It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Day


In a parent's dictionary, the words "bedtime" and "peace" would probably be synonymous.

The late afternoon is a blur of activity for us - making and eating dinner, going on a family walk, bathtime, push-ups and sit-ups by the bath, pajamas, brushing teeth, brushing hair, nursing the baby.

By 8:00 or 8:30 - 9:00 at the latest - the girls are both asleep on most nights. My husband and I sigh contentedly and soak up the silence.

Then, we settle into our nightly routine, which generally consists of working on projects and business ideas in a frenzy (there's something oddly comforting and relaxing about that...), talking about anything and everything, eating a late night snack, and - on a few rare occasions - watching one of the two TV shows that we watch (LOST and Fringe).

We finally - happily, sleepily, with a million thoughts rolling around our restless and creative minds - crawl into our bed at around 1 a.m.

I'm actually quite picky about what I sleep in. It has to be comfortable (and I have high standards for comfort when it comes to loungewear). The material has to be "just so" - soft and lightweight. And, it has to provide easy nursing access - so easy that I don't have to deal with bunched up material or lots of fabric.

Right now, I alternate between two pajama sets and, ironically, they are both by the same brand: Majamas.

On any given night, you'll likely find me in either my Majamas Pajannaman PJ's ($63 - see my previous review of these pajamas):

majamas pajannaman mj pink better mommy fashions

Or my Majamas Lace Sleep Set ($82):

majamas lace sleep set better mommy fashions

Pretty, don't you think? But, I promise they're not solely pretty. They're pretty comfy too. I might sometimes even wear them past the noon hour, but that information is strictly confidential.

Made with a unique combination of 92% polyester and 6% spandex, the material is positively sultry. It glides right over my frame and is perfectly flattering for a mama because it shows off my shape, but DOESN'T "cling." There's even extra room for your tummy so either of these sets would also make for a perfect "coming home outfit" after baby's birth.

Nursing or not, brand new mama or will LOVE these pajamas.

better mommy fashions logoWant to buy either of the above sets? Consider purchasing them from Better Mommy Fashions, a mom-owned online boutique that "specializes in high-quality and fashionable nursing clothes." Owned and operated by Ruby, a stay-at-home mom with an almost-9-month-old little girl, the shop features items that she has hand-selected to help new mamas feel their very best. As a former international model, she knows fashion. As a nursing mama, she knows practicality. Shop with confidence, knowing you're supporting another mom - AND knowing that you can return any items that don't fit for a full refund within 30 days (now, that's customer service...a few big name brands could do well to learn from Miss Ruby...ahem, Motherhood Maternity).

YOUR TURN: What do you wear to bed on most nights?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Better Mommy Fashions. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, June 16 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #7 Spoodles. Congratulations!

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115 comments on “It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Day”

  1. I absolutely love pajamas, have a bunch of silky wear I call it. It is silk pj's that are just divine. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  2. I think the pajamas above are beautiful. I need to win this sweepstakes. I am newly remarried and am trying desperately to go to bed sexier. I am used to old sweatpants and tshirts. Not so sexy. Thanks for the chance to win!
    [email protected]

  3. Depends on the season if I'm wearing anything at all. In winter I like PJs but when the weather gets warmer than I like to sleep with nothing on :)

  4. It depends on the season. In the winter, colder months I wear a pair of LL Bean flannel pajamas that I love because they are worn in, super soft and pretty cute too! In the summer months I wear teeshirts and little shorts, I have to be dressed because I never know when I have to run out of the bedroom in the middle of the night to take care of my baby! I would love a cute pair of summer pajamas to wear around the house, something a little cuter than my old teeshirts and shorts! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  5. I am completely addicted to pajamas. When I'm not in my work "pajamas" (scrubs), I'm wearing my PJs at home! lol

  6. Now that it's gotten warmer out, my pajamas seem to consist of really old boxer shorts and an oversize baggy t-shirt. Not very glamorous, let me tell you. This would be a great step up for me!

  7. I usually alternate between a black nightshirt that I got from Lane Bryant, a set of blue pajamas with stars on them that I got from Wal-mart, or some imitation-silk pajama shorts that I"ve had so long I don't know where I got them! lol I really need some better mommy fashions!

