Summer Fashion: A Giveaway Event

Summer Fashion: A Giveaway Event 1When it comes to fashion, I am a dichotomy of sorts:

  • I don't like the disorganization or the "ick factor" of thrift stores.
  • BUT I shop at them because I can find like-new, completely-new, and vintage-cool stuff at them...for rockin' prices.
  • I try not to buy articles of clothing that are over $20.
  • BUT I make an exception for bras, jeans, and shoes. And fancy dresses.
  • I don't really have a "fashion icon."
  • BUT if I had to pick one famous person who best exemplifies my ideal style, it would probably be Queen Rania of Jordan.
  • In my dreams, I wear super-cool dresses, frilly skirts, steep high heels, modern business suits, and chic accessories.
  • BUT - in reality - you can usually find me wearing a pair of designer jeans and a dark-colored tee, tank, or hoodie.
  • If I could shop absolutely anywhere, I'd probably choose Nordstrom, Chip & Pepper, and small boutique shops.
  • BUT - in reality - I don't shop very often. When I do shop...I go to Gap, Target, Nordstrom Rack, etc.
  • I know that people make judgements about my character and competence based on how I dress so I strive to look pleasant and professional.
  • BUT I also acknowledge that clothing is superficial and the truth is that I'd rather spend my money helping people.

Over the next few days, I've put together a mini-series of giveaways that revolve around fashion. I hope you'll enjoy perusing pretty things - for yourself and your kids (and entering to win too).

I'll link all giveaways to this master post for your convenience. All giveaways will close on Saturday, July 17th, at 11:59pm.

What is your "fashion philosophy"? Who is your "fashion icon"? What are your favorite stores to shop at?

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41 comments on “Summer Fashion: A Giveaway Event”

  1. I think Queen Raina always looks sharp, but not pretentious. Love her look! And I would get all my clothes from Anthropolgie if money was no object. But of course, it is!

  2. Hi Stephanie! (i'm new here but i'm really loving your blog) My staple clothes at the moment are cargo pants (so many pockets are amazingly handy for the innumerable baby items that seem to be essential to mummy life!) and t-shirts over my Bonds nursing singlets (amazing life-saving singlets). I live on a outdoor rec camp for kids called Teen Ranch (just outside Sydney, Aus) so wearing stuff that you can run a Giant Swing or rock climbing session in but still pop in to the shops is essential!
    I don't know if I have a fashion icon but I suppose if I had to pick someone it would be Jennifer Garner - she always looks smart casual!
    Jeans West jeans fit my bottom half best (bargain coz they're only $70 or so)!! Love it!

  3. I share your fashion philosophy - our family shops at thrift stores and I'm getting braver about sewing certain clothing items. When we do shop for new things it is at stores like Target, Kohls, Dillards, and JCPenny - we check out the clearance racks first and take advantage of the sales/discounts.

  4. I have less clothes in my closet right now than I've had in a long time - but... what is in my closet is primarily good quality stuff, things I'll be able to wear for a long time, they fit well, stay looking new longer and are worth the money spent - especially since I too rarely buy a clothing item that costs more than $20!

    I shop a lot at thrift stores and consignment/resell stores because of the savings factor. I also check out the clearance racks at Kohl's, Macy's, JC Penny's, Sears/Lands End, Dillards and Christopher & Banks. I also find some great deals at Coldwater Creek - the online clearance section. I've picked up a few things from Target, wish we had a Nordstrom Rack here and also find things occasionally at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Gordman's and Old Navy. We just had a new resell store open up here - Clothes Mentor, it's a franchise, and I found a couple of great things in there the other day! One of them was a white shirt that I'd been looking for and had found at Dillards for $25 but didn't want to spend that much... ended up getting it for $8 at Clothes Mentor!

    Just started at the glasses post and worked my way backwards - great series on fashion Stephanie!

    1. I just googled "Clothes Mentor" and found the website. It looks like exactly the kind of store that I would like! Unfortunately, there aren't any in Arizona...yet.

  5. I am a huge fan of nice, quality clothes. I agree that people judge you by how you dress. It is my goal to look put together daily and if I don't feel up to it I "fake it till I make it". Unfortunately designer jeans do not fit me so I head to Gap for my jeans and many other staples. I do not have a fashion icon, but respect those moms that look put together so that is what I strive for. I always try to find a deal, never buy anything at full price (unless I need it very badly. And I am picky about my shoes and bras so I pay good money for those!)! I love a steal!! But really, quality clothes matter, even for kids. I just think they hold up better and look newer longer.

  6. I like your philosophy. I think I am along the same lines...with the exception of the designer jeans. I would LOVE me a pair of designer jeans, however I have yet to go there. Haven't been able to financially (I KNOW they are totally worth the investment) just yet. In fact, I haven't had any new clothes in over a year...that has to change...sometime...right!? Ugh. Thinking about shopping gives me a stomach ache :) I have such a hard time finding clothes that really flatter my shape. I do have some great friends who are good at being honest about what works and what doesn't. Perhaps it is time for a girls day out. Want to come up and help me!?

