SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods

SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods 1SLY Award recipient Kristen McGee left this comment on one of my recent posts about running, "There is another mom I like to walk with here, and I am thinking of convincing her to run a 5K with my in the fall (I figured that would be enough time to recover from baby #2…). We’ll see!"

As most of you know, I run regularly and have competed in completed several 5Ks. Now that I've discovered all of the boons of running, I can't help but encourage my friends to give it a try.

SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods 2As such, I'm happy to be hooking Kristen up with a $50 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods to help her on her way.

Perhaps she will pick out a performance tee, some great new kicks, or a super cute running skirt [click on each of the pictures to see more details]:

SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods 3 SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods 4 SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods 5

I also wanted to take a minute to tell Kristen (and you! - my readers!) about a special opportunity that you might be interested in:

SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods 6Dick's is currently hosting a Starting Lineup contest to find 10 people to test out new products for them in the coming year. You can check out all of the rules by clicking on that little button to the left ( do have to have a Twitter account to participate...another reason to sign up for a twitter account). The deadline is March 31st.

Even if you choose not to participate in the contest, you can still keep-up-to-date with all of the latest news related to Dick's Sporting Goods by following on twitter: @dickssportcmo.

Oh, and Kristen? If you do decide to move forward with your plan (I hope you do! 5Ks are so much fun!), you might want to check out my past post: How to Train for a 5K.


SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods 7WIN IT! One winner will receive a $50 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, March 24th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.


SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods 8Dick's Sporting Goods has generously donated 2 $50 gift cards for this SLY Awards promotion – one for Kristen and one for the giveaway. I received no product or monetary compensation for this post. I’m just excited to celebrate Kristen and…you.

*UPDATE* The winner is #200 Sarah C. Congratulations!

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207 comments on “SLY Awards: Dick's Sporting Goods”

  1. We love Dick's Sporting Goods.
    We have bought a lot of things there.
    We are playing softball this year so
    this win would be great.

  2. We went to the Grand Opening of a Dick’s Sporting Goods about nine months ago or so. They really did a smooth job of running the event. We were able to find what we wanted, but did not get stuck in long lines since the store had enough employees to help everyone

  3. If you are going to run for the first time or the first time in a while for an event, be sure that you are in proper condition to do so. When you're running on a hard surface like concrete or asphault, it can be easy to injure an ankle or knee or muscle if you do not properly prepare and, on the day of the event, warm up your muscles

  4. After this baby, I plan to work hard at getting back in shape quicker this time, right now I could use some good shoes for walking in.

  5. I can't run but I love to walk. I'm really looking forward to nice weather so I can get outside and not worry about falling down on the ice or freezing in sub-zero weather.

  6. Dick's Sporting Goods is a great place to shop for all of your sporting goods. My husband is going to shop for some new running outfits for spring and summer.

  7. Have a New Years goal of running my first marathon here in Houston. Have been walking an average of 15 miles per week building it up slowly. Would love to be able to purchase some shoes on-line at Dicks....I want to thank Dick's Sporting Goods for offering this $50 gift card to one of us and Kristen....Good Luck Kristen!

  8. I get all of my son's shoes at Dick's. I like the variety,price, and the location of the stores. Also, I like to shop on dicks website. Thanks

  9. My kids and I love Dicks Sporting Goods. It's amazing how much stuff they want there. I love it cuz it gets my children excited about sports and camping and running and... all sorts of healthy things!

  10. I walk every day with my wife so this would be great to get some walking shoes since mine wear out quickly! The heel inside is shot now.

  11. I could really use some nice workout pants for when I go walking with my little girl or go to the gym. I need the pants since I got some great sneakers! lol

  12. That is so great I have never tried running but that is because of one large bad habit ..I am a smoker and probably wouldn't make it running down my driveway :( KUDOS to you gals for taking such good care of yourselves :)

  13. I discovered last week that we have a Dick's only minutes from our home. I could only runi n and out for what I needed but it was hard not to stand open mouthed in awe in the middle of the store.

    My Dad had told me how huge it was there, he loves it too.


  14. I used to run and just recently started again as baby #3 is getting older. It's so hard with little ones to make the time, but when you do it feels great.

