How to Have The Happiest Toddler on the Block

How to Have The Happiest Toddler on the Block 1In The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer, Dr. Harvey Karp explained how to calm your crying newborn.

In his newest book (a national bestseller, by the way) - The Happiest Toddler on the Block: The New Way to Stop the Daily Battle of Wills and Raise a Secure and Well-Behaved One- to Four-Year-Old - Dr. Karp explains how to "eliminate up to 90% of the just days!"

His book essentially spells out the best way to "communicate" to our little "cavemen." He helps parents understand how the minds of toddlers work so that we can empower our kids to engage in appropriate behaviors.

Karp empathizes with parents by explaining that toddlerhood is tough - even if we're good people and good parents. In fact, he points out that it can be a bit of a shock to some parents when their gentle baby becomes a little person with a mind of his own. Karp explains, "Even though most of us expect toddlerhood to be hard, few of us have any inkling of just how tough these three years can be."

He goes on to say that: "Many parents of easy kids falsely believe that the tantrums they see in other kids are the result of poor parenting. Yet often exactly the opposite is true. Parents of spirited children are often the best parents. But they have a super tough job."

I thought Karp's synopsis that "the 'terrible twos' [typically] occur between 18 and 24 months" was especially interesting because I've often heard that same sentiment from parents in my circle.

The book lays out how to better understand your toddler, how to help your toddler understand you, and how to get past common toddler problems (biting, public meltdowns, picky eating, etc.). I found some helpful "nuggets" of information, but I also felt that the book was a bit long-winded at points and the constant references to cavemen was tiresome.

The DVD, on the other hand, is a shortened "re-cap" of the book and I found it to be even better than the book. Dr. Karp visually demonstrates how his "techniques" work in a way that the written word simply couldn't. I loved watching the process "in action" and plan to try out The Fast Food Rule and Toddler-ese with my Little Beauty.

You can purchase the book and/or DVD on The Happiest Baby website if you want to try it out for yourself.

WIN IT! One mama will win "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" book AND DVD. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Friday, Mar. 21, at midnight (don't forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Saturday, March 22. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

* UPDATE * The winner is #58 Laura. Congratulations!

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122 comments on “How to Have The Happiest Toddler on the Block”

  1. Just watched this dvd and remembered that you had done a review, so here I am, looking at your thoughts on it all. I am curious to hear what your thoughts are now that you have tried some of his methods. Do you think it works? Is helpful? There were times throughout the dvd that I REALLY appreciated what he was doing, and other times when I wondered if 'mimicking' the tone of voice, etc, was just reinforcing the behavior. Would love to hear what you think now... several months later. :)

  2. My baby is pretty happy except around bedtime where he gets fussy. I can already see him starting to get frustrated when he can't have something he wants (like my bluetooth!). This would be good to read...

  3. Oh, I am dreading this stage in my second daughter. I feel like we barely survived my first daughter! We coul use all the help we can get! Looks like a great book.
    pascha at optonline dot net

  4. I have heard great things about this book/DVD. I could definitely use this as my little girl's starting to get to this stage.

  5. I saw the DVD and book for the baby version and would love to see/read the toddler one now that my little girl is toddling all over the house!

  6. I would love to win this. My little one is about to enter toddlerhood and mamas can use all the help they can get!

  7. I would love to read this book in preparation for Brea's terrible twos. I know that reactions can say alot to children and that sometimes it may be hard to keep your cool at all times. I sometimes hear my friends yelling at their children or calling them names. I know there has to be better ways to handle these situations and I pray that I will use them. Any information to help through these difficult stages would be greatly appreciated.

  8. This looks like a great book to go along with the Elizabeth Pantley one you recommend! I read the Happiest Baby on the Block book and it gave me a lot of good ideas for my son when he was a little baby, even though he was pretty happy to begin with. I definitely could use this book. Thanks!

  9. I've heard rave reviews about this book...I would love to win it, read it, and pass it along to my girlfriends.

  10. Would love to read this book. I am always interested in learning more about my toddler and how I can be a better parent.
    Mommy Bee
    luvmybabybee at gmail dot com

  11. I'm always open to a new perspective on parenting my three kids (all four and under!). Thanks for the contest!

  12. I have heard really good things about this series and would love to check it out. I have an infant son and could get a jump start on his toddler phase with this.