    1. Yes, I do! I bet you have some great shops up in Santa Cruz!

      P.S. I don't really like shopping either, but doing it with a friend (like you!) would make it much more bearable...even - dare I say it? - fun. :)

  7. my favorite stores are "White House/Black Market" because they have killer sales and I where so much black. I buy only a few new pieces each season and the rest of my wardrobe I have worn for years. I believe in buying classic looking clothes that will last a long time. Plus it motivates me to do all that I can to fit in them.

  8. I don't know. Part of me enjoys pretty little dresses and fun clothing but most of me can't really get into fashion when it feels so superficial. Don't get me wrong, I don't look like a slob, but fashion doesn't get me going either.


  9. :) I love thrift shops, but I ALWAYS want to find the nearest sink and wash my hands after leaving one. And, I'm super cheap....except when it comes to pants, bras, and shoes. I don't know what it is about those items, but it's almost never worth it to skimp on them.

  10. My philosophy is similar to yours--I can't get myself to pay full price for something if there's any chance I can get something similar on clearance or at a thrift store. (I have an AMAZING thrift store 5 minutes away! Yay!)

  11. What a great picture of you! Very cool!

    I don't frequent thrift shops very often but I should. I know there are deals to be had but it seems like a place that would be difficult to go to WITH kids. So I'd have to make time when hubby is home.

    Aside from that my philosophies are very similar to yours. Especially Queen Rania. Isn't she GORGEOUS?!

    1. Great point, Jenny! I shop at thrift stores more for my kids than I do for myself...for precisely the reason that you mentioned. It's pretty impractical to go to a thrift store, pick out clothes, and try them on w/ a 1-year-old and 3-year-old in tow!

      Hmmm. Come to think of it, perhaps that's why I rarely go shopping for myself these days - thrift stores or otherwise! ;)

      Queen Rania IS stunning, isn't she? And, from what I know of her, she appears to be equally beautiful inside.

  12. I tried shopping at thrift stores, and find that I find so few things that "work" for my small frame that it's not worth my time. I did stumble upon a resale shop recently that only takes higher-end stores' clothing, and I'll make a point of visiting there every time I'm up in that area (about 2 hours away, where my in-laws live.)

    I don't spend much on clothing, but I do find that owning fewer, higher quality pieces serves me better in the long run. They last longer, and fit better. My favorite stores to shop at are the Limited and Ann Taylor Loft. And they do have great sales! :)

    1. I so agree with you that investing in a few quality pieces is worthwhile - even if the price is steep. I try to look at purchases through a "cost per wear" lens.

      For example, my favorite jeans were super pricey, but I wear them almost every other day and I feel fabulous in them! They're a much better bargain than my $20 jeans that always seem to end up at the back of my closet - unworn.

  13. Most of my clothes come from thrift shops. I would never have made it through college without them! I also like the Loft and Downeast Basics skirts and dresses. I always wait for sales and never pay full price unless its an emergency! I like classic looks which can go with everything, like little black dresses that never go out of style. I dont think I have an icon.

  14. Oh wow, we are very similar. I love your fashion Icon- I too adore her style. I don't really have a fashion icon...

    In my dreams I shop at Anthropologie and Banana Republic, but if I do buy clothes I end up shopping on Etsy, Target, Old navy, and My Sisters Closet- which is an awesome up-scale thrift store in Phoenix.

    I attended a fashion college, and used to have a super trendy, fashion forward style, and I am still drawn to those things- but just to look at, not to wear. I can't really pull them off the way I used to, it just looks weird now with the changes in my body, and with the kids in tow! LOL

    I enjoy fresh, clean, preppy, romantic, feminine, unique and handmade clothes.


    1. Which fashion college did you attend, Carrington? I'd love to hear more about that experience (and see photos from that time in your life). You should blog about it! ;)

      Also - If I'm ever in Phx, I'm going to stop in at My Sister's Closet.

      P.S. What are your favorite Etsy stores to buy clothing from?

  15. I shop a lot at thrift second hand stores and I like Nordstrom rack for shoes (I wear size 11) and sometimes clothes. We have a nice selection of thrift stores in our town, they are run by churches and have a good amount of inventory that moves we usually find great things everytime. I would love to be able to splurge more often on organic tees/dresses and clothes made from hemp. More than fashion, I enjoy knowing that my money went to help the earth and that makes me feel good, which I feel makes me look good :) Can't go wrong with a big smile on your face!

  16. I don't have a fashion icon... I'm a lover of skirts for the summer...and also love to sew most of them. Comfort is key for well as sleeveless because lets be honest, its sweaty in the desert. I'm a HUGE fan of Twice As Nice...the place where you can trade clothes and never have to exchange a single dollar allows me to clean out my closet while re-stocking it at the same time.