  15. I quit smoking 1 month ago. And been working out for the past month. I've been doing Jillian Michaels "Shred" Dvd. And walking everyday. I will be 52 next week. I don't care how old you are. It's never too late. I love Dick's sporting goods. It's a great place to get sneakers and work out clothes.

  16. I'm so glad winter is finally over! I can now take my furry girl for the nice long walks we both enjoy again. Walking a dog is so much more fun than just walking, IMHO. Plus the tunes on the iPod make it fun too! Now I just need to get some new shoes for the season!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. I don't run but I do like to walk a few times a week. I would love to get a pair of new walking shoes if I win.

  18. I'm not a runner - my body isn't cut out for it, but I do enjoy walking!
    I think I'd use the money for fireline or put it towards a gps!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. We'd put this to good use towards getting hubby a bike, so we can all hit the trails this summer, not just me with the kid!

  20. Dick's is pretty much where it's at if you're a runner without a local running shop to go to. They're the only big chain that carries a legitimate selection of running shoes that you'd normally only find at a specialty running store.

  21. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I have been walking for exercise. This prize would go toward a good pedometer!


  22. My daughter is a soccer player and we shop here quite often. This GC would be excellent!!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  23. I was just talking about starting running now that the weather is starting to warm up in NY. I could use a new pair of running shoes!

  24. My bf and I want running shoes so we can jog together but we are on a budget! This would help out so much!

  25. My husband and I have started to exercise regularly --and I would love to get a new tennis racket--so we can play tennis together. thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I love to take walks with my husband and daughter in the evenings. It is so peaceful and a great way to just enjoy each other. Dick's sports has so much and I can think of so many things to buy for my husband and daughter.

  27. I used to run in a lot of 5ks and 10ks but I got out of it for a while. This gift card might be the incentive to try again. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  28. My husband loves this store, he could spend hours in there, I love the selection of shoes they carry. always a good price

  29. THis would help us out alot.. My daughter is a great little girl who has taught herself how to ride her bike without training wheels because she didn't want to wait for me or daddy to help her.. and well she needs a new helmet and yeah this would be great

  30. We all play in a summer recreational tennis league, so you can imagine how many cans of tennis balls we go through in just a few short months. If I'm lucky enough to win, it would be great to stock up and surprise my family, just in time to start playing. Thanks!

  31. My grandkids are into soccer, hockey and I would love to win so I can buy them new equipments for their birthday. Thanks

  32. I REALLY need a new bike to keep me fit this summer, but I might just blow this on cute active wear that I won't necessarily be active in. :)

  33. i am always amazed with the variety of products available at Dick's. Even if you are not a runner, there are plenty of outdoor activities that promote good health.

  34. I'm happy to see that they carry my favorite brand of running shoes -- Mizuno.

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. I need some new walking shoes. I work w/ autistic children all day and I walk from one end of the building and back all day long.

  36. My husbands birthday is comming up so the $50 GC would come in handy so I could get him some new golf things.

  37. I started running last yr and LOVE it! I have my first 5k of 2010 on April 10th! I would love to purchase some new things from Dick's! :)

  38. I'd love to win this. My son is starting t-ball this summer and it would help with buying all of his supplies he'll need to play!

  39. I'm actually thinking about buying a treadmill now to get in shape for summer; I don't know if I'll ever be able to run in a marathon but I really want to increase my stamina and tone up my legs.

  40. I have osteo-arthritis in my right ankle from a bad break years, ago. But I need to do some type of exercise other than running or walking for long distances.

  41. I’d love to win for my dad’s birthday he wants a new fishing reel….I’d love to take him shopping for one (because I don’t know a darn thing about reels)

  42. I would love to win this Dick's gift card. Spring is here and I need to start riding my bike again, but not without a helmet. This GC would get me a helmet for riding. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. I would love to get this as there are tons of things there that I would buy. Lots of sporting goods things that I would enjoy, or my family would enjoy.

  44. I would love to win the gift card and use it to buy a new bike rack for our car. That way we could go to some great bike trails a few towns over.

  45. I can't run but good luck if you run another 5K. I would put the gift card towards the Greenhouse 4-Shelf Growers Corner. I could grow things year round.

