Somebody Loves You, Nicole Bateman

Somebody Loves You, Nicole Bateman 1

Congratulations to Nicole Bateman…this week's recipient of a SLY Award here on Metropolitan Mama.

Somebody Loves You, Nicole Bateman 2The world is full of darkness, scary people, and broken hearts. Fortunately, it's also full of people that are kind, good, genuine, and warm - people like Nicole Bateman. She and her husband are both the kind of people that spread care and service to everyone they meet. It's not a contrived kind of thoughtfulness, either - it springs from deep down in their hearts.

Nicole manages to write two blogs [the pixel boutique and confessions of a cropaholic], run a design business and an etsy shop, be a great example for her 3 boys, and be a wonderful friend (all while looking super cute in her awesome thrift store fashion finds, I might add). She's the kind of person who will remember your birthday or bring you chicken soup when you're sick - little acts of hospitality that make a big difference.

Also, of note: Her husband is a police officer. He keeps the bad guys off the streets and helps people in danger, all while staying remarkably tender-hearted (Ex. he loves babies...and is great with kids).

Somebody Loves You, Nicole Bateman 3P.S. If you need a designer for your website, blog, twitter page, or etsy shop - be sure to check out Nicole's portfolio. She's super humble about her skills, but her work speaks for itself.

Won’t you join with me as I celebrate Nicole and shower her with two surprise gifts hand-selected just for her? Oh, and YOU will have a chance to win both products too.

If you know Nicole in real life [or if you read one or both of her blogs], please leave a compliment here for her. Let's give her something to smile about today!



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12 comments on “Somebody Loves You, Nicole Bateman”

  1. Congrats Nicole! You truly are awesome, and so kind. My blog redesign was a success because you listen, listen, listen and work diligently to meet your clients' needs. You are very well deserving of this award!

  2. Yay! Congratulations to Nicole! So thoughtful and kind! Hope she is so pleased and blessed with your gifts! It seems as if she gives plenty of her life to others!!

  3. Good have blessed my socks off! You truly have blown me away with this. We weren't planning on taking a vacation this summer so we could save some pennies to start our back yard landscaping. This is going to be such a treat for the whole family. Thank you thank you, Stephanie. And for all the sweet comments...I'm speechless.

  4. Congrats, Nicole! You are so talented with your graphic design business and although I don't know you very well...I can just tell that you are a great person!

  5. While I don't know Nicole - judging by your comments and her blogs - WOW, she sounds like the person I would love to know! Congrats!

  6. I know Nicole in real life, and consider myself blessed to count her among my friends! She's quiet and considerate, thoughtful and genuine. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her better when we roomed together at Blissdom this year and I look forward to fun meet-ups in the future as well.

    Congrats Nicole - you deserve this one!

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