National Breastfeeding Awareness Month: resources

breastfeeding-babyGetting ready to breastfeed? Bookmark this post.

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These are resources and products that I find myself recommending again and again to my new mama friends.





YOUR TURN: What are YOUR favorite breastfeeding resources and products?

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12 comments on “National Breastfeeding Awareness Month: resources”

  1. Another thumbs up for the kellymom website, especially the discussion forums. I've learned SO MUCH there and the other members are extremely positive and supportive.

    Thanks for this list! I'm looking for a better nursing bra and will try these.

  2. Marking this post...just in case. I have to say, my favorite breastfeeding resource was my mom and another older woman I know. Between the two of them they had loads of breastfeeding experience, and they helped me so much. Because breastfeeding is HARD, and it's so nice to have ladies around who've been there and done that.

  3. I really wish I'd had some of these resources two years ago when I was getting ready to have Sugar and start on the breastfeeding journey. I'm blessed - I haven't had hardly any trouble - just the one time Sugar bit my nipple in her sleep one night... that was ouchy for a few days...

  4. I love this post. I think the best help with breastfeeding comes from other mommas. I love the Bravado's Original Nursing Bra for right after the baby comes...nothing else will do. I also just tried the LeMystere Nursing Bra and just adore the comfort and shape...great bra!

  5. Ugh...have had mastitis two times in the last three weeks w/Jackson. Guess I'll be perusing the different sites you have! ;-)

  6. Such beautiful breastfeeding pictures of you and your daughter! Oh how I wish I had some. We've found out that Dash is allergic to the formula he has been on, so we're switching to the expensive stuff.

    One things for sure, I won't be getting pregnant again until I have this yeast totally under control so I can breastfeed long term.


  7. Yes I was going to come on here and say is great also. I See that Jill beat me to it :) I use that site all the time while breastfeeding.

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