  46. I just heard that Dicks is coming to my town. Yay! I'd love to get some shoes there.

    oinkmoobaa (@) yahoo (.) com

  47. I am working up to my first 5k! I started by walking first, then ran a mile a day, and now I am up to 2 miles a day!

  48. I have a friend who is always doing running but to bad she lives so far away. I could never picture myself doing any races as a mile seems like so much. I love dick sport goods though and would probably get my kids bike helmets.

  49. Ironically, my mother just got me into running! She has beaten breast cancer and ran her first marathon last spring! She really amazes me, so I have finally agreed to start running with her, although I must admit, I am afraid! hehe!

  50. I'm looking forward to bike riding season. I got my bike out today and rode a little bit with my niece in the parking lot. She's just as excited as I am and we are both in need of new helmets.

  51. I'm not a runner, but I love Dick's Sporting Goods. We finally got a store not too far from where we live.

  52. I like Dicks..they have a lot of our local sports teams merchandise, if I won I'd buy some Cleveland Cavaliers shirts for my husband!

  53. Ooooh, I want to try out the Nike Free running shoes! I'm curious about the low-profile, low cushioning, and how my back and shins would feel. My hubby really likes his pair! I'm running a half marathon in June.

  54. Each spring I tell myself that this will be the year that I run a 5K. Maybe this will be the year!

    michelle dot lee dot carter at gmail dot com

  55. I really think that if I had a cute exercise outfit that I might actually exercise. :) No, I really need a new pair of jogging shoes, though.

  56. I have osteo-arthritis in my knees and I can't walk very far at one time! I would like to try a new pair of walking shoes that might help.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  57. Great looking NIKE running products. However I'd use the Gift Certicate towards a bike tune-up just in time for spring-summer riding.

  58. One of my new year's resolutions was to get in better shape. I have been keeping up with yoga, and now that spring is here I want to start running, too. I would love to get some new running shoes!

  59. I try to make it to the treadmill at the gym at least four times a wk. New shoes from Dick's would help, too. And they are opening a new one at our mall.

  60. I'm not a runner, but admire those who are. I am a walker, however. I love Dick's merchandise and I've had great customer support from them.

  61. I would love to win and help offset some of the cost of my oldest being old enough to play team sports! We just spent $50 at Dick's on baseball gear, and soccer season is right around the corner. Thank you for the giveaway!

  62. Well, I'm entering this one for my hubby! I would love to win some of the others products you are giving away...for myself! lol! hubby is going to be entering the world of parenthood AGAIN with me so why not honor him. I'd pass this one along to my love!

  63. I admire all you runners --- I am working my way up there. I walk about 7 km two to three times a week. Some parts of my walk I have began to jog and soon I hope that I can get to running the whole 7km. I would love to win this -- thanks for the great giveaway:)

  64. My husband has taken up camping and could use a really warm sleeping bag. Dick's Sporting Goods has great camping supplies. Thanks.

  65. We're more of a soccer family than running, although my youngest did do cross country for a while. My son is a goalie and boy can his equipment get expensive. Dick's makes the shopping easy when you can do it online.

  66. Dicks has such a great selection of women's sports wear. Just don't tell them I wear my yoga pants all the time, not just for yoga!

  67. I too love 5ks!! They are the perfect distance. Maybe Dicks could help me find some better shoes for this painful bunion of mine! I really miss running.

  68. I'm about to have a baby and in some serious need of new tennis shoes. I'll be wanting to run this post preggo fat as soon as I can!

  69. I was going to try to run a 5k, but after aiming for it on the treadmill for a while, I think I have realized it is not for me. I prefer walking. ;) I would love to win this, I really want to get a pair of skechers shape ups.

  70. I used to run regularly... then life/family happened. :( I just recently got back out and ran - loved it til I got shin splints. Now I'm back from that and thinking of trying again... just not quite so much!

  71. Dicks is my husband's favorite store. With the sun sweetly shining on us lately I am sure he would really be thrilled if we win this one!:P

  72. I would like to use this gift card to purchase some
    athletic products from Dick's Sporting. Maybe some bands to warm up with.

  73. My son is cross country and my daughter really wants a new pair of rollerblades. I would use it toward on of these things for the kids!

