Flat Nipple "Fix," brought to you by Lansinoh

Flat Nipple "Fix," brought to you by Lansinoh 1If you are experiencing flat nipples due to breast engorgement or swelling (which is "...common for nursing moms in the early days," according to Lansinoh), you might be interested in a new product called Latch Assist™

"The Latch Assist™ is a simple tool to help your nipples temporarily stand out so that it is easier for your baby to establish a good latch, the first step to a successful breastfeeding relationship."

I didn't personally experience flat nipples so I can't speak about this product from experience, but it looks like a great solution to a common problem.

The Latch Assist™ is available at Target, Babies R Us, and Walmart and retails for $9.99. 


Although I didn't experience flat nipples, I did experience cracked and bleeding nipples (ouch!). I remember dreading every feeding, holding my breath and clenching the chair to stop from screaming, tears running down my face. But then - in a matter of weeks - it was all a distant memory. And breastfeeding was -wonder of wonders - peaceful, relaxing, beautiful, and...easy. I tell you that only to give you hope if you're going through "rough waters" and breastfeeding isn't quite what you expected. It DOES get better - not only better, it gets wonderful. Hang in there. See a lactation consultant if you need to. I promise there's sunshine around the bend.

What was nursing like for you in the early days?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Lansinoh Latch Assist™. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Friday, May 9 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Saturday, May 10. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #7 Stacey Moore. Congratulations!

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14 comments on “Flat Nipple "Fix," brought to you by Lansinoh”

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  2. There is a great new product that can permanently correct inverted or flat nipples very quickly. Supple Cups at http://www.mommymilktanks.com It's a wonderful aid for women that want to breast feed but have flat or inverted nipples. I know from personal experience that these work wonders, they are a blessing for any expectant mother with flat/inverted nipples that desires to successfully breast feed. Lactation consultants everywhere should be told about them. They were truly a saving grace for me when it came to breastfeeding.

  3. I would like to try this with my second. I have inverted nipples and was devistated when I just couldn't breastfeed my first.

  4. my breasts grew so fast that I wasn't prepared with breast feeding pads and ended up leaking through my shirts a few times. I would like to try out the Latch Assist.

  5. Don't enter me for the contest
    It was rough the first day (the lactaion nurse kept taking my daughter on and off the nipple, and I now know I was doing it right so she was wrong and caused me unneccessary pain) and I did have cracking and minor bleeding.

  6. I soo could have used this in the beginning. I used a shield on one side for good amount of time before my son got the hang of it. Please don't enter me. I just wanted to say hi and share!

  7. Oh my God, are you kidding me?! Why didn't I see these with my other two kids. This is such TMI, but I had the WORST problem with flat nipples and I do blame that for my failing to nurse for a long period of time. Oh this would be such a breastfeeding saver for me. Anything to make BF'ing easier and last longer sounds great to me. Heck, if I don't win this I'll still buy it and give it a try.

  8. i had a great experience with nursing both of my little ones. they both latched on right away!! the hardest part for me was getting them to take a bottle when i had to go back to work.
    my expecting bf wasn't able to get her first child to latch on and so she pumped for the first 6 weeks. i would love to win this for her to encourage her to try again when her son is born in july!! thanks so much!!

  9. This seems like a better solution than "pumping for a few minutes before nursing" (which is the advice I got when I began nursing my daughter). Who wants to the pull the pump out and THEN nurse? Ugh! This looks SO much better! Quick & Easy!

  10. It definitely was painful in the beginning but the nipple creams really do work! But you have to apply it religiously so to help your nipple heal. I've been nursing for almost 9 months now and my milk supply is starting to diminish. I'm very sad..but I have to wean my baby soon. Any ideas?

  11. My experience was a little unusual in that it took me nearly a week to wake up out of the very dark (yes, and blistering, painful)fog and realize I wasn't making milk for my baby! sooooo devistating! I spent months and months pumping, taking everything under the sun, working with a specialist and in the end coming to accept that during pregnancy my body didn't create all the necessary plumbing to nurse exclusively. Its not a sad ending :) I have stopped all the maddness trying to 'fix' the problem, and now just enjoy nursing my baby with the lactaid nursing supplementer. And you know what? I am *so* thankful to have the beautiful relationship I always dreamed of. he gets some donated breastmilk which is amazing! and at nearly a year old I am not even thinking about stopping! I am learning in a whole new way that breastfeeding isn't really all about breastmilk! I love the cuddle time. I love that when my little crawler is hungery he whimpers and dashes over to me, I love how he pops off, smiles, and pats at my face, I love how he much HE loves to nurse. sigh. Its been so worth all the challenges!

  12. I am kind of afraid of the first few weeks of nursing, but I think I will pull through. I don't know whether I will need the Latch Assist or not, but it can't hurt to have on hand can it?

  13. My experiences were definitely in line with yours, especially gripping the chair and trying not to scream! After awhile, you become blessedly numb (until they start biting!)

  14. you describe those early days perfectly! I too remember the pain, but it all magically disappears after day 14. I thought it would be easier with #2, but nope--same pain up until day 14. Definitely hang in there because it is worth it. :)

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