Fashion Finds: for Nursing Moms

As a nursing mama, I generally want my shirts/dresses to fall into one of four categories:

  • button-up
  • zip-up
  • loose-fitting
  • specifically designed for nursing

Fitted tees and blouses - and most dresses - are just plain impractical.

Lately, I've been wearing stretchy camisoles with a button-up shirt or hoodie thrown over the top. But I don't have a lot of options in my closet so I tend to wear the same outfit over and over and over...


GOOD NEWS! I recently had the opportunity to try a few clothing items especially made with nursing mothers in mind. For both items, I will show you a "stock" photo from the website and then a photo of me in the item, plus give a basic description of the piece.

First up, the Corporate Wrap ($44.95) by Fertile Mind:

corporate-wrap-fertile-mind-nurshing-shirt corporate-wrap-fertile-mind-nursing-shirt

Notice how skinny the model is. Especially around the tummy. I want to know if she just had a baby. My stomach does not look like that - despite the fact that I did the Shred for 30 days straight. Ay me!

Second, notice that this shirt is pretty, professional, and looks perfect with jeans (but it would look equally nice with a pencil skirt or slacks). The nursing access is super easy. Just pull the pliable gray layer back and you're ready to go. I love that the shirt has a "layered" look and that is on the longer side - crop tops aren't my thing.

Here are a few other Fertile Mind pieces you might like:

Fertile Mind Gegorgia Black with Cream nursing top.JPG 200810101517310.FNGO - w Goddess Nursing Breastfeeding Fashion Top black

Second, the Vanna Dress ($89) by Annee Matthew, available at A Mother's Boutique:

vanna-dress-annee-matthew-a-mother's-boutique VANNA-dress-a-mother's-boutique-1

Something about not being able to wear dresses makes me want to wear them even more! Anyone relate?

The Vanna Dress is an excellent "little black dress" for nursing moms. It's simple, classic, and ideal for a date night out with your husband. I probably would opt to throw a sweater or jacket over the dress if going out because I am on the "well-endowed" side, but other wearers may not find that this is necessary. The dress has a "hidden" extra layer that you just pull up for easy nursing access. If you're looking for a nursing-friendly dress for a wedding or other special occasion, this is definitely one to consider because it is so classy and versatile. It really is wonderful for year-round wear.

You may also like these other pieces from A Mother's Boutique:

klassic kora maternity and nursing shirt a mother's boutique 2-way top a mother's boutique

So, there you have it! If you're looking for nursing-friendly clothes with a high style quotient, check out Fertile Mind and A Mother's Boutique. Both are mom-owned companies which will make your shopping that much sweeter...

YOUR TURN: Where do you buy your nursing-friendly clothes?

WIN IT! There will be two winners. One winner will receive the Vanna Dress ($89) by Annee Matthews from A Mother's Boutique. A second winner will receive any TOP ($44.95-$59.95) from the Fertile Mind collection. To enter, leave a comment stating which item you would prefer to win on this post prior to Sunday, August 16th at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner of the Vanna Dress is #51 Erin S. The winner of the top from Fertile Mind is #24 clarissa neiding. Congratulations!

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87 comments on “Fashion Finds: for Nursing Moms”

  1. I like tops or dresses with press studs as they are really easy to pop open when your baby is desperate for a feed and also look smart. (I'm not a big fan of nursing tops with big holes underneath where your breasts poke through). I've found a few of these options at

  2. Lots of layers for me!!!
    Id LOVE to win the dress!!

    thanks for the chance!!

  3. i always bought mine usually at jc penney they had a pretty decent selection but its always nice to find different styles you dont see there. by the way your just about the same size as the model in the Corporate Wrap pics so smile :)

  4. I wish I could say that I purchase my maternity clothing and nursing tops somewhere chic and glamorous, but the reality is $$$ is tight with 3 young children, one of which is our baby so shopping at the mass retailers is where I generally go for these types of clothes. I would love the chance to own one or two quality nursing style clothes and my choice is for a top from the Fertile Mind collection. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  5. I would love to win the Goddess Nursing Top, although I would be happy to win the dress too. I love that it is a mom-owned shop as you always know that if you are ordering from a mom shop, your shopping experience will be so much better.