  8. those are very pretty i i usually sleep in my husbands old college jersey thanks for the chance

  9. I usually wear one of my husbands undershirts or a tank top. My long hair tickles my back if I try to sleep with no shirt on.

  10. Currently, I just wear my nursing tanks to bed and nothing else. We prefer commando sleeping in this household, but with the nursing my poor ladies just can't take it. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. this would be a great win! i am about to have my 4th baby any day now. new nursing clothes would be great!

  12. I sleep in nursing gowns that I've had for almost 4 years. They were originally bought when I was pregnant with my 3 1/2 year old & I'm still wearing them now that I'm nursing his 15 month old brother. I could really use this gift certificate!

  13. just a t-shirt. Better Mommy Fashions has some really nice stuff, my favorite is the Belabumbum Nursing Chemise.

  14. Ummmm... I usually wear nothing. It's what I am most comfortable in.

    That being said, I am moving in with my boyfriend and his son. I might need something a little less... revealing for his son :)

  15. bedtime.......oh i LOVE bedtime!!!!!!!!!! unfortunately the 3 year old is really into the.."one more glass of water, one more story, turn my story back on, i have to go potty"......

    autumn398 (at)

  16. Those are both cute pjs. I usually sleep in a nursing tank-top and comfy bottoms. Although, lately I've been falling asleep with our son in my daytime clothes and shedding them under the covers late at night when I finally wake up! Bad, bad habit.

  17. I like going to bed in anything really lol, but most of the time i just wear a pair of comfy pants and a tank top, or some pijamas that i made myself.

  18. Wow! This is a luxury that I have never even considered before... real nursing wear. I have been in old t-shirts and yoga pants every night for the past 15 months.

  19. I mostly sleep in a t-shirt and old PJ bottoms. I love the look of these! I need to find things that are easier to nurse in. Thanks for the suggestion, and especially thanks for the link to Better Mommy Fashions. I love to support small businesses.

  20. I really like the Bravado Original Nursing Bra - Basic Style, it really is the most comfortable nursing bra around. Would love to get more.

  21. Most nights I'm in shorts and a tee shirt, anyone that's clean really!! And in the winter I wear pants and a tee!! easy! THANKS

  22. I love hanging out with my kids all day, but i certainly look forward to a couple of hours of down time each night! I love comfy clothes for night times, but undoubtedly, I end up wearing clothes like this many days as well... I do confess! :)

  23. I am embarrassed, I am so tired at night that I fall asleep at night with my tee shirt from the day on!

  24. ugh, I have the worst pajamas... they never make them with long enough legs! I need to get a sleep "dress" :)

  25. It depends on how hot it is. During the winter a baggy t-shirt, and sweat pants. Spring, and summer I usually wear shorts or capri sweats.

  26. We're trying to follow the advice in Dr. Weissbluth's book so bedtime around here is around 8pm too and we expect it to get earlier as Elizabeth gets older.

    I can't believe you stay up until 1am though - we joke that 10pm is our new midnight, and have been known to go to bed at 8 ourselves! Is the later bedtime something you've always done or did you go to bed earlier with baby #1?

    PJ-wise I don't care terribly as long as it is 100% cotton (I have fabric sensitivities). I have nursing pjs but since I often have to change out tops due to leakage issues the tops & bottoms get mismatched very quickly! Add snotty sick baby rubbing her nose on me and you'll understand why I haven't been wearing my pjs all day recently!

  27. Oh man do I need nursing jammies. It makes those midnight feedings so much easier if you at least feel put together. not to mention you feel less guilty about not changing out of them during the day when your jammies are cute and functional!!

  28. I wish I could say I wear something cute. But whatever is clean is the most accurate answer :)

  29. These would be a major upgrade of what I wear now. I usually use some old t-shirt and shorts. My hubby would appreciate some new duds for night wear!

  30. I just have to ask- how on earth do you have so much energy? Bed at 1am? Two children to care for? Business ideas? I'm amazed. It's only my husband and I, and I barely have enough energy to do you yoga before crashing into bed at 11pm for a wake up at 6am. I'm amazed- how do you find the time?!

  31. Ok, those PJ's are like 100 times nicer than what I wear to bed! Most night, I grab PJ pants that I've had since high school or college and pair them with a slightly fitted t-shirt/top. Nothing frilly over here!!!