  74. I am so waiting to get back on the tennis court this year. I would love to win this for a new collection of tennis balls do they have new balance

  75. Ooh! Now that I've been working out, I'd love some proper workout gear. It's hard to feel cute working out in a a ten-year-old sports bra (no joke), a giant tee shirt and boxer shorts... Or I could get my husband some of those adjustable weight dumbbells, which he would love. Decisions, decisions.

  76. We have a Dick's Sporting Goods nearby and my husband buys all of his fishing gear there. I would give him the $50 gift card for his birthday...well, maybe a little something else, too.

  77. I could really use a new pair of running shoes. I am still planning on participating in my first 5k this spring!

  78. We buy all of our gear at Dick's, and I really need a pair of running shoes to start getting back into shape. I'm sure this would go toward a pair of Mizunos, which my husband swears by.

  79. I want to start running again and I have been looking for new running shoes. I like Dick's because they help you compare the different shoes to get the right one for your needs.

  80. Dick's is a great place to shop - my daughter plays two high school sports, and we are frequent shoppers!

  81. As you know, I'd like to start running and I bet Dicks would have something there that would suit my needs. And can you believe I've never been inside a Dick's before?!


  82. My knees don't do running anymore, so I have to settle for power walking. In the summer I take the kids up to the high school track once or twice a week and make them practice running a mile. They think I'm the meanest mother in the world.

  83. I am so ready for spring around here so that I can start playing soccer outside with the kids. We go to Dick's for all our sports needs.

  84. I'm enjoying your SLY Awards. Kristen is on the right track since she already has a friend she walks with regularly. I've found that having an exercise partner motivates me to get up early for a run. After meeting for over a year, my running partner and I decided to bite the bullet and register for a half marathon in May.

  85. I am trying so hard to motivate myself to go running. Maybe some cute new running gear would help with that??? :)

  86. Pasadena got up to 90 degrees today! I take walks and jogs with Audrey daily and lately have only been wearing pants. I think I need to get back into shorts...a running skirt would be fabulous. I keep wanting to buy one!

  87. I don't run (at least not yet!) but we love outdoor activities as a family. This evening we enjoyed our first bike ride of the year. Sporting good stores are always lots of fun!

  88. I walk every day. BUt im not a good runner to tell you the truth. I will have to work my way up to that. I "tried" jogging at park. i was in slow motion i swear, I probaly coulda walked faster. OH well i tried LOL

  89. I never heard of Dick's Sporting Goods before. They have very nice things. I will be shopping there. Thank You

  90. I give Kristen a lot of credit! As a mom of a toddler, I really need to get out and exercise more; but, it's difficult to find the time. By the end of the day, when my husband comes home from work, I'm too tired to move, let alone go for a run. :) I wish Kristen the best of luck. :)

  91. I love Dick's Sporting goods. Their prices are affordable and the selection of exercise equipment is expansive. I haven't had a chance to vote in the starting lineup contest...but, will be heading over there now!

  92. I've always wanted to run a 5K and am slowly thinking of doing one someday...I just am afraid of failing. I need to get past that at some point. You go Kristen!! :)

  93. Mike ran a marathon several years ago (our son was just a few months old and our daughter was around two). It was one of the coldest, rainiest days of the year and he did awesome anyway. I'll never forget standing there at the finish line, freezing and wet, cheering him on with tears in my eyes. I'm not a runner (can't with my knee), but I admire all of you who are!


  94. I no longer run as it is too hard on the knees, but I have had people tell me that I may as well be when I power walk. I am just gearing up for backpacking season so this card could come in handy!

  95. A door frame based chin-up bar is high on my wish list. I like body weight based exercises as an alternative to weights. Dick's has the equipment I need.

    Hope to win.

  96. A 5K is on my bucket list!!! I would use the card for some new running shoes that are desperately needed! Thanks for the chance!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  97. I'm sure I could find a way to spend a $50 gift card at Dick's. I played golf when I was single and had disposable money (and time). My husband is interested in learning, so we could pick up some new equipment and spend a little couple time out on a course while the weather is so nice!

  98. I run 3 miles a day but would like to run more but don't have enough time before work. Running is the best way I clear my head and stay focused. I'm not sure what I would buy at Dick's if I won this card but it would be something running related.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  99. I am definitely not a runner, but I did force myself to do it for a summer and managed to get up to the point where I could run (okay, you should really read that as jog) for a solid thirty minutes. I am definitely in need of some motivation to get myself back in shape and would love to have a gift card to spend on some workout clothes to inspire me.

