Somebody Loves You, Stephanie Precourt

Somebody Loves You, Stephanie Precourt 1

Congratulations to Stephanie Precourt…this week's recipient of a SLY Award here on Metropolitan Mama.

Somebody Loves You, Stephanie Precourt 2If you blog or read blogs, you probably know about Stephanie Precourt (or "Steph," as many people know her).

Steph blogs at Adventures in Babywearing about life with her four kids in Indiana, but it's not your typical personal blog. On the contrary, Steph is a highly skilled writer, photographer, and relationship-builder. Her well-crafted posts inspire and motivate the masses (and I do mean "masses" - her influence is off-the-charts!) - encouraging others to live beautiful lives, full of color and meaning and friendship and hope.

Won’t you join with me as I celebrate Steph and shower her with two surprise gifts hand-selected just for her? Oh, and YOU will have a chance to win both products too.

If you know Steph in real life or if you read her blog, please leave a compliment here for her. Let's give her something to smile about today!



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42 comments on “Somebody Loves You, Stephanie Precourt”

  1. Steph truly is awesome - I love her blog. She writes beautifully, and her blog just feels authentic and makes you want to visit over and over again!

  2. I've read steph's blog often, especially in preparing for baby #1. It's fun to see her recognized. Congratulations! I'd say that many, many people love her. :)

  3. I love Steph so much....meeting her in person at Blissdom this year meant the world to me. I am proud to call her my heart sister, and love reading daily about her wee ones and life moments. She blesses everyone so much with allowing us to see the world through her eyes---I feel privileged to be able to have her as my friend<3

    Sara Sophia

  4. I love reading Steph's blog -- you've chosen a great woman to celebrate! The virtual baby shower she organized and threw for Beth of "I Should Be Folding Laundry" was such an amazing act of friendship and love. Congratulations, Steph, you deserve it!

  5. Stephanie you are so thoughtful! I love your SLY awards and you have chosen such great recipients so far. Steph is just beautiful...and while I don't know her in person, in the 'blogosphere' she just seems fabulous. You wouldn't have chosen her if she wasn't! And I LOVE what her mom, Rhonda, from above wrote. Love it! I have poked around her blog a bit and it is just lovely! Great pick this week Stephanie! And HUGE congrats to you Steph!

  6. I love Stephie, but she makes me envious because she'll be like, "Oh, I just haven't had a chance to put on my makeup or do my hair," and yet, she'll be ten thousand times more beautiful than I could ever hope to be!

  7. I had the priviledge of giving birth to Stephanie, for you see, I am her mother. I knew she was destined for greatness. I could not be more proud of the daughter, mother, wife, friend, mentor, motivator she is. She amazes me every day and I feel so very blessed that God chose ME to be her mother. My heart swells with pride when I see and hear from all the people she has touched by just being herself and using the gifts that God gave her.

  8. I heart Stephanie! She is just an amazing person, I feel like I know her, yet only have read her on her blog! She is a perfect person for this award!

  9. What an excellent idea, Stephanie! I love that you're recognizing bloggers AND giving love to your readers. Very cool.

    I do know Steph @ Babaywearing and she is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. I've never seen her without a smile or kind a word. And her sense of style is to die for. She's the total package.

  10. somebody loves you is such an awesome idea!

    steph is a truly wonderful blogger and person. like so many other i love reading her blog and the times i have interacted with her through email etc she has been nothing but sweet, intelligent, inspiring, and kind. she has a way of making everyone feel "at home" that is truly a blessing. i also love the way she candidly shares her ap tendencies (extended nursing, cosleeping etc) even though it is not always easy to sharing your parenting choices so openly. go steph! you rock! yahoo!

  11. I enjoy reading Stephanie's blog every day, and through her I have found several other mom bloggers I like a lot. She is a very talented writer and all around sweet person. Thanks Steph!

  12. Steph is beautiful inside & out - I adore how her love for her kids shines through everything she does. She's such a great example of a classy work at home mama who uses her voice to promote friendship, community and good causes!

