Pretty Nursing Bras, Please!

Pretty Nursing Bras, Please! 1Yesterday my friend Germaine and I were lamenting the woes of nursing bra shopping.

Typical nursing bra shopping experience:
1. Enter maternity store.
2. Look through bras.
3. Color choices: antique white and beige (if you're very lucky, there MIGHT be black)
4. Style choices: None
5. Decide on one of two ugly options.
6. Look for your size.
7. All of the bras are too small.
8. Leave store empty-handed.

We decided that we need more options. We want pretty nursing bras...reds and pinks and blues and polka dots and sparkles, maybe even a little lace. And we want matching nursing bra and panty sets.

We're tired of wearing ugly undergarments. We want functional and fashionable (not either/or).

Here's our newest mantra: "No more pasty panties and blah bras!"

(Photo from: Condessa)

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4 comments on “Pretty Nursing Bras, Please!”

  1. I can't believe it either! Now, if only Target (or a similar retailer) would sell something like this for under $20. I'd be the first in line.

  2. I can't believe that's a nursing bra! I've given up on them for regular bras that are easy on and off -- for example, the kind that fasten in front.

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