SLY Awards: Shabby Apple

SLY Awards: Shabby Apple 1I happen to know that SLY Award recipient Stephanie Precourt is totally fashionable (but not in the typical, airbrushed, magazine way - she has her own signature sense of style and she rocks it).

I also know that she loves SHABBY APPLE.

Shabby Apple offers "great dresses that make dressing simple." Their big thing is that all of their dresses cover enough that you don't have to wear a tank top or a cardigan to "complete" the outfit. You can just put it on, add fab shoes, and go.

I am pleased to let Steph know that she will have her choice of one of the following 5 dresses [click on each image for specific product details]:

SLY Awards: Shabby Apple 2 SLY Awards: Shabby Apple 3 SLY Awards: Shabby Apple 4 SLY Awards: Shabby Apple 5 SLY Awards: Shabby Apple 6

From Left to Right: Anchors Away ($74), Baja ($62), Circo ($62), Duck Beach (on sale for $61), 90 Words Per Minute ($64)

I wonder which one she will choose. Which one is YOUR favorite?

P.S. If you like, you can: Follow Shabby Apple on Twitter or Become a Fan of Shabby Apple on Facebook.


SLY Awards: Shabby Apple 7WIN IT! One winner will receive a 90 Words Per Minute dress by Shabby Apple (Size: M). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, April 9th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.


SLY Awards: Shabby Apple 8Shabby Apple has generously donated 2 dresses for this SLY Awards promotion – one for Steph and one for the giveaway. I received no product or monetary compensation for this post. I’m just excited to celebrate Steph and…you.

*UPDATE* The winner is #18 Nancy S. Congratulations!

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89 comments on “SLY Awards: Shabby Apple”

  1. The 90 wpm is super cute - I especially like the way it is cut in the's something a little different!

  2. Sadly, I don't wear dresses that often but looking at the site makes me want to! I like the Anchors Away dress, it's prim & proper but oh-so-sexy too!

  3. It's such a hard choice between the red stripe and the navy stripe… I think I'm leaning towards navy. I love the cut, it looks like it would be very slimming!

  4. The dresses are all so cute. I love 90 Words Per Minute and Duck Beach. I really enjoyed checking out Shabby Apple's website. It is very sophisticated and easy to navigate.

  5. Such lovely dresses..I'm drooling over everything on the site! I like the 90 Words Per Minute dress, the vibrant color is gorgeous!

  6. I gained alot of weight about 2urs ago due to a back and neck injury. I have lost about 60lbs and this would be great to have something new to show off my hard work!

  7. I love the classic styles of their dresses! The Circo one is probably my favorite, but I can see myself wearing the 90 Words Per Minute dress a lot too (and I'm a size medium...woohoo!). :)

  8. I was just switching out my winter to summer clothes and thinking that I don't have any nice dresses. This is my size too! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  9. What amazing, ladylike dresses. I love them - especially the prize dress and Central Park West.

  10. oh they have such beautiful clothing! I would pick the Duck Beach dress. If only our budget would allow for a splurge, I would buy it from them!

  11. these dresses look like the dresses they sell at mimi & red here in san diego! i love them! my friend megan would die for one also, i know that for sure. delightfully gorgeous dresses if i do say so myself!

  12. I love these dresses. They are so fun and easy... definitely what I look for in ALL of my clothing. Call me lazy, or call me sensible. Either way, I would love to slip in to one of these.

  13. Shabby Apple does make beautiful dresses with clever names. I love that Baja dress and 90 Words per Minute.

  14. I've had my eye on these dresses for awhile. They have such great style! I think my favorite is the Upper East Side dress

  15. I can understand why she would love Shabby Apple. Their clothes are fun, sassy, elegant and unique. I hope I win this dress, but I also have a feeling that I will be buying others from their collections as well!

  16. These dresses actually look stylish and comfortable. I have a terrible time finding dresses that fit.

  17. I love these retro-inspired dress designs. Nothing is cooler in summer than a dress, and it looks good on most figures! Great updates on classics.

  18. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win it, 90 WPM is a great dress! Shabby Apple is awesome and I've been in love with their 'real' princess dresses for girls for a long time! someday...

  19. I'm really into stripes lately, so I'd have have to pick Baja...but they are all adorable. Stephanie would look good in any of them, but something tells me Steph would like the Duck Beach dress. Great giveaway!

  20. I am also a big fan of Shabby Apple! I think Stephanie will pick your "Circo" Dress. I really
    like the "Baja" Dress. Many thanks, Cindi

  21. I love them all! The detail on these dresses are simple yet very striking. The "Anchors Away" dress is so unique. Thanks for introducing me to a new site!