  13. I'd read a synopsis of this book in Parent magazine back in December and have been curious about it ever since. Especially now that my 15 month old has shown an early interest for tantrums. Reading about it is helpful for me because I can return to the text often to let it sink in. But I'd also like to see the DVD in action to watch how to the author interacts with a child who is throwing a tantrum. I'm a visual learner, so seeing it in action would help me A LOT!
    wakeyes AT yahoo DOT com

  14. By profession, I am a child development specialst & my business is helping families navigate challenging behaviors in toddlerhood. Despite head knowledge & experience, I still struggle with a tantrum 3 year old. All my strategies are out the window & I'm drooping under the weight of "failed parenting." Comments in your post already encouraged me to know...reminding me of what I do know - "Many parents of easy kids falsely believe that the tantrums they see in other kids are the result of poor parenting. Yet often exactly the opposite is true. Parents of spirited children are often the best parents. But they have a super tough job."

    Thanks for hosting! Winner or not, I'll be checking out this resource for myself and the families I work with on a daily basis!

    [email protected]

  15. I have 2 toddlers (ages 3 and 2) and we're having big problems with tantrums and picky eating. I'd really like to check this book out and see if it can help us!


  16. I ADORE Happiest Baby on the Block, and this set seems like the next logical step. If my little guy benefits as much from it as the 5S's in the first book, then we will be happy indeed! Thanks! tobefrank[at]tds[dot]net

  17. I have heard a TON about this book! I think me a my 3 year old would both benifit if I read this one. thanks!

  18. I need a happy toddler! I've heard this book is amazing and I'm willing to try anything at this point. We would really love to win this.

  19. I have a budding toddler and I'd love to know how to effectively communicate with her. So often I find myself at a loss, losing patience with her and getting irritated, which is fruitless considering she's doing the best she can. This would be a great resource to benefit BOTH of us!

    Heather D.
    hmdilorenzo (at) aol (dot) com

  20. Great giveaway! I love "The Happiest BABY on the Block" and I would love to read this one as my little twins toddle into toddler-hood!!

  21. my little one has no patience. Happy to mad in seconds. would love this book for techniques to keep her happy.

  22. My 13 month old is very happy, but I am already seeing signs of stubborness, picky eating, tantrums, etc. I would love to tackle these issues before they get out of control!

  23. I loved The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and was soon going to look into getting this since my son will soon be a toddler! I am interested to see what neat, simple tricks he has to offer for toddlers!
    [email protected]

  24. A friend lent us her copy of the "Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD when our daughter was about a month old. After watching it and then using the techniques, my husband and I could only say that we wished we had known about it weeks earlier, because they totally worked for her. I'd love to learn how to keep her that happy.

  25. As we're TTC, this would be a perfect time to read up (while we still have time!) on the skills we're going to need... then reference later, during those 'tough moments'. :)
    laurachilton (at) hotmail (dot) com

  26. I should have gotten this book already. I used to swaddle my daughter all the time as a baby (thanks to Happiest Baby,) but now that she's two... watch out!

  27. When my son was little, everyone reminded (warned) us about the upcoming terrible 2's - but no one said anything about 3. My now 3 year-old can be a delight or a terror in the blink of an eye. We are certainly learning from experience, but it would be great to have an patient and knowledgeable expert who wouldn't mind repeating himself as we play and replay his DVD!


  28. I love this book! It's full of great ideas. I'd love to win it! The copy I read came from the library and went back...
    inalak at msn dot com

  29. I've heard of this (I think there are others by the same author, right?) and I would love to read it. Thanks!

  30. I am interested in different parenting philosophies, and I've heard of this book before and would like to see what he has to say about raising toddlers. I have two toddlers now, so it could be useful info!

  31. I have 2 toddlers that would fall into this catagory. I wish I could say they were always happy, but I'm not, so why should I expect them to be :) I guess if I read this we could all be happier.

  32. I'd love to win this and get started reading now, before newborn hits the toddler stage!

    nifferjeno at gmail dot com

  33. Im having a time with my 2 yr old ! She just turned 2 actually about a month ago . This would be a great book for me to have for her.


  34. The baby DVD was amazing to watch. Of course, my luck with his techniques was never quite as good. Alas.

    However, as we rapidly approach the caveman stage, I'd love to watch the master in action on this DVD. Maybe I can do better with these techniques.


  35. Oooh, "Happiest Baby" was the only baby book I read and I don't know what we would have done without it. DD turned 2 last week and spent at least 6 months practicing - she is an expert now and Mama and Daddy could use the help!

  36. I have heard wonderful things about "The Happiest Baby.." but I would love to read (as we enter the next stage) how to make my Jakey the happiest toddler!

  37. Oh...prizey pick me!! :) I have one of those "spirited" children...I just got home from a temper-tantrum stricken trip to Lowe's! Thank you for the opportunity!

