Somebody Thinks I'm Fabulous

your blog is fabulous awardThank you to Alesha {The Jacobsen Family} - a mother of three kids and two dogs - who recently presented me with this FABULOUS award. She's a fellow Arizonan and a loyal reader...and she thinks I'm fabu. I am truly honored.


friends award buttonThanks are also in order to Sarah {Small Slice} - a mother of two who enjoys scrapbooking & photography. She recently gave me the Friends Award, which is "given to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers aim to find and to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement." I'm feeling super special right about now.

Instead of passing on the award to the select few, I thought I'd direct your attention to my "Favorites" page, a newly redesigned page on my site where I list the bloggers that I read and follow regularly. I don't do "link exchanges" ("you put me on your blogroll, I'll put you on my blogroll") so that list is the "real deal."

If you see your picture/button on the list and you'd rather me use a different one, please let me know. I haven't had a chance to e-mail everyone on the list yet so you may be surprised to see yourself there.

Enjoy perusing...and making new friends along the way!

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11 comments on “Somebody Thinks I'm Fabulous”

  1. You are so fab! I've loved your blog the moment I found it awhile back. It instantly became one of my favorites. When I think of the blogs to visit as soon as I pop online they are always Adventures in Babywearing, YOURS and 5 Minutes for Mom. Then I go from there.


    Thank you for your super kind words about me and my blog on your favorites page. You're awesome!

  2. What a sweet list! I'm so happy to be on it too, thank you. :) I can't wait to look more in depth at some of the blogs that you have listed. Have a great weekend!

  3. Aw...thanks Stephanie for the sweet description of me.

    I love the favorites page. It's such a great idea to publish a little snippet about each of your favorites and why they made the list. Way better than a standard blogroll. Blogrolls really don't excite me, but after briefly looking over your new page I'm wanting to go check out a few of the women you highlighted. Original idea. Very cool!

  4. I like how you've got an avatar next to each link and a little something about the link. Oh and I don't like reciprocal blog rolls either.

  5. I'm off to visit your list now... but wanted to say first that I too think you are fabulous! I really enjoy your blog, I was glad when the morning sickness finally subsided and you were able to get back to it!

  6. Wow, I'm so honored to be included in your list! I also love the descriptions you wrote next to each one - I'm definitely going to have to check all of them out.

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