december wishes

I wish for...

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  • a truck - crew cab, diesel, dually.
  • a comfortable queen RV mattress.
  • a new camera lens.
  • a reliable, responsible renter for our house.
  • a paid writing gig for a blog or magazine.
  • a toaster.
  • a stylish tee or polo.
  • a pair of designer jeans that fit like a glove.
  • plush towels.
  • a book with a secret compartment.
  • wisdom about when to wean.
  • energy (for each new day).
  • hope (in trying times).
  • love (genuine + sweet).

What are you wishing for this December? I'd love to hear your tangible + intangible wants, both large and small.

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34 comments on “december wishes”

  1. I am so behind in commenting (sorry)! My Christmas wishes...even though Christmas has passed...let's see...

    - to be more on top on things
    - to not stress out about finances
    - to continue to be and be more intentional with my kiddos
    - to find my 'niche'...figure out what i want to be when i grow up :-)
    - to remember to have more fun in life

    SO many more that I can't think of right now...although not a day goes by that I don't think of something I would like to be, do or have. Have you tried on a pair of Joe's Jeans yet? Maybe one day...head to the mall, try on a bunch of different styles of Joe's and then get a pair on eBay. I mentioned before...a friend gave me a pair that she didn't wear anymore and I LOVE them. LOVE. Now that I know the style and size, I was able to buy a pair on eBay for $31.00!! They are in excellent condition!

    1. Your wishes are all on my wish list too. :)

      I haven't tried Joe's Jeans yet, but I'd love to. Thanks for the eBay suggestion - you are so smart + savvy!

  2. I LOVE this! I especially love that you weren't afraid to ask for a few material pleasures. So many times I feel guilty about asking for those things too. Why is that?!

    Here's a list off the top of my head in no particular order:
    - an iPad (I NEVER ask for big ticket techno items, but I really think I would love this.)
    - a nice robe
    - a pair of fashionable tall boots
    - baby #3
    - sanity & patience if we get baby #3
    - an early spring
    - endless inspriation and desire to write, write, write
    - a feeling of being completely content with the way things are, right here, right now.

  3. December wish list - simple - to get through the holiday season without any major family drama! Oops - too late! I usually wish for very little in December other family harmony as in my parents' family, it seldom happens in December. I wish for lots of the other above things in January ;-).

    As for weaning wisdom, I'll impart mine. Wean when you and your baby are darned good and ready and not when others tell you to do so. My baby one was 17 months. I wasn't ready, but was pregnant and it hurt. Baby two nursed for 25 months. She was ready, but I wasn't quite, though following her lead was good.

    1. That is excellent advice, Rena. I nursed my older daughter until she was 21 months. My littlest is now 21 months...and I am wavering. For now, we continue...

  4. Matt and I were just talking about this yesterday.

    I want (we want):

    2005-2008 Honda Oddysey Minivan
    New cellphones and a new cellphone plan
    laptop computer
    new running clothes
    new clothes
    Professional family photo

    I guess I will stop there : )

    1. A minivan, huh? Does that mean there may eventually be more Bishop kids down the road? ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Allison. We miss you guys!

  5. my list...
    1. a new job or the nerve to quit my job and try something on my own
    2. time to workout
    3. health
    4. warm sunshine with beautiful snow on the ground.
    5. the gene that allows me to take risks - i'm way conservative and wish I had a bit more risk.

  6. I'm sorry your renter fell through! I hope you can find a new one soon.

    My wishes are:
    Discipline to be a healthier eater and stop snacking so much
    More time to exercise without feeling like I should be doing something else
    More patience with my son
    Sleep! :)

  7. Love the picture of your daughter looking at you it is so sweet!

    A a nice fancy expensive one
    build upon our healthy lifestyle changes
    follow God's plan for our life without hesitation
    new clothes

  8. Wisdom tops the list...
    I'd also like a closet organizer for my office (but I saw my husband sneaking that in on Friday for my Christmas present)
    also contentment - so I'm not overly focused on what needs to happen next, but instead am fully present to enjoy the moments of my life.