  38. It couldn't be better timing for me to read this book. I sure hope my name gets picked.

    disarray at onebox dot com

  39. I'm sure I'll be needing this book as my daughter becomes a toddler! I still have a few months before that, but I've heard such wonderful things about both this & The Happiest Baby on the Block!
    Thank you so much for bringing us another wonderful contest, and for letting me participate! Love to you and yours, take care and God Bless!

  40. I would love to win this!! :) My toddler is pretty happy, but we have our moments....and would to see what the book has to say.

  41. The Happiest Baby really gave us insight into our infant. I trust Dr. Karp and will definitely give The Happiest Toddler a try.

  42. Would love to have this. I really liked the first book and DVD as we watched it before we left the hospital when she was born.

  43. My daughter just turned 4 but has only recently started to test the waters of tantrum throwing... I'd love to nip that right in the bud and hopefully this book could help!

  44. My daughter is only 11 months old but already she is throwing tantrums. Just a little while ago as I was getting her ready for bed she wanted to chase after the cat and I told her no. She just threw herself on the floor and started screaming. She listened, but she didn't like it one bit. I would love to read this book. Thanks! katebeth45 (at) gmail

  45. We had the happiest baby on the block DVD and found it to be useful even when some of the techniques didn't work on our little one. I did really enjoy just watching Dr Karp work his magic on the little babies in the video. It was amazing how they would go from fussy to tranquility almost instantly.

    I have heard good things about this book/DVD but haven't had a chance to pick it up yet so I would love to win a copy!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    ammccarthy at charter dot net

  46. I've been interested in this for a while, but have yet to either watch the DVD or read the book. I'd love to get a copy.

  47. I have been wanting to read/watch this. I read the baby version and it was full of great techniques - then we watched the DVD and it was so amazing to see Dr.Karp in action! Would love to win this.

    maraco36 at yahoo dot com

  48. Four of my kids are past the "caveman"stage, however the other two are 14 months and 9 weeks, I have it coming once again.

    I'd love to learn new ways to parent. My first 4 turned out amazing, perhaps this will allow my last two a chance to be stellar!

    Great giveaway,
    Suzanne B
    Lilith_Silvermane at yahoo dot com

  49. I used the baby version and would love to review the toddler one. We are getting in to the caveman stage now!

    wendyswilliams at

  50. I am so excited to see this book. Seeing your contest sparked something in my mind where I think I'd heard of it before, but had forgotten it. I recently (less than 2 months ago!) had my third wonderful baby girl. Having been through two pregnancies before, I had already read many books on the subjects, so honestly just skimmed through one old favorite to brush up. -- That was until I came across Happiest Baby on The Block. My first two daughters had been excellent sleepers and were essentially calm and content. The title of the book grabbed me though, and even as a third time pregnant mo, I read it cover to cover! -- I am so thankful that I did! It truly works as advertised (to my delight, my daughter's comfort and my husband's amazement!) His tips work as promised. I enjoyed seeing such practical information be able to be applied and bring great benefit. That having been the case in that first case, I'd be thrilled to be part of this contest in the hope that I might find even a fraction of the helpful and practical information in this book for toddlers. I believe in being ahead of the game -- so if I start reading soon 'll be set before my daughter gets there. And that title still gets me -- because what Mommy wouldn't want her baby to be the happiest -- and to learn to do everything within her power to make that a reality for her child? I sure want that for my girl -- for all of my girls -- and am ready and willing to work to see that happen. I know that reading and applying the information in this book can be a part of that process! Thank you for the opportunit to enter!


    arbrashears at msn dot com

  51. I sat down with the book and found it impossible to read....the caveman thing drove me crazy. It was as though the author had read "how to write a book that sells!!!!" Now on the other side, my dear 28month daughter is close to driving me crazy too. Your review made me want to watch the dvd.

  52. Well, my daughter turns one in about a week, so I think this book and DVD would come in VERY handy! Great giveaway!

  53. "Parents of spirited children are often the best parents. But they have a super tough job."

    I think I would like to kiss this man! Jacob as a VERY "spirited" toddler and is a VERY "spirited" kid. I'm positive people have questioned our parenting from time to time. I'm quite convinced there is a hyper-spirit gene somewhere in my DNA!

  54. Looks like a great book. My son is becoming "difficult" as of late and I could use some suggetions. Sounds like this guy really knows his stuff.

  55. I thought the Baby book was very interesting and many of his points work well for us. I'd love to see what he has to say now that I have two toddlers!

  56. Hmmm, sounds interesting, but I wonder if it as good as the baby version. That worked very well with my son, especially the swaddling!

  57. Although I never read the baby version I'd like to check this one out. I'm going to have to check the library here to see if they have the DVD. Can't say I have much reading time these days!

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