  6. Wow, I would've said a top but the Vanna dress is just super flattering! I'd love to win, thank you for the giveaway!

  7. I have actually spent a lot of time the past few weeks trying to find some breastfeeding shirts. There are just not a lot of options out there it seems (as far as local stores you can drive to). It would be nice to have a few cute nursing tops to have for nursing on the go.

  8. I actually wear baggy clothing, comfortable tees, etc. from regular stores instead of shopping at maternity stores.

  9. You have so many great giveaways, but I'm crossing my fingers the very most to win this one! As a brand new nursing mom, I have 3 nursing tops...1 of them is too small for me since my breasts are in the "engorged" phase right now. So, yeah, I wear the same thing every single day. And when it gets spit up on it, I basically have nothing to wear while I do the wash. NOT GOOD! I really love the Goddess top from fertile mind, and that would be my pick if I won.

  10. I would prefer to win a nursing top. I could use a new, pretty nursing top for the fall. My favorite is the Corporate Wrap Nursing Top. Thanks:)


  11. I have bought a few tops from old navy and one from Japanese weekend (love it) but mostly I wear my normal t-shirts with a nursing tank top.

  12. I bought my nursing-friendly dresses in a generic department store, nothing special. Lovely to be able to shop online seeing these chic style available now!

  13. What an awesome selection to choose from! I'm SO glad I live in such a good era for maternity and nursing clothes- my mom didn't have it anywhere near this good! I'd pick the Sabine nursing top, because it's so versatile.

  14. I never had nursing clothes. Dressing up for church got really boring by the time my kids were nearing a year old (I nursed them until they were a year old) because I was restricted to skirts and blouses (and only certain blouses that were more bfing friendly). I looked forward to being able to wear my dresses and "other" blouses again after they were weaned!!
    That dress is gorgeous, and actually, I LOVE those tops too!

  15. I'd prefer a top. The dress wouldn't look so good on me. I'm afraid my arms are...unmentionable. I love nursing dresses, though!

  16. wow i love that dress!! i give up on dresses while nursing for the obvious reason. once i was in a wedding as the maid of honor and i was still nursing my second child....i ended up having to hide and lock myself in the men's bathroom so i could strip down and feed my child. it was quite the experience
    i love that companies are targetting our demographic and finally putting out some great fashionable pieces.

  17. I would love to win the corporate wrap top--it looks like it would be very nursing-friendly. I am expecting a baby girl in October!

  18. The dress looks cute, but for everyday wear, I'd have to go with the top. FertileMind has some cute pieces, but I think I like the "corporate wrap" that you modeled so well the best.

  19. The fertile mind collection has a really wonderful selection cute tops~ Love the options they have there! I would love to try them out!

  20. I have not found any nursing wear that is comfortable and actually works well, atleast for me. Since I am going to be needing them again though i think this is an awesome giveaway. I would pick the top from fertile mind, I think that the Georgia top has potential.

  21. I would like the Vanna Dress. Thanks for the opportunity! It's hard to find nice maternity dresses that don't look like tents :)

  22. I love the Mother's Boutique website, what an amazing selection of nursing dresses! I went to a wedding last weekend and was looking for something a bit more dressy than just a skirt and shirt. Thankfully I found a wrap dress at Macy's, easy to nurse in and a gathered front to hide the tummy! I like the corporate wrap top from The Fertile Mind, great store name!

  23. I don't think I've ever owned a piece of "nursing" clothing. But I make do just fine with loose tops and tank tops layered underneath a zip up or button up top - it's a look I wear a lot anyway so it has been an easy to adjust for nursing. I only run into trouble when I'm trying to "dress up" a bit... then it's harder!

  24. Sometimes, just a loose shirt and a sports bra that could easily be pulled up was better than anything else I could find. I really do love Elle Maternelle nursing bras, though. They're my favorite!

    If I win, I'm going to buy something for my best friend who had a baby in March. :)

  25. Last time around I did the nursing tank with hoodies and zip-front sweaters. Now that I'm back to work and will be pumping, I'm looking for professional-looking nursing/pumping clothes. The Vanna dress would be perfect!

  26. My shopping is typically limited to Old Navy, Gap or Target! Preferred outfit? Nursing tank under something else.....

    I'd love a new top to wear (no dresses - not conducive to floor play with my 2 y.o!!).