  9. A decent flight home (my 5 month old and I are flying while my husband and the dog drive the 400ish miles because my son screams bloody murder in his car seat and I will not let him do that for the multiple hours it takes to drive home)
    Patience (to be the best mother I can to my son)
    Discipline (to continue my new exercise routine)
    New cookie sheets (I know, I know I did say exercise above)
    Time to sew a skirt for myself out of some new fabric I have
    A clean house (would be nice but I'll settle for thoroughly vacuumed)
    Some new jeans that fit
    A hug from my brother currently stationed in Germany
    A hug from my brother who leaves for basic training in January
    Orders for my husband (we'd like to move to somewhere new)

    1. I almost put [miniature] cookie sheets on my list too. We had to give away our old ones because they don't fit in our RV oven.

      Where are you living now and where would you like to move if you could move anywhere?

      1. We're currently in Southwest Texas and hoping to move a bit farther north. We'd like somewhere with a true Autumn and no 115 degree summers.

  10. oh where to begin....
    really cool moccasins like the ones at LLBean.
    snow - a really good thorough white Christmas! (But then safety for everyone on the roads)
    Peace (on earth and in our hearts!)
    A camera that will actually take good photos
    A nicer sewing machine that doesn't break my thread every 2 seconds
    A piano (you didn't say there was a price limit to our wish list did you? haha)
    I would also like a paid writing gig where I work at home, whether that be blog, freelance, magazine, etc :) I have dreamed of that my whole life!!
    A full night's sleep!
    Wisdom for raising happy healthy children
    Love - love love love lots of love (I know I will definitely be getting this for Christmas, but I wish for it for everyone!)
    Fun stocking stuffers! :) It's a family tradition!

    Oh it's so much fun to wish for things! You can be so indulgent without truly overdoing it b/c it's all in your imagination! :)

    1. I nursed my first daughter until she was 21 months old. My youngest is now 21-months-old and only nursing at night (BUT - she nurses often throughout the night). I keep going back-and-forth about whether this is the time or not...

  11. I'm with Ruthy.... Tacoma, please! :)

    I, like you, would love wisdom about when to wean. And a long, denim skirt. and an enameled cast-iron dutch oven. And a good pair of tennis shoes.... although those are tough. I've been searching for 2 years for the perfect ones. I want black, with no laces. I have a pair of skechers that I love and wore out a year and a half ago, and have yet to find a replacement that meets my qualifications! I also want a new camera, because I dropped mine on the concrete at the parade and am currently without a camera, which I don't like.

    Oh, and financial security would be nice! I don't want to be a millionaire, I just want for my husband to consistently make enough money to pay the bills without overworking him, and maybe to have a little wiggle room so we could eat out once in a while. Or buy a camera when mine breaks, LOL.

    But all of these are wants, God provides everything I need already!

    1. I finally had to lay to rest my favorite pair of jeans (by Anoname) because they ripped at the knee and the crotch. It made me very sad.

  12. I had the exact same thought as Janelle. Sounds like it fell through, and I'm very sorry to hear that.

    We may have a bite for renters on our place. They sound like a really reliable couple, so we are praying that it works out. It will only cover about 2/3 of our mortgage, but in this economy, we'll take it. I'll be praying for your situation, too.

    Other wants? I've got some kookie stuff on my wish list (honestly, so kookie I haven't really told anyone, so I'm not expecting them)
    canning supplies
    cheese making kit (yeah, I know...weird!)
    and lots of hopes and dreams for monetizing my online presence. :-)

  13. I made books with secret compartments for my brothers and sisters last year for Christmas! You should try it, you just need a book, a box knife, glue watered down (paint the pages around the edges), and some felt of something to line the compartment with! My husband had to help me a little bit, my fingers got tired cutting out the pages. :)

  14. OH wait I totally forgot one I REALLY want...
    A cookie scoop from Pampered Chef (in all sizes!)

  15. So the first thing that came to mind when reading your list was..."I thought they had a renter???"! I sure hope you find one soon! I am sure that can be a huge source of stress, so I will definitely be praying for that for you!

    Here is my list...
    A certificate for a Nikon photo class (or two)
    Some comfy sweaters
    Folding chairs
    A very basic sewing machine
    A spa gift certificate
    Wisdom (for raising my kids)
    Discipline (for myself and my body)
    Friendship (to be loved as I love)

    1. Our renter lost his job unexpectedly and their family moved out last week. We're hoping to get a new renter in by the 1st of the year. We appreciate your prayers immensely.

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