  32. i love the silence of sleeping kids too, although it sadly comes much later in my house! (sigh)

    I usually wear a beat up tshirt and old boxers to bed. Lovely, huh? I think I'm in need of an upgrade. :)

  33. Wow! I have a review and giveaway for Better Mommy Fashions as well. However I would really like to win this for my sister who is pregnant and wanting fabulous clothing. I love the Peek A Boo Dress and those Bras look fabulous! Isn't Ruby a doll?


    mommainflipflops AT

  34. I, too, love the quietness of evenings after bedtimes. It's the only time my husband and I really get any alone time during the day. I could really use some new jammies...I was just thinking that last night as I pulled out my ratty old nightgown...but they are never high on my priority list. This prize would be nice!

  35. On my first round of nursing mama-hood, I was really in love with my Aimee night gowns (I actually wore them day and night). They are similar to the majamas cross top night gown. But this time I am really into the La Leche League's summer and winter pajamas. They accommodate larger busts well without requiring a nursing bra under the whole thing. THanks for sharing with us though. I would love to get another majamas item. The quality is good and the styles are so fun.
    PS. they do shrink...which is not always a good thing either.

  36. Don't need to be entered into the contest, but I can't wait to be done with breastfeeding just so I can sleep without a nursing bra to keep my boobs from flapping all over the place :)

    I hope they shrink some.

  37. I guess I usually wear an easy-access nightgown or a tank top for nursing. Pretty much none of my nightwear is actually designed for nursing, though.

  38. I have a few sets of VS knit PJs, but in the summertime, my favorite nighttime wear is old college tees from my mom (vintage 70s)!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  39. I've found one post-partum nightgown, but I'm still on the search for another one, and these do sound fantastic. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Those are beautiful sleepwear.

    I usually sleep topless for easy nursing with a pair of yoga pants.

    Oh my goodness I would die if I went to bed at 1 am. I'm usually asleep at 10 and that's pushing it somedays.

  41. You go to bed at 1 a.m.? Wow! I am impressed. What time do your kids get up? How many times is your little one nursing at night?

    Most nights I struggle to stay awake until the 10 o'clock news is over. And I'm a total night person too. It's just that post-kids I've had to alter my routine a bit.

  42. Pretty and comfortable? That sounds wonderful! I usally just wear a t-shirt so that would be awesome to win.

  43. Wow, you've sold me on these! The Majamas look awesome and I'd love an opportunity to try them. Thanks!

  44. Right now, I am seven months pregnant and the summer is just beginning. I get so hot right now that I'm currently just wearing my skivvies!

  45. My poor husband has to deal with me wearing giant, old, beat up t-shirts to bed. I would love to have a few nice things to wear to bed so that I'm still comfortable, but also feminine and fashionable. These look promising and I and my husband would both appreciate the win... :)

  46. I have a hard time finding comfy pjs. I have to have somehthing that has a waste since I have to clip my insulin pump to it and it's got to be flattering on my not so flattering body. I usually end up wearing my hubbys t-shirt and a cheap cotton pajama pant...not flattering at all!

  47. I do love bedtime and I love pjs. Some days we don't even get out of them. Those are some of my favorite day and my kids favorite also. Having cute/comfy pjs is a must!

  48. My son's girlfriend just gave birth this past Friday, and she is in desperate need of a good nursing bra and some nursing shirts-I was impressed with the design and selection of items on the site and especially liked the The Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Tank, cute design for mommy and keeps baby happy :)

  49. i'm embarassed to say that i only wear various tank tops purchased from Costco and underwears to bed. very simple but comfy too. i remember browsing this sight when you did the the review on the Majamas. Some very nice things.

  50. My "pajamas" are all oversized tee shirts and various Old Navy pajama pants that are all years old. I'd love to have something new and a little more feminine.

  51. Wow! You can stay up until 1 am? How early do the girls wake up? I am in bed by 1030 most nights maybe 11. I like to sleep in boxers and a tank top but my husband wishes it was more sexy!

  52. I found a couple of nice nursing nightgowns at Pea in the Pod - my husband actually complimented me on one of them, (he almost never notices what I'm wearing!) It's frustrating that nursing clothes are so expensive -- you only need them for a limited time, but you need them every day while you're nursing. I have a wardrobe full of clothes that actually fit me now but that I still can't wear!

