New Skill: Swaddling Baby When Half-Asleep!

New Skill: Swaddling Baby When Half-Asleep! 1One of the first "lessons" to be learned after childbirth is how to swaddle a baby. It's amazing to watch nurses do the trick so gracefully. They do it instinctively - grab the blanket here, tuck it there, fold it in here - almost in one motion. 

I have to admit it took me much longer to master the art than my husband. He somehow knew how to turn our daughter into a "little burrito" without any practice, while I had to recite the steps in my head ("fold across, tuck in arm..."). 

After we returned home, we both soon learned that swaddling was a very important thing to know about. It calmed. It soothed. It provided us with a little extra sleep. Our receiving blankets definitely made it on to our newborn necessities list

New Skill: Swaddling Baby When Half-Asleep! 2Two Australian mamas had them on their list too, but they couldn't find exactly what they were looking for so they created aden + anais Muslin Wraps: swaddling blankets "crafted from soft, breathable muslin fabric for air flow and ultimate comfort." Named after the creators' sons, aden + anais blankets are larger than normal U.S. receiving blankets to allow for easier and more secure swaddling.

I love the way this fabric feels - sturdy, yet soft - and I'm impressed by the larger size. I