  13. What a BEAUTIFUL and much welcomed idea (I've been a little grumpy of late about the negative state of the online world), Stephanie!

    And it's easy for me to say nice things about Stephanie Precourt. I adore her. I first met Steph as part of the inaugural Disney mom bloggers meeting and have since squee'd my brains out every time I have crossed paths with her since. She is a kind friend, a beautiful woman, a talented writer, an inspiring parent -- basically the kind of person I am honored to know and I wish she lived right next door to me.

    And I don't even say that about some people to whom I'm related.


  14. I started following Stephanie's blog two years ago when I was pregnant with my own little girl (only a month or so behind her Ivy!). I love her approach to life/parenting/blogging, and find her very inspiring!

  15. This is a great idea to pay tribute to writers and just wonderful people in general.

    Stephanie is an absolute delight. Beyond being an amazing writer, she just brims with beauty and positivity. Love that girl!

  16. I admit I don't read Stephanie regularly, but I've read many of her posts and appreciate her honesty, humor, insight, and passion. She deserves the SLY award and I hope she enjoys her fifteen minutes (and fun products)! :)

  17. Yay!!! Stephanie is so sweet - she always returns my emails even though I've never met her in real life - she's answered numerous nursing & babywearing questions for me! I love reading her blog, and if it weren't for her, I wouldn't even know about babywearing! Happy Day, Steph!!! :)

  18. Steph is truly a great person. I was able to meet her early on in her blogging career, and I am so happy that she has had so much success. Her faith and her writing are such a positive contribution to the blogging world. She is a hardworking mama and writer, and I hope God continues to bless her and her beautiful family!

  19. Oh, she is a absolute one-in-a-million gem! I've loved working with her at 5 Minutes for Parenting and reading her own blog. She's taught me so many simple but valuable lessons about being a loving, caring, passionate mom and friend. Great selection! Here's to you, Steph. xoxoxox

  20. Steph has been an amazing encouragement to me.
    She shares the beauty of life and this world through her words! She has enouraged me to be joyful in the daily, to be an extended breastfeeding mom and so much more!

    Congrats Steph!

  21. I had the chance to meet Steph a few weeks back and she really is as sweet and charming as she comes across in her blog. She's lovely and I adore reading everything she writes.

  22. I love Adventures in Babywearing! It was actually the first blog I read when my son was born. I struggled with post-partum depression and I was feeling really overwhelmed and alone (my friends don't have children). I saw a link on the Chicago Tribune site and her blog opened up a new world to me. Her postings are so beautiful and honest and I love reading about the babywearing and whole attachment parenting philosophy. Her links have sent me to this blog and many others that I visit all the time. Now I know that other mothers also feel overwhelmed at times, but I have also learned to appreciate my son and the beauty of motherhood. So thanks to both Stephanies!

  23. I love Steph and her posts!!! Congrats! :) Both of you Stephs inspire me to be a better person and mom! :)

  24. Though I'm not a daily reader of Stephanie's blog, I really enjoy her posts and her gorgeous photography. She's really inspirational, sharing her adventures with 4 children in a positive and artful way. Congrats Steph!

  25. Wow! Your post and these comments really have me surprised! (What a nice surprise!) thank you so much. This
    is one of those times I hope my way with few words really gets the point across because I don't know what else to say! :) I'm so thankful for you, too, Steph.


  26. I too follow Stephanie's blog quietly! I enjoy reading her posts very much - she's helped me to embrace baby-wearing and cloth diapering, something that I had not considering doing until reading her blog...and now cannot imagine life as a mother without those things! Congratulations Stephanie!

  27. I've been following Steph's blog for awhile now, just quietly. :) I'm always amazed at how thoughtful her writing is and the incredible pictures she takes!

    Congrats on the SLY awards Steph! You deserve it! :)

  28. What a good choice, Stephanie! I only "know" Stephanie online but couldn't be more convinced of a worthy recipient for your SLY awards. She is truthful, beautiful and full of love. She says so much with so few words (which is amazing to me, long-winded to the Nth degree!).

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