  22. I'm loving both the 90 Words Per Minute and the Duck Beach dresses! I'll have to bookmark this website, because I'm hoping to loose a bit mor eof the lingering pregnancy wieght and then treat myself to some new clothes!

  23. So pretty. All of them! The 90 wpm dress is just beautiful...but the red one is sassy too! Oh to be able to wear a fun dress just because! Not sure I could pull it off being a jeans and flip flops gal ;-) I have a friend that just decided that she is no longer wearing denim. No jeans for a year. Challenging herself to dress differently and dress up more.

    Your SLY awards are so thoughtful and creative! Steph is sure to be blessed by you!!

  24. I love dressing up but just don't have any dresses anymore. You know a great dress when you don't have to add to it to dress it up. That's why I like the Baja in black and white - no way to go wrong with that one. And just my size too at least I hope I am still a M :)

  25. Every time a blogging conference comes around, I start hearing about Shabby Apple. I love their dresses when I see them on all of the beautiful women at Blissdom. I have had the Storm dress book marked for awhile but haven't bought it.

  26. I just love the Bon Voyage dress on their site. They have such great items. I really love that older 1920's - 1940's look and there I can find so much.

  27. Steph is so fashionable! And if she thinks these dresses rock, then I'd like to try em out ;)


  28. I think I like the Circo best. Those are some cute/stylish dresses though.

    Congratulations again Steph on being a SLY recipient.

  29. Finding your own sense of style is so hard however Shabby Apple has some cute stuff that really would help make me a bit stylish.

  30. I've never heard of Shabby Apple but these dresses are cute! How fun. I love that the weather is getting warmer now and its time for skirts and dresses :) Thanks for this opportunity!

  31. The Anchors Away dress is my favorite, I think. I've been trying to dress up a bit more lately and one of their dresses would be a great addition to my anemic wardrobe.

  32. Those are fun! I think my favorite is the Duck Beach dress, but I love dresses and skirts and would like any of them! I think working where I do this year definitely made me more fashionable (otherwise I would have been the frumpy teacher), and I love getting new clothes now. :)

  33. So glad you're celebrating Steph. She's an amazing mom and a wonderful writer. Adventures in Babywearing is one I ALWAYS read when there's an update in my Google Reader.

    By the way, I've been a huge fan of Shabby Apple for a couple of years. I love how they name and model their dresses. So fun and so lovely. 90 WPM dress is actually one of my faves (and I happen to be a medium).

    Thanks so much for doing the SLY awards...such a great idea. You're always full of wonderful blogging and giving ideas--love that about you!

  34. Cute dresses! I can't wait to check out their website for more. I love the idea of clothes that actually cover you AND are fashionable.

    I've just started reading Steph's blog and I'm already hooked.

  35. I have only been reading Adventures in Babywearing for a short while, but I am already hooked. Stephanie's writing is beautiful, her sense of style is is amazing, and her kids are adorable. I can't wait to see which dress she chooses.

    I am thrilled you chose Stephanie for this award. She totally deserves it!

  36. That website is such a great find! The Baja dress is really fun - I love black and white. The 90 WPM dress is also beautiful, I love that blue. It's a color that anyone could probably wear.

  37. I love the way you described these dresses: " their dresses cover enough that you don’t have to wear a tank top or a cardigan to “complete” the outfit." I have that problem with so many of my clothes. I did a mental inventory the other day of shirts and dresses that I can wear by themselves. Not a lot. I'm gonna have to check out more of Shabby Apple's dresses!

  38. I think she should choose the duck beach dress. So cute! They are all really cute though. I would love the 90 WPM only, after I have this baby and get back to a size M!!

  39. WOW I love these dresses!! I love the duck beach and 90 WPM ones. yeah I agree with kristen I wonder what size i will be after molly is born!

  40. Stephanie! What a great blessing... all moms love new and beautiful things. I am grateful that Stephanie will be blessed by this dress. And that someone else will be, too! I wonder what size I'll be post-partum (maybe I shouldn't think about it!). :)

  41. I like Baha and 90 Words Per Minute. I've been following Stephanie's blog for sometime and love it! She is such a sweet person. I also love Shabby Apple but haven't had the money to buy one. I'm also always a little bit scared of buying clothes without trying them on, so free would be a good way to do it.

  42. That would be the perfect size for me :) Ha! I've been dreaming about their dresses since I was introduced to them, I think, on Steph's blog. So pretty!

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