contact you to see if I can arrange to see your friend's portfolio.

      Thanks again!

  2. I've always had this idea that one day I'd write and illustrate a children's book. I seem to have all the preparation for it, having degrees in writing and art education. But to find the motivation, that's the hard part. I'm hoping it might just come to me in a moment of inspiration, like what happened to you.

    Good luck with it! If you'd like to talk about illustration, let me know. I might be able to help or refer you to someone.

  3. Good for you! Inspiration is a wonderful thing, and I love that you acted on it instantly. I hope you find an illustrator!

    I've toyed around with the idea of writing a children's series featuring a child with special needs...a "Fancy Nancy" type series in which the "special need" is really not the "star" of the book, but yet just a part of this beautiful little girl's life. I'm waiting to see how our journey unfolds to see if this is really something that I want to pursue, but I love that you brought this up... a sign perhaps?! ;)

    You'll have to keep us posted if anything comes out of this. I know without a doubt that if you were the author, I'd buy it for my girls in a heartbeat!

  4. Yes! Been thinking more and more in this past year about wanting to write a book, but I think my fiction writing has more of a child-like nature to have been thinking that will be the way one day....but who knows!?

    But I love that you just DID IT!

    And I just think it is so cool that you have a NEW business idea! And that your Lil Miss 4 is so excited along with you! How cool! I am anxiously anticipating hearing about it!

  5. O that is so fun!!! Illustrating (& maybe writing too) children's books is my ultimate "someday" dream. Can't wait to see your debut
    in print! :)

  6. I haven't thought about writing a children's book, but I have thought about writing an essay for Guidposts or something like that about my story as a teenage mother/young mother. I see so many young women in the world who think they have to throw away their hopes and dreams (college etc...) because they have a child at a young age. I have thought seriously about starting small and writing about my story and how you can achieve anything you put your mind to even if there is a little one tagging along. I'm still thinking about it though...

  7. It's always been my dream to write a children's book! I got a great idea for one the other day. Now I just need to find the time and write it - unlike you, it's hard for me to write late at night! I can't wait to read yours.

  8. I've never written out a children's book ,but I've written a few in my head. It is a dream of mine to write a children's book one day, I should get started on that.

    Good for you for writing it out! I can't wait to read it.

  9. Exciting! I've dreamed of writing a kids book but never had the inspiration strike me to actually do it. What type of illustrations are you going to look for to go with it? Old-fashioned watercolors, modern computer animation, torn paper, embroidery, or something else fun?

  10. I recently wrote a children's book too. Though I haven't gotten any further than that. I'm a little intimidated by the whole process to actually get it published. Good luck!

  11. Oh Stephanie, thats great. I will definitely be among the first to get your children book because I know you are very creative.

  12. That is AWESOME! It's something that I've been thinking about a lot over the past few weeks. I don't know if it's because there is a children's book lurking in my imagination or if it's because I'm in the process of laying out an awesome children's book for a friend of my sister - whose cousin is doing the illustrations.

    Ree Drummond over at Pioneer Woman recently published a post about the process of writing a children's book - it might be helpful to you.

  13. Congratulations. I agree, illustrator is important. There are so many childrens books with good stories but with illustrations done in some sort of Expressionism or Abstract way, where you can barely figure out what the artist meant.

    I am so happy you decided to keep the blog name. I think MM is fresh and borderless, and has a meaning of constant speed, meeting people, and new opportunities

  14. My heart leaps with joy!
    There is STILL a grin on my face. We can't WAIT to read it!
    The artist is so important. You'll know just the right one:)
    Shhh- it's always been a secret dream of mine. Just a little dream I have because of so many books I've loved. But no ideas, no plans. Just a someday...
    Excited for anything Metropolitan Mama sends our way. You are a family of geniuses! (I had to look up the plural form to describe you all;)

  15. Super cool! Once upon a time I thought I should make a story I wrote in 2nd grade into a children's book. I had the original version (it was actually a stapled paper book), but now I can't find it. It was called How the Tiger Got His Stripes and was actually pretty good if I say so myself. But no, I'm not really a writer! ;)

    Love that you're keeping the name and can't wait to see the new design! I'm struggling with mine at the moment.

  16. I would love, love, love to publish a children's book! Perhaps one day if God gives me the idea and words. I'm excited to read yours, and hear all about your business idea! :)

  17. I have thought so many times about writing a children's book, but have never done it. I am excited to read yours!

  18. I dream about it all the time! I'd love to and just need a publisher!! Can anyone give me any advice on how to go about publishing??

      1. She really has such a beautiful style. Early on her work was based on her little girls' dreams. I do know that she has wanted to illustrate a children's book but hasn't found the right story. When you are ready to share more, I would love to see any other artists you consider. Btw, here is her sister's site....

        She is currently working on a project "What Saves Me" - she takes stories that people send her and puts them into a painting....

  19. Fantastic! Yes I have written 3 children's books but never sought publication... I just don't think they are "good enough" yet... it is my total DREAM to write AND Publish a successful children's book *successful meaning children LOVE it! :)
    Can't wait to see if you publish and who illustrates it!
    And the business plan - wow you have all sorts of things going on.

    Really happy about your keeping your blog name - it's very catchy!!

  20. Nope...but we do have an adventure story on going with our grands. We've been on the same one for almost a year! We're currently in Australia on our way to Cairns to find Uncle Toddy (our youngest Aussie loving son age 29) who supposedly is scuba divng on the Great Barrier Reef. Everyone adds their ideas to the story and we have a blast! Beats playing with elctronics! (although we do our share of that too)
    I can't wait to read your story Stephanie. I know it's going to be fabulous!!

  21. thats awesome! I actually did write a childrens book in high school as a project. I thought it turned out quite well...but if I read it today I might think differently! lol

    Excited to hear about this business plan of yours!

  22. I have, and I've started a few but I am not a writer at my core like you are. I have thought more seriously about illustrating one but have so little formal training that I've been unsure. Plus it's the time thing, always the time :)
    Perhaps soon, the baby is nearing 19 months and I'm starting to see her settle down a little :)

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