    1. I agree about Twice As Nice. I go there often to shop/trade for the girls, but haven't stopped to look for ME. I should do that next time!

  17. I'm sort of like you... I want to be stylish and I know it matters to some extent how other people see me, but in reality I'd rather be comfortable and not spend half my yearly clothing budget on one shirt!
    I shop the sale racks... we only really have Macy's and Penney's here. Old Navy is usually too small for me. Oh, and whenever we go visit my in-laws (twice yearly) we shop her Ross store which is way better than ours and then I have a second opinion!
    The crazy thing is, it seems like clothes aren't made well anymore. I have clothing from high school that is still in good shape, but stuff from 2 years ago I can't wear in public anymore. Sad!

  18. I don't have a fashion icon, but I love fashion. I enjoy looking through In Style Magazine and finding the "hottest looks" for the season. They also have sections on different ways to style hair, which I.LOVE.

    My favorite places to shop are Ross, Target and Forever 21. These stores have the latest trends, but won't empty your wallet.

    I also believe in spending more money on jeans, business clothes and shoes (staples for your closet). I buy those items at The Limited, Gap, Macy's, Dillards and even Kohls.

    I am looking forward to your posts on fashion!!

    1. It is obvious you love fashion, Ashley...because you always look trendy, cool, and stunning. (It's true!).

  19. Fashion philosophy? At this point in my life, comfort rules. My style tends to be pretty classic w/ a little funky thrown in but I've stopped caring as much as I should since I no longer go to an office.

  20. I wear jeans (from Target mostly) and t-shirts just about everyday. I really want to change my style, to nicer jeans and shirts. I just don't know where to start or have the money to do so right now.

    1. Do you have a thrift store near you? I found a pair of 7 for All Mankind at a consignment store for $15! :)

  21. We are very similar in a lot of these ways, Stephanie. I don't know that I have a fashion icon... well, probably my friend Kim who is not famous but has a great eye for style, and does so on a budget.
    I tend to spend more money and time on work attire, both because I love the professional look of well fitting and quality clothing and heels, and because of your second to last statement. Sadly, this leaves very little for my fun clothes, but I manage with great jeans and on-sale, super cute tops.
    Oh, and sunglasses. As many different pairs as possible! The cheap ones, of course.

  22. I have no sense of fashion. I wear what's comfortable for me. I work in a business environment so I dress up for work, but most days I think people are wondering what on earth I was thinking when I got dressed taht morning.

    I also don't like to spend a lot on clothes... the $20/item you listed is probably double what I spend -- and I've never owned designer anything. I'm pretty much a fashion disaster. And I'm OK with that.

    When I get to be casual, I think I fall a little into the Boho category but I'm not a total hippy.

  23. I feel like we're on the same page when it comes to fashion. After being abroad and wearing the same clothes for 5 months, I'm ready to go shopping, but I have no idea whats "in" right now...and it's not exactly in the budget!

    BTW, to answer your question about being on the road...we'll go camping and stay with friends along the way! :)

  24. I love Queen Rania too. Such an chic and graceful person. My other style icon is Grace Kelly. I favor the simple but elegant aesthetic and try to always look somewhat put together even if I'm just going to Target. I have been doing a lot of shopping at H&M lately. I find they have stylish clothes for not a lot of money (I think most items would fall under your $20 rule). In fact, I'm wearing a shirt and skirt from there right now. Fair warning: Try on everything before you buy! Their sizes are all over the map! The shirt I'm wearing is an Extra Small (I'm normally a medium).

    1. An H&M just opened in Arizona! Yay! Unfortunately, it's still about 2.5 hours away. Next time I'm in Scottsdale, I'm definitely going to stop in.

      Where do you live? Also - Have you ever shopped at Zara?

      1. We live outside Milwaukee. I have never shopped at Zara but I looked them up online and I think I would like it! The closest store is outside Chicago which is about 1.5 hours away. SIGH!

  25. I have to admit I lose my sense of style in the summer. I can't stand the heat so I wear whatever is loose and comfortable. Plus I eat my way through the summer, rarely saying no to ice cream, fresh pie and an extra helping of bread with my grilled steak. So the loose clothes hide the extra five pounds I gain! Fall is my favorite time of year. I love jeans and cashmere sweaters, boots and hats. I don't know if I have a style icon, I guess I most associate my sense of style with Jennifer Garner, classic, simple, stylish. I love the summer, swimming with my girls every day, but every now and then I find myself daydreaming about the brand new pair of Doc Martin books I got on sale in the spring just waiting for the temp to dip below 50......

  26. I look for fashions that are eye-catching and fit well, regardless of whether they're on trend. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are my fashion icons, though I hardly look as polished. I can find fabulous things everywhere: from the salvation army to target to anthropologie to betsey is my passion.

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