When I was pregnant with my first baby, I remember being a bit bewildered by all of the hospital packing lists out there. I wondered what to pack in my hospital bag...and I especially wondered what to bring as a "coming home outfit."

Now that I have had two babies, I know what to look for. Here are the top three "criteria" you want for your outfit:

  1. Elastic Waistband - Put down those jeans. Yes, and that skirt with the zipper in the back too. Zippers and buttons are not a new mama's friend. Elastic is "where it's at" (I got two turntables and a microphone!). 
  2. Easy Nursing Access - The last thing that you want when you're learning to breastfeed is a shirt with lots of buttons to unsnap and hooks to undo. You want something stretchy and supple - easy to move "out of the way" as soon as baby starts rooting.
  3. "Roomy" Tummy - Anything clingy and tight will only make you feel fat. You want to give yourself a little grace...and a lot of room. Your abs will eventually return, I promise...but, for now, they're on vacation.

So when you go shopping, look for those three things.

If you don't really want to "shop around," then you're in luck. I actually think I found the PERFECT "coming home" outfit.

majamas mj pajama setTA-DA! Allow me to introduce you to the MJ Pajama set from Majamas.

These pajamas are ultra-comfortable. The material is satiny and soft, yet also warm. These PJs (or should I say MJs?) are easy to take on and off. They're non-clingy, non-"tuggy," and non-"pinchy"...yet they also are flattering too. They aren't so baggy that they look frumpy, yet they're not so tight that they accentuate those post-baby bulges. And when it comes to nursing access, these pajamas can't be beat.

If you want to give a gift to a brand new mama or a mama-to-be that will stand out, skip the standard baby onesie and bib set. Buy a pair of Majamas instead. It's an item that many women won't "splurge" on for themselves, but one that they will truly appreciate. This is a gift that "keeps on giving." I have a feeling that I'll be wearing my MJs long beyond the first year of babyhood.

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