Kiwis are "green" - and so is Kiwi Magazine!

Kiwis are "green" - and so is Kiwi Magazine! 1When I flip through magazines, I like to read helpful articles, to see captivating photos, to find tips and ideas relevant to my life, and to feel connected to the tone of the magazine.

I also like the magazine to have a cohesive vision and a united tone - not to be scatterbrained and full of tangents. For example, it just doesn't ring true when I pick up a parenting magazine and read an article about treating common colds naturally or how to avoid unnecessary medications only to be inundated with ads for ADHD drugs and allergy meds...

I like Kiwi Magazine because they have a target audience and a specific purpose ("helping parents raise their children the healthiest way possible" with a focus on "natural and organic living") - and they stick to it. You won't find ads for processed snacks and toxin-filled toys. Instead, you'll find ads that relate to the content (for green expos, eco-friendly products, and healthy foods). 

Plus, the magazine has a fun layout and cool features. You can check out my full review here.

You have an opportunity to win a one-year subscription to Kiwi Magazine below. [P.S. if you don't win, you can subscribe to Kiwi Mag for $11.95 a year...]

To double your chances of winning, you can fill out my quick and easy 9-question survey about yourself and your relationship to Metropolitan Mama. The first 100 people to complete the survey will receive an extra entry in the drawing to receive a one-year magazine subscription to Kiwi Magazine. *Because the survey is anonymous, you will need to tell me in the comments if you took the survey so that I can give you an additional entry.*

WIN IT! Two winners will receive a one-year subscription to Kiwi Magazine. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, April 27 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, April 28. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winners are #57 Heather B and #31 stampedwithgrace. Congratulations!

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63 comments on “Kiwis are "green" - and so is Kiwi Magazine!”

  1. I wanted to also let you know why this magazine would be up my alley. I'm learning so much about living green, naturally...organically. It's terribly important to me that I raise healthy kids, in a healthy home and in a healthy world! I feel this mag will help me with that.

  2. Thanks for the contest, I have visited Kiwi's online site, but have never seen their print magazine before. I did fill out the survey.

  3. Sounds like a great magazine! I agree with your opinion of wanting consistency in a magazine, esp if it's basis is green/eco living ideas. From the front pic of the example mag, looks like a fun-read too!

  4. I think Kiwi Magazine looks like a great magazine with tips and ideas for my family. I love magazines like this (and Family Fun). They just are full of good stuff.

  5. Happy Earth Day! I am not familiar with this magazine. It must not be sold on the magazine stands
    in my area. I enjoy magazines and would have checked it over! I did just take your survey! Thanks for letting my opinion count. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  6. I've been wanting to read this magazine! I like how you said it has a united theme and doesn't off in tangents - "Parent and Child" magazine is also good in that regard.

  7. that you for bringing this magazine to my attention...even if i don't win I'll most likely subscribe anyway.

  8. I took the survey!

    I love the idea of this magazine and I also really like that it's a year long subscription so it's like a giveaway that keeps on giving!...especially if we pass the magazines onto friends when we're done :)

  9. This magazine looks really interesting! I can't wait to see a copy myself. I am having my first child in August, and am always looking for tips and products that are safe for my little one. took the survey too!

  10. This magazine looks really interesting! I can't wait to see a copy myself. I am having my first child in August, and am always looking for tips and products that are safe for my little one.

  11. This looks like a mag right up my alley. Before the toddler stage my husband and I used to go to bookstores to read the mags. Since that's not possible anymore I'm interested in getting something good at home for those 5 min of free time so I'll probably be ordering this if I don't win it first! It would be a great resource in my efforts to be more green. Oh and I filled out your survey.

  12. Over the past year, I've been trying to green our lives. But I could still use advice and ideas from an editorial staff who has time to research and publish the ideas for people like me. This would be a great read for our family. Oh, and I filled out the survey too.

  13. I'd love a Kiwi subscription. It sounds like their purpose is right in line with my goals as a Mom.

    BTW, I just took your survey. I just wish there were more places on it to say nice things about your blog.

  14. I'd love this subscription! I'm always looking for healthier anything for the kids.

    I completed your survey monkey too:-)


  15. This is right up my alley. I filled out your survey...I didnt see anywhere to put my name though.

  16. I've been interested in this magazine since you first mentioned it (I think that was the first I'd heard of it.) I completed a survey too. Thanks.

  17. This magazine looks wonderful for someone just starting on the green path with young kids. The Eco crafts and how to shop organic are things I want to learn more about. And yes, I completed the survey as well.

  18. I don't mind magazines that post different opinions, but I do agree that it's odd when the ads are in direct opposition to the articles. This magazine sounds good! Thanks for your review. Oh, and I filled out the survey, too. :)

  19. I think your comment about a "cohesive vision" in a magazine really rings true. Kiwi sounds like a great one - and I filled out the survey :)

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