Sleep Advice from the Experts

Sleep Advice from the Experts 1When it comes to sleep issues in the first year of baby's life, I am a firm believer in doing whatever allows you and your family to sleep best (and ignoring the supposed solutions of sometimes narrow-minded physicians). For example, there are no hard and fast rules about baby's sleep locale so feel free to experiment to see what's right for you and your family. Crib? Bassinet? Co-sleeper? Family bed? Mattress on the floor? As long as you are following safety guidelines, there's no reason you have to adhere to one specific philosophy.

That said, sleep is an ever-present topic for new parents (who are always looking for ways to get their baby to sleep longer and more peacefully) and there is something to be said for trying out methods that others have used successfully.

The "sleep experts" (Dr. Sears, Elizabeth Pantley, Marc Weissbluth, Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack, Dr. Harvey Karp, and Tracy Hogg) can give you some initial guidance if you're at a loss.

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2 comments on “Sleep Advice from the Experts”

  1. Melissa,

    Thanks for sharing. Your post reminded me again of how unique every child's sleeping (or not sleeping) patterns are.

    That's why I'm not a big believer in any one particular "method." Assuming that "if you just do A, B, and C, everyone will sleep perfectly" just doesn't resonate with me as a mom.

    Being flexible and patient (trying something, then trying something different, repeat) seems to be the more realistic approach.

    Eventually, out little ones will all be older and sleeping peacefully through the night in their own beds. Until then, we can swap bedtime sagas. :)

  2. We're a family in definite need of a good night's sleep. Bridget, my 24-month-old, co-sleeps with us for the majority of the night. But I am hoping that when we move her to a big bed soon, she will learn to sleep in that by herself. Instead of her climbing into bed with me, I can go to her bed. And then eventually, I hope she can see her own bed as a comfortable place to be. My Hannah never had sleep issues, never. My son didn't sleep until he was almost four. We're just plain pooped. :-0

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