My Nursing Toddler

My Nursing Toddler 1There was something sweet about when my daughter nursed as a tiny newborn - cradled in my arms, latching on with eyes closed, squirming, those precious little squeaks.

But there is something equally dear about having her nurse as a toddler - her hands cupped around my breast, kneading with one hand, how her free hand sometimes touches my cheek and how she sticks her hand in mine.

I never thought I would still be nursing after the one year mark passed (albeit just at night). But then again, a lot of my preconceived (literally - pre-conceived) ideas have changed. Pre-baby, nursing a toddler seemed silly, unlikely. But seems just right.

(Photo by: Hoover Family Photos) *not a picture of my little girl*

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7 comments on “My Nursing Toddler”

  1. Going back and reading old posts... man, it's a hard night. Facing the reality of weaning, especially since my milk is mostly gone (pregnancy hormones... ah). So far... it's traumatic. I don't know how to make it not. I feel a need to push it, since it hurts and I don't want to tandem nurse, but I also want it to be smooth and comfortable. Sigh. I guess I will continue praying for a miracle. And continue to cry :)

  2. My son is 6 months old now and we only now nurse several times a day.. and honestly I never thought I would have a child.. or god forbid breast feed.. or OMG breast feed a baby who's torso is almost as long as mine! LOL You know jokes aside.. I will continue breastfeeding him as long as I humanly can. He slept through the night the first time last night and I was devistated.. how weird is that. I actually woke up at his usual feeding time and missed him.. and missed snuggling with him. I had to resist the urge to go bust into his room and take him out of the crib and bring him back to bed with me like I do when he wakes up. *sigh*

  3. I know just what you mean. In a lot of ways I have enjoyed nursing much more in the last few months then I did even in the beginning. However I am having some problems with the pill I'm on and since there is only one type you can be on while nursing I am starting to wean her completely now so that I can change pills. I hope to be done by the end of November when she is 15 months old. It will be much more sad then I ever thought.

  4. My oldest nursed until she was just past two. I think she would have kept going if I hadn't gotten pregnant and lost most of my supply.

    I also used to think nursing past infancy was weird, but that all changed when I actually had one of my own. ;)

  5. I nursed my first daughter 13 months and the second one 20 months. (I intended to continue to 2 years but she weaned herself.) I loved it and felt like it was the best thing for my kids. But I have to admit when it was over, it was liberating to get my body back!

  6. I nursed our son until he was 18 months old. I loved it and I miss it. I loved the way he would snuggle in and rub my arm. Now that he doesn't nurse, at night he still lays on my chest and rubs my arm until he falls asleep.

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