Somebody Loves You, Kristen McGee

Somebody Loves You, Kristen McGee 1

Congratulations to Kristen McGee...the very 1st recipient of a SLY Award here on Metropolitan Mama.

Somebody Loves You, Kristen McGee 2Kristen is a giving, thoughtful, and intelligent woman. She and her husband currently work in language and literacy development with a linguistic NGO.

Pre-kids, they spent a year in an immersion language program and lived in SE Asia. Now they live on the east coast with their 14 month old son...and they have a second baby due in late May!

When I asked her about volunteer work, she said, "Nothing out of the home right now... I volunteer a lot of my time (ok, all of it!) to my child. That's the best place... and someday I hope to get more involved in the community... with my kids' help!"

The best place indeed.

Won't you join with me as I celebrate Kristen over the next few days and shower her with surprise gifts hand-selected just for her? Oh, and YOU will have a chance to win all of the products too.

If you know Kristen in real life or if you read her blog, you can get a second entry in all of the giveaways. Simply leave a comment on this post with one thing you love about her. Then, leave a 2nd comment on each giveaway post that says, "I gave Kristen a genuine compliment" or something like that.



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18 comments on “Somebody Loves You, Kristen McGee”

  1. I have known Kristen since college and she has always been such a blessing to me! I am glad that you are celebrating one of the funnest and most thoughtful people I know!

  2. Kristen is one of my bestest friends! I really do feel like a part of me is missing since she moved away =( We were pregnant together with our first babies ( her son is only 3 1/2 weeks older then my daughter) and we are now pregnant again together both with girls! Its so nice having someone to go through first time parenthood together. Kristen has such a beautiful calming spirit and I love her dearly!

  3. I don't know Kristen and haven't read her blog but I'm heading over to check it out - it sounds like she and her husband are awesome people.

  4. Congrats Kristen on winning the first SLY Award. I just found your blog now and find that you are super sweet and funny in your writing. I love that! :)

  5. I'm so glad you're doing this for Kristen! She is pretty much my lifeline to sanity during these potty-training days (okay, months) here at our house. She is willing to listen to more poop stories than anyone I know. =)

  6. I don't know Kristen, but you sure are great for blessing her like this! She must really be something! Looking forward to checking out her blog. Congratulations Kristen for being the FIRST EVER SLY winner!!

  7. I met Kristen probably 7ish? years ago at a camping program in Montana! She has been a thoughtful, generous, selfless person for as long as I have known her and I am so excited to see her get a few extra gifts for all the hard work she puts into all she does. She is a gem!

  8. I spent some time reading her blog and I love how real and down to earth she is! I think sometimes as moms, especially moms of toddlers totally immersed in our child's world we sometimes look at other moms and think we are the only one who _____ and its so refreshing when we find someone who can be honest and let us know we aren't the only one who is overwhelmed or tired or scared or in a funk.

    Congrats Kristen!!

  9. That's my sister! Not only is she an amazing wife and mom, devoted to love and serve her family, she's an incredible sister and a remarkable friend. She listens, laughs, and cries with me as we live life together. What could be more wonderful than a big sister AND a best friend?!

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