  53. I normally just wear underwear to bed. If I'm chilly I may put on a t-shirt and/or lounge pants...but normally not. So, when we go to a relatives to stay, I have to consciously tell myself to at least pack a t-shirt and boxers. All of the pjs I own are so old. This would be great to have a new pair of pj's! thanks!

  54. I usually just wear a T-shirt. Sometimes a nightgown. But they are all worn out. I need to get some new things. Hubby would probably appreciate it too. LOL

  55. I could so use a new set of pj's. I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy and even pregnancy pj's. I've lost about 60 pounds since having Levi, so my pj's are baggy and unflattering.

  56. I have been on the hunt for stylish yet practical maternity pajamas since i was pregnant with my son near 2 years ago. with number 2 en route it would be nice to have something also from my husbands frumpy hand me down pj's (while comfortable and snuggly not very very feminine) I just love the Majamas Lacey MJ

  57. These are both super cute... and I'm on the look out for some new comfy p.j.s. I don't think I've gotten any since before I was married almost 4 years ago!

  58. I'm 36 weeks pregnant so lately I've been wearing one of two nightgowns I own. Pre-pregnancy I liked to wear shorts and a cami or tank but I'm not so fond of the cellulite induced by the pregnancy so haven't worn that lately! These clothes would be perfect for nursing comfortably!

  59. I usually wear a comfy, light-weight T-shirt w/pajama pants. I am sure my hubby would love to see something different, even though he says he likes the tees :)

  60. Our bedtime routine has gotten all mixed up since Hubby went to working third shift. I like Sugar to be in bed by 8:30 but Hubby is still asleep then, so unless she's fussy she normally stays up until 9:30 or 10 and then goes to bed and Hubby leaves and then I finish up work, write blog posts, try to do a bit of housework, etc...

    I usually end up sleeping in a t-shirt or my one and only nursing gown - some new jammies would be nice!

  61. I must 'fess up to wearing whatever old, comfy, ratty tank top I have handy, and semi-cute (but rather old) pj pants. I would love some cuter jammies, but they're not high on the priority list!

  62. Isn't bedtime wonderful? My kids are down at 8 every night. I guess the older boy will be staying up later pretty soon, but I'm stretching these early bedtimes out just as long as I can! I know several women who don't put their kids to bed until 10 or whenever they fall out. I don't know how those women stay sane. I love my children, but I need my evening!

  63. I can totally relate to the night time routine. I actually am a very routine person...going off of your post above as well, I actually DO brush twice a day, floss every day and see the dentist every six months. It is all part of my routine. I floss before I brush my teeth at night. I use the Sonicare toothbrush as well. Even my jammies are part of the routine. I sleep in a shelf bra camisole (just pull the strap down for nursing) and either cotton shorts or pants EVERY night. Enough about how I can ramble!

    Our night time madness actually sounds a LOT like your own, however we get our kiddos in bed at 7:00pm(ish). Our oldest is almost 2 1/2 and our #2 is 7 months old. We eat a family dinner around six, then baths, then jammies, books, to the room, a song, prayer, then my husby and I have the rest of the evenings to ourselves! Our oldest may not go to sleep at the 7:00 hour, but she is in her room...she sometimes plays until 8-8:30 before getting back in bed to sleep, but she knows that 7(ish) is bedtime. Once the kiddos are in their room, the hubs and I can relax, get our jammies on, read, watch TV...whatever suits our fancy! (now we just have to get #2 to sleep through the night)

  64. Oprah turned me on to Karen Neuburger pajamas a few years ago and I have since replaced all of my pajamas with hers. I can usually find them on sale at Dillards, and even sometimes at Costco! I think they are totally worth the expense, though I only let myself buy one new pair per year unless they are on sale for under $20... SO comfortable!!

  65. I wear a nursing camisole from target and either capris or just my undies. These look super comfy! And the fact that you can nurse easily in them is a total plus!

  66. Very cute! Something that I could really use these days. I hate to admit it but I'm still wearing what I wore to bed last night - a pair of my husband's pajama bottoms and a super old t-shirt. Can you tell that we stayed home today?

  67. Wow!I am the first to comment! Well no matter what I where I end up with my shirt around my neck and my boob hanging out because my 5 month old nurses ALL night! These two pajamas look really nice, they look like they would be easy access for my little one! :-)

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