  27. I'm actually really disappointed with the selection of nursing tops at the Fertile mind. i'd probably get a couple of camis, but I hate how much cleavage they all show. I'd love to see more high-necked nursing wear.

  28. I have some nursing tops from Motherhood Maternity and they are ok but they don't really hold up in the wash, unfortunately. I have a nursing cami from Target that I love and wear under my tank tops and tees.

    My favorite of the 2 choices would be the Goddess Top from Fertile Minds. So gorgeous!

  29. aah..the dress wud be awesome to win. i want to gift it to someone..but might just keep it for myself. also i have never shopped maternity for myself..but have for a family friend and got stuff from maternity motherhood.

  30. While I love the vanna dress, I think post baby I would be more comfortable in the fertile mind top. I am with you on the vibe that it is difficult to stretch your pre-pregnancy clothes into nursing outfits.

  31. I tried some nursing clothes the first time around and didn't like them. I now know there are some better options out there! I'd love to win a shirt from the Fertile Mind.

  32. I don't ever buy any nursing clothes because they are out of my price range. I just wear regular shirts and T's. Man oh man can I relate to wanting to wear a dress. So hard at church to just wear a shirt and skirt.

  33. I think I would LOVE the dress. I usually just go shirt and skirt if I need to dress up, but there is just something that is a little classier with a dress. Besides, you look great in it! Makes me want one :)

  34. I wear about the same type of clothing that you do. That is one of the things I look forward to in 'having my body back once I am done nursing' - buying clothes that fit and that don't need to be lifted, shoved, pulled or pushed aside! You look amazing! Love the dress on you!

  35. My favorite at this moment for when baby #3 arrives is the Goddess Top from Fertile Mind.
    But drooling over the Dana maternity/nursing dress-dresses are indeed so tempting after not wearing one for the past 4 years.

  36. Did you see the cowl neck dress on Mothers boutique? I like that. Also the Henley top from Fertile Mind.

    You are so right about wearing the same clothes after baby for breastfeeding. I think we get in that mommy look. Audrey is 1 year old already and I have just gotten around to focusing on my how I look and not wearing the same nursing camis all the time ( :

    I usually buy button down tops but for home I love the nursing camis that Target sales.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. It's funny since I was sitting here this weekend making up my shopping list of things I want to buy in November after I've had my second daughter. I remember how impractical so many of my clothes were for nursing last time around! So I've been on the hunt for clothes to make things easier this time around. I love the nursing shirts on this site!

  38. Oops! Also, I meant to say that I'd love to win the dress. I've had several occasions of stress b/c I didn't have anything dressy enough to wear while nursing a baby. YOu never think that will happen but it does!

  39. Ok, I actually really like these!! I've never been happy with the nursing clothes I purchased. They were poor quality and didn't wash well. These look great!

  40. I tend to layer my tops as well. I wear a tank top under another shirt so that I can lift and nurse as needed. I also have a hooterhider that I keep in my baby bag so that I can just pop it on and nurse anywhere without having to worry about what I am wearing. I am also on the well endowed side, so I have to watch some of the nursing wear outfits because they are often very low cut and show off more than I am comfortable with showing.

  41. This is my first time to try nursing clothing actually. I've looked at them in the past but it seemed more realistic to just wear shirts that weren't quite as tight. However I have a few different types to try out this pregnancy. I don't have a favorite yet because I haven't worn any of them yet. Hopefully tomorrow! LOL. =) I'd love to win the "any top" from Fertile Mind Collection.


  42. i always feel the same way when i see the "model" pictures of nursing tops/pregnancy tops - whey are they so skinny? i feel nothing like that when i'm pregnant! i actually don't own any "nursing" shirts, i think they are awesome - but our budget just doesn't allow for a "special" shirt - I just go with the button down shirts...

    autumn398 @

  43. Stephanie-
    I had this exact problem back in May when we had a family wedding to attend. The reception was in the same building as our hotel room so I just kept going back to our room and pretty much zipping down the whole top of the dress to feed. It wasn't ideal but I didn't know what else to do. Luckily hubby understood my dilema so he came with me each time to keep me company.

  44. I'm loving the tops at The Fertile Mind Collection. I've got my eye(s) on the Goddess Nursing top.

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