Somebody Loves You, Joy Maddox!

Somebody Loves You, Joy Maddox! 1

Congratulations to Joy Maddox…this week's recipient of a SLY Award here on Metropolitan Mama.

Somebody Loves You, Joy Maddox! 2Joy is a fitting name for Joy. She has an incessant smile and always has a word of encouragement to share. She loves her kids intensely and parents gently. And she loves the earth, growing things with her own hands. She's been gardening since she was a little girl and now she continues that tradition with her four kids, lovingly teaching them about tending the soil and tending to peoples' hearts.

Won’t you join with me as I celebrate Joy and shower her with two surprise gifts hand-selected just for her? Oh, and YOU will have a chance to win both products too.

If you know Joy in real life or if you read her blog [Joyful Growing], please leave a compliment here for her. Let's give her something to smile about today!



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17 comments on “Somebody Loves You, Joy Maddox!”

  1. Congrats, Joy! I love to garden as well, and am looking forward to sharing that with my son. This year I'm going to set aside a section of our garden for him, where we'll plant some faster-growing vegetables. He already has his toddler-sized garden tools, so we're good to go! I'm eager to check out your blog, and read about your experiences gardening with your children.

  2. Stephanie, I'm SO EXCITED about the gardening tools. I'm sitting here giggling. I'm so so so so so, hands clasped, big smile, excited. Thank you!!!

  3. Congrats Joy! It's great to meet you!!! Your blog posts are lovely and engaging, I can't wait to get to know you better.

  4. Congratulations, Joy! You're an awesome mom and a great friend! I always enjoy our talks and feel enriched by you! I am so happy that you wont his award! How cool is that? :) Have a wonderful weekend, friend...aka...super mom! :)

  5. What a beautiful writer Joy is! I just read her story of all 4 births and got tears in my eyes! Wow!

    Congrats Joy! May you enjoy fully the SLY Awards!! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing these SLY awards. It's such a great way to find new blogs and to thank the writers who make them possible. I just linked over to JoyfulGrowing and thought, geesh, why haven't I run into this lovely space. Thanks!

  7. What a beautiful blog!! I love to garden and be a mama and that blog looks like it would be right up my alley. I can't wait to unpack it!!

  8. Thank you SO much! I feel so honored to be "celebrated" by you and all your wonderful readers. This is a wonderful blessing and my heart is so fully blessed and filled. I'm so glad you are part of my life :)

  9. Joy's amazing! So sweet and kind, gentle and patient with her kids (and everyone else), creative, and awesome in gazillions of ways. She is a fitting recipient. Congratulations, Joy! You deserve this. :)

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