My Favorite Commenters...And Why You Should Comment Too {HINT: free ice cream}

i-love-comments-button-greenWhat do you do when you read a blog post that inspires you...or makes you sad...or glad...or mad?

I currently subscribe to over 70 blogs (31 of which are my "Favorites") and I stop in at quite a few others as well...and I am consistently amazed at the talented writers that exist throughout the blogosphere. As I read, I laugh. I cry. I sigh. I smile. AND THEN I COMMENT. Or at least I try to.

Comments make the blogosphere go round. They are the way you join the community - the way you catch up with old friends and make new friends, the way to totally make a blogger's day.

It may seem like a small thing. A little drop in the bucket. To leave your little "hello" or "I think your daughter is so cute in those cowboy boots" or "I agree that dark chocolate is superior to milk chocolate" or "My 2-year-old is grumpy in the mornings too."

kniticecream1But to the blogger - it's something HUGE. Whether you're commenter #1 or #10,001. Your comments are valued. Appreciated. Taken to heart. I read every single comment. I may not respond all of the time, but I am reading over here and I am so happy that you said something. It makes me want to send you a thank you note. Or a check for a million dollars. Or - in this case - a gift card for FREE ice cream.

Today, I'm happy to "surprise" 4 of my readers with a small token of my gratitude. So many of you leave incredible comments and I'll be highlighting more of you in the future. But for now, I'll stick to 4 (because money doesn't grow on trees around here...otherwise, I'd be outside with a basket on my hip, "harvesting" the crops...).

These four women are loyal commenters that I can always count on to leave insightful, funny, frequent comments:

Miss Erica {blogless...but not for long if I have anything to do with it} - She's funny. She's pretty. She has two little girls. She lives in my neighborhood. And she REALLY needs to start a blog.

Nell {Casual Friday Everyday} - Oh, Nell. Sweet, Thoughtful, Fun-To-Be-Around Nell. If you don't know her, you should. One day we'll meet in real life and go to dinner and laugh our heads off together. I just know it.

Blessed {A Blessed Crazy Life} - She's a positive lady with diverse interests (hunting, scrapbooking, cooking, hiking, etc.), a 2-year-old little girl, and a baby on the way. And I am *blessed* to know her.

Sarah T. {She has a personal blog, but I won't link to it here because I'm not sure she's looking to promote it} - She's the warmest person with a heart of gold and three adorable little boys. She lives in the mountains and she is a home birthing, breastfeeding, babywearing mama.

These 4 women will each receive their choice of a $5 gift card to either Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins. I wish I could give them a vacation getaway to Honolulu or a $5,000 clothing shopping spree, but - for now - ice cream will have to do. Ladies, leave a comment with your "pick" between the two ice cream shops and I'll get in touch with you!

I'll continue to surprise other active commenters in the coming months with prizes - both large and small. So please do comment. Say something important or sentimental or creative or ordinary. Or just say something. Please?


P.S. Are you unsure about what to say when you comment? Are you afraid you'll sound silly or bland? Read my guest column over @ Musings of a Housewife: How to Write Blog Comments That Will Get You Noticed.


sayitforwardlc125x125 5 minutes for momI got my inspiration for this post from 5 Minutes for Mom's Say It Forward column...where I was featured this week!  Thank you Susan, Janice, & Kelli!

tpb125x125 the pixel boutiqueI snagged the above "I Love Comments" button from The Pixel Boutique. Hop on over and get one for yourself if you like.

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18 comments on “My Favorite Commenters...And Why You Should Comment Too {HINT: free ice cream}”

  1. I'm shy to comment, but I'm working on it! I've been reading your blog for a while, and as a new mom I am often reminded of previous topics and want to add my two cents. In your opinion, when is a post too old to comment on?

  2. Im a big fan of comments too--and Im sorry I havent commented here more--I just became a new mommy, and your blog has been a great resource for me!

  3. I have been oh so very absent from the blogoshpere lately. So much so that I feel slightly guilty reading this. Just know that I'm still here and I still love ya. :)

    I think it's awesome that you highlighted your favorite commenters. Such a great way to show your appreciation. You may have just inspired me to do the same. Would you mind if I pay your idea forward?

  4. I love comments, too! I have a hard time replying to all of them, though. I started trying to email-reply, but that got blown out of the water when I couldn't find email addresses for some of the commenters. Still trying to figure it out...

  5. Awesome thing to do for your readers. I agree I love getting comments. Thanks for commenting on my blog when you get a chance.

  6. 5 women? Who's the fifth? (Typo?)

    I totally agree about commenting - very few people comment on my blog, so I often feel like I am writing into a void, which is a bit demotivating. Of the people who do "comment" - about three quarters comment by email or facebook rather than actually leaving a comment on the blog. I can't quite decide if I wish they commented directly or not.

  7. Aw, Stephanie! You definitely made my day. Like the other ladies, I have to agree that you make it easy & fun to comment - both by having such interesting & well-written posts, and by so often responding back to the comments personally (I always kinda feel like I've been 'noticed' by a celebrity!) ;) So thanks for all you do & for the thoughtful recognition & special treat. I think I'll have to pick Baskin Robbins...and maybe even share with my boys.

  8. Dairy Queen soft serve is the stuff of dreams. Seriously. I used to have dreams I was swimming in it. The airiness. The sugariness. The perfect ice cream.

    Obviously, I'm not one of the winners, but I thought I'd try and persuade them to DQ!!

  9. What a fun surprise for those women!
    Even though I only do a family blog- basically, at least... sometimes I veer off onto a soapbox of sorts!- I, too, crave comments. They totally make my day! Especially when I've put a lot of work into a post, knowing that all those family members really want them. When I get less comments, I feel less motivated to share, even though I know people are still reading.

    And yes! I've managed to make a few really good friends just because someone was nice enough to leave a comment and introduce me to the fact that they exist!

  10. Wow! Thanks for the nice surprise this morning! I'll take Dairy Queen... I've been craving a Moo-Latte :). Your posts are easy to comment on - so I have to do like Miss Erica and pass the crown right back too!

    Oh and Miss Erica - you definitely should start a blog - they are great fun, and if you have "nothing to do" in the summer I'm incredibly jealous (grins)

    Thanks again - Jenn

  11. Woo hoo! Thanks, Steph! Seriously, you leave me reasons to comment. So I pass the crown right back to you. I do not, however, pass the gift certificate back. I want that one. :) I'll take Baskin Robbins, please! As for the blog, maybe I'll start one in the summer when I have nothing to do...

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