Nursing After Age One

I always knew that I would breastfeed, but I thought that I'd breastfeed about six months, a year max.

Then, my Little Beauty came along and I realized that you have to either give breastmilk or formula until baby's first birthday. Formula didn't seem like the right choice for our family so I kept nursing.

My Little Beauty had her first birthday in September. As she blew out the candle on her giant cupcake with daddy's help, I couldn't help but think that she still seemed so, well, little and sweet. It didn't seem right to just say, "No, that's it! It's your birthday and that's final!"

Now, she's sixteen months old and nursing at night only. I'm shooting to gently wean and be done by two, but I'm taking a day at a time.

You can read about the benefits of breastfeeding a toddler on the La Leche League website.
Nursing After Age One 1
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37 comments on “Nursing After Age One”

  1. My firt goal which seemed so hard was six months. With the introduction of the good old banana breast feeding became easier. Then I aimed for another 6 months because I didn't want to use formula. Then my baby was sick for 6 months and I continued. Now she's just over 2 and I'm still breastfeeding to the shock and disgust of family and some friends. I don't do it in public, but sometimes my daughter makes it obvious what she wants. It can be embarrassing.

  2. I WISH I could enter (but I can't because I am in Canada) but I wanted to say that my daughter is 13 months and I am still breast feeding with no end in sight. I wasn't able to breastfeed my two sons at all because of thyroid issues so I am LOVING this time with my baby girl... who is not such a baby anymore!

  3. I'd love to enter!

    You wouldn't think I'd need this book; I nursed my eldest until she weaned at almost three. And one year of that was tandem nursing! But my "baby" is 15 months old and holy cow, that boy can nurse. He doesn't want to do anything else. My daughter had a totally different nursing personality, so I think I'm going to need to hunt down some toddler-nursing advice after all!

    Thanks! I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog right now, too, for an autographed copy of The Daring Book for Girls. Stop by for a chance to win!

  4. I think natural weaning for me would between ages of 1 and 2. At age one they are still your little baby but by the time they are age 2 they are active, running around the house toddlers.

  5. I nursed my first for 22 months. I'm pretty sure she quit because I was pregnant again. My second one quit at 13 months, but I pumped for 6 more. I am trying for another and would nurse past the first year again!! cookiecutter72 AT hotmail DOT com

  6. It looks like I'm headed down the same path as you. THis would be great since my other child seemed to wean herself when she started whole milk and never looked back.

  7. Oh wow wow wow, I'd love to read this book. My toddler is 14 months right now, and she loves to nurse. I'm not ready to wean her, but I've wondered if I didn't wean her would she ever stop nursing!?! Surely, but I guess age 2 will be our time to wean as well. She is nursing strong during the day, but it usually for comfort or boredom. Now she's pulling on my shirt in public, and soon she'll be able to lift it to expose me. I'm not sure how to handle that one. Maybe this book has some ideas!

    I'm so glad I found your blog since our babies are so close in age and you are nursing as well!

  8. Sounds like a great book! I nursed my son until he was over 3.5 (at that point it was only at night) and my daughter is 18 months old and still going strong. I nursed while pregnant and tandem nursed with no problem.

    I never planned on nursing that long--I just went with what felt right and waited until he was ready to stop. It's so great to hear all these moms doing extended breastfeeding--I know too many who go straight to formula in the first month. It makes me sad.

    Check out this post for more insight into toddler nursing.

  9. This is a GREAT book! I had a copy and loaned it out. Would love to have one to keep just for me!!


  10. My son is 18 months and going strong with no weaning in sight. Once we hit 2 I may wean so we hopefully we have conceive again!

  11. Ohhh, I'd love to win that! My little one is 18 months and still nursing strong. I think he may be nursing in college the way he refuses to slow down. LOL

  12. I never expected to go past a year, either, but Roo nursed a bit past her second birthday. Mostly at night, like your daughter. She'll be four in March and has only had two fevers, no ear infections... Jasper, on the other hand, is five months and very squirmy and HUGE. We'll see how long I can nurse him. Hopefully at least a year!

  13. I think it is great that you are still nursing! I nursed my oldest son until 18 months (mostly night time), and my second son I quit nursing him at 11 months, because he bit me so hard...bleeding. It was sad to quit early with him. My daughter is almost 10 months old...and I hope to nurse for quite sometime yet. It is so wonderful. Keep it up! :)

  14. Felix just turned two and like you I said I would stop at 6 months, then 1 year and we are still going. Only once per day (in the morning) but I don't see it ending anytime soon!

    I would love to check out this book!

    sarahwooden AT gmail DOT com

  15. I nursed Thomas to 18 months and it just sort of stopped one night and never again, it was kind of sad, but then again I was pregnant with our little Libbie, now 4 months old, I wonder how long this time will last? Surprisingly different than Thomas though. Good luck!

  16. It's funny how time goes by so son is 6 1/2 months old. When I delivered in June, I thought, a year...that's crazy! But now, I can't imagine stopping...he's never been sick a day in his life! We'll keep nursing until he decides he's ready to wean...

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