Sometimes A Mama Just Needs A Hug

shower hug on modelI have to admit: when I first saw this product, I kind of scrunched up my eyebrows in skepticism. It seemed like just another useless "invention" that might appear on the Home Shopping Network or in a package with one of those cheesy "As Seen on TV" labels (that somehow always manage to get my attention).

Flash-forward to a day or two after birth and you would have heard this conversation in my house:

Me: I should probably take a shower.

Husband: Okay.

Me: Do you know where my Shower Hug is?

Husband: I think it's in the dryer.

Me: Oh, good. I'm glad it's clean. I can't take a shower without it.

That's a true story, friends.

shower hug productThe Shower Hug is a new mama necessity in the first few weeks postpartum. The soft protective material keeps the harsh spray of the waters off of your chest (which is likely tender from engorgement, sore nipples, etc.) and the velcro provides the optimal amount of support when you need it most.

At $27.95 (or $37.95 for the organic version...), the Shower Hug might seem a bit pricey considering the short amount of time that you use it (Case in point: I had my baby four weeks ago and I'm not using it anymore). That said, it will save you a lot of pain and tears in those first few weeks of recovery. I think it's worth it. Perhaps you could even "split" the cost with a friend or your sister so that you know it will be put to good use...

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Shower Hug ($27.95). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, April 21 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #36 Danielle. Congratulations!

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55 comments on “Sometimes A Mama Just Needs A Hug”

  1. Wow I cant believe I won. Thanks so much! My friend about fell out of her chair when I told her what she is getting. :)

  2. You are so lucky to be able to preview all these products. I can relate...well...any nursing woman can relate to the pins and needles shower feeling the first month or two of nursing!

  3. Love the giveaway and the love of entering plus Mamas always need MANY hugs, but just one will do. Thanks SW

  4. I have a dear friend who is due next month, I am sure that she would really get some use out of this great product.

  5. What a great idea for a nursing mom. This would make a marvelous shower gift (baby shower and water shower).

  6. Oooh, that sounds wonderful! I'm due in June and I remember how painful taking a shower was! Thanks so much for the chance!

  7. Oh gosh I would love to win this!! I am currently pregnant with my second child and this would be a huge blessing because me having major problems with the pain of nursing was one of the reasons that I was not able to with my little girl. Now I am looking for everything that might help me out this time around because I desperately(yeah its that bad)want to nurse!!!!!!!!!

  8. My friend is due with her first baby (a precious little girl! yay) in August and I think this would be perfect for her. If I dont win I may have to get one for her.


  9. I would love to have this for my cute friend who is just about to have her first baby! What a cool idea, and awesome that there's an option to have it made organic!

  10. OMG!
    This is the coolest invention!!

    I need to start getting a patent on some of the stuff I think of!!

  11. I have seen this product reviewed somewhere else recently and it looks like such a great idea especially during engorgement.

  12. This is how I was with my Snoogle pillow -- I suffered through weeks of not sleeping well because I didn't think it could possibly make a big enough difference to justify the expense. Boy was I mistaken!

    I'm adding the Shower Hug to my list!!! Thanks!

  13. yes I had the same initial thoughts as you, as I was sent a sample to look at, with the option of selling it at my online store for breastfeeding products. It is interesting to see the great reviews!! Thanks for blogging about it.

  14. I remember how bad taking a shower could be, but I wanted to take one every day!

    I would like to win for my pregnant friend, i am making her a basket for her shower now!

  15. You are introducing me to some terrific products. I really love the idea of cost-sharing items like this with a girlfriend.

  16. I did not enjoy those first showers after my daughter was born, it was so painful...boy would of this had been nice! They think of everything don't they! I will have to put this on the list for next time! Thanks!

  17. hmmm...still not sure I would buy it, but definitely worth a try if I could win it. I don't remember having much shower issues post-pregnancy...

  18. What a cool product, water against sensitive breasts hurts SO much!!! I'd love to have one to share between friends to encourage them to breastfeed, I've had way to many friends give up =(

    autumn398 (at)

  19. Steph, your post says Tuesday, April 19, but tuesday, is the 14. Is that what you meant? :-) Is that post-pregnancy brain at work? Mine goes crazy at times...

  20. My sister is starting a family and I have never seen any product like this one. She is rather sensitive so I am sure this would be the best thing for her so she might actually consider having a second child (ha!) What a great idea!

  21. Oh...I so wanted one of these with my first baby but I found out about them about 6 months too late. I would love to have one for baby sounds like a necessity for those rough days of adjusting to nursing. Thanks! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  22. Isn't it crazy how just water pressure hurts? My sister in law had a horrible time for TOO long. This would have been her lifesaver. It makes showering enjoyable!

  23. I think this is an incredibly fabulous invention! :) I would love this or #2 as I struggled with #1. Thanks for all you do on a daily basis on your blog!

  24. Wow! They are always coming up with something to make our lives easier! This sounds like an awesome product and hope it would make my post pardum period a little more comfortable!

  25. I didn't realize how painful those first few days after giving birth are and this would have been so helpful with my first one! Now that I'm expecting baby number 2, I'm already making my list of items I need and this one is going on the list.

  26. This is one of those products where you sit back and go, "now, why didn't I think of that?". It is great that they have made something to ease the pain after childbirth. Especially with my shower (the thing can sometimes feel like it is ripping your skin off slowly).

  27. You know, that's one of the many things no one tells you ahead of time! Had I know how incredibly painful the water on my breasts would have been, I would have donned a suit of armor before entering the shower. What a great product!

    [email protected]

  28. I admit, I've thought that same thing about this product after seeing it around the blogosphere. Good to know it worked and made life post-birth just a bit easier! Another item to add to my list for baby #2. :)

  29. I would love to win this for my Friend. She's due in September and this will be a great Thing for her! Thanks

    Oh and My cousin's little one is 4 weeks old. Born on March 11th! Thought I'd add that!

  30. Wow, they really think of everything, don't they. It is quite a challenge to take a shower those first few weeks though. I keep one arm across my chest and try to wash with the other hand. And keep my back to the water as much as possible.

    Another bonus with this product is that I imagine it would help keep soap off your nipples.

  31. That would have probably been a dream for me. Although, the skin on my nipple didn't heal until about 4 months so I would have gotten my moneys worth! Next time around I am calling a lactation consultant much sooner!!!

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