  100. I would love to win this. My son is doing Spring Track at his school, and wants a certain pair of Nikes. I'd put this toward them!

  101. My need for a new sports bra is overwhelming. I would totally use this gift card as an opportunity to get my workout undergarments in order!

  102. We shop at Dick's all the time. It starting to look like Spring outside so we can soon start taking family bike rides. Yeah!

  103. I'm training for a half marathon this summer and while it's hard to get myself out the door somedays and run with both of my girls - I also like teaching them the importance of staying healthy!

  104. I love Dick's Sporting Goods. We bought a free-standing basketball goal from there for our kids. It's a quality product. Great place to shop for sporting gear and clothes/shoes.

  105. I've always tried to stay fit, and now that I am pregnant with #3, I am trying harder than ever to keep up with those workouts. Some new running gear would really be nice. My stuff has holes in it for goodness sake. I think that if I want to have more motivation to workout, I should probably get something that makes me feel good while doing it.

  106. I'm not a runner, but I'd like to try! I've walked in a local 5K previously and am thinking of using your 5K training guide to make it a run instead of a walk this year. We'll see! I have until mid-July...

  107. I am not the running type, but I do love walking and now that spring is maybe almost here (although I am not holding my breath... it is Cleveland after all), I will be outside with Little C and our dog taking lots of walks and playing in the grass... although that will most likely be barefoot!

  108. With the children getting involved in sports more and more, we are getting to know Dick's Sporting Goods. They are great and have wonderful prices.

  109. Help - How do I tweet someone else? I just started my twitter account yesterday and I have no idea how to work it!

    I would love to get on their gear crew because I could really use some new stuff - either that or warmer weather because I have plenty of warm weather clothes.

    Hey I just finished my first half marathon on Saturday!

  110. We have quite a few Dicks in our area, my husband actually worked there for a year back a few years. They have such a large selection of products - my husbands favorite place to buy sports stuff!

    autumn398 @

  111. I soooo want to start running. You know what's holding me back? I need a pair of running shoes. I would love to win a prize from Dick's!

  112. I used to run track while in school, but got out of the habit while in college. I've also moved since then. What seems to set me back the most is the temperature here in the summer - easily 100+ regularly. I also hate treadmills. Right now I do a lot of walking, but I'm going to make a conscious effort to begin running again after our first child is born this summer. :)

  113. I just walked in the door after a brisk 3 mile walk down by the beach this morning. I am STILL trying to get into running. I was doing quite well last summer, then petered out. I have JUST re-started a couch to 5k program. I can run more than one minute at a time, but when I do that, I burn myself I am trying to take it slow this time so as not to over do it and lose the excitement of it. I know there is a secret runner in me. You know, I just remembered that it was one of your posts about running that I was led to from a friend and in turn commented on. I am so glad to have found a friend in you!

  114. Ok, so we don't have a Dick's here, but I am sure I could find something online. It may be just thee motivation I need to start running. It is so hard to be consistent with the short warm weather season here in MT, but I really need to kickstart a new fitness routine and I always see results when I run.

  115. We love Dick's sporting goods around here too - they are an awesome store, always have the greatest customer service!

    I can't run... doctor's orders, but I do walk and am looking forward to breaking out the tennis shoes again - as soon as the sun starts shining and it quits raining!

  116. One of my best friends ran a HALF last fall. She wants me to run at least a 5k with her--but I always get intimidated. I really want to go for it this year, though. I just need the shoes for it! I keep telling Kristen she just needs to go for it, too! Thanks for this giveaway!

  117. Who isn't in the running mood with this perfect weather? Running is a time when you can be by yourself enjoying the great outdoors, or you can run with a friend and catch up with each other. A new running outfit might just be what one needs to get out there and run. Thank you Dick's Sporting Goods for that opportunity.

  118. I LOVE running! 5Ks are a great race too, not too long, not too short..perfect! I would love to win a Dick's gift card to pick up some more fun running gear. There is just something about having new, fun gear that really pushes you to get out the door and start running.

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