Product Review: Lily Padz

Product Review: Lily Padz 1Lily Padz - "the only completely non-absorbent nursing pad that conforms to you and not your bra"

I went out and purchased a pair of Lily Padz around week four or five of nursing. I was looking for a pad that was smooth and bulk-free - one that would allow me to wear normal shirts again without two big circles of material bulging out in an unsightly fashion...

* Lily Padz are lightweight and "skinny" - they adhere to your skin and they succeed in making you look like you're not wearing a pad at all.

* Lily Padz adhere to your skin because they have one "sticky" side. The "stick" remains even after lightly washing the pads each day. Personally, I didn't like the sticky feeling - it didn't seem right to smush the nipple flat and then to peel it off at the end of the day.
* Lily Pads last for a limited amount of time (the website says they are good for approximately 2 months) - and then you have to purchase a new set.

3.5 Stars. It may just me, but I don't like the sticky feeling. I'd rather put up with the washable cotton pads.

Lily Padz can be purchased at Motherhood Maternity, the baby center store, and many private retailers. [Not available at Target or Babies-R-Us]

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