Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars

Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars 1Check out my shirt in that picture to the right. It's from Milkstars and it's a nursing shirt (you'd never guess by looking at it, right?).

What? You've never heard of Milkstars?

Well, now you have.

The mom-owned company with a super catchy tagline ("Breastfeeding never looked so good") offers nursing-friendly tops that don't skimp on style.

I'm wearing The Julian in the photo to the right. It's a classic double-V with short sleeves.

The material is unbelievably soft (it's the softest shirt in my closet, actually), the nursing access is easy-peasy (it's double-layered), and - the best part of all - it's uber chic. I officially want one in every color (ahem, Santa, that was a hint).

Milkstars currently carries 5 classic tops in an array of bright, beautiful colors: The Jenny, The Joan, The Julian, The Michelle, and The Rachel. I'm hoping that their next creation will be The Stephanie - a V-Neck hoodie with 3/4 length sleeves (that's my signature look lately).

Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars 2 Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars 3 Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars 4

Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars 5 Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars 6

ALSO: you can follow Milkstars on Twitter (they're pretty active tweeters) if you want to keep up on the latest. I know I'll be following because this is one company that is bound to go places...

Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars 7GET A DISCOUNT! Enter the code METMAMA at checkout on Milkstars.com/shop to receive 15% off your order from now until the end of the year.

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

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11 comments on “Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars”

  1. I would love a milkstar! These shirts look so cute! Specially on you!
    I think my favorite has to be the Rachel.

    It is so much easier to nurse in public with a good nursing top like this.

  2. Those are very cute and I love the color selection, but I'm hesitant about the price. How wrinkly is the fabric after you've lifted it to nurse? I find I look rumpled after nursing in just about everything I wear.

  3. Love the idea - wish they weren't so pricy! That's more than I've ever spent on an article of clothing...maybe more than I've ever spent on a whole outfit. But I'm pretty frugal, so maybe I'm the exception :)

  4. Those are great. I have a couple of nursing shirts and just don't like them for various reasons, The Julian (well all of them but I like the Julian best) looks like it would fix all those reasons.

    BTW I would totally buy The Stephanie.

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