Product Review: Boppy Bare Naked

Product Review: Boppy Bare Naked 1This is truly one of the best products that I received as a shower gift. I use it every day (multiple times per day).

In essence, the Boppy pillow makes nursing easier because it allows for the baby to rest comfortably at breast level. In the first week after L & D, I found myself trying to hold the baby while nursing - and my arms and back ached after just a few days. The Boppy was the perfect solution.

When my baby reached five months, we used the Boppy as a little "seat" of sorts. She could kick back in the donut-shaped pillow as she learned to sit.

* Boppy pillows are available almost everywhere: Target, Babies-R-Us, the babycenter store, etc.
* Boppy pillows are mashine-washable.
* Boppy pillows are easy on the wallet. Most retailers sell this item for $20-$25.

* None

5 Stars. Yes, I would buy it again. Yes, I love it. Yes, it's what I consider an "essential" item.

There are quite a few different varieties of Boppy pillows on the market. I received two at my baby shower - the Boppy Bare Naked (pictured above) and the Boppy Signature Toile de Joie Pink. The Bare Naked was $20, the Boppy Signature was close to $50. I ended up returning the Signature because, as far as I could tell, they were almost identical. The Signature one was pink and slightly bigger - but that didn't seem to warrant a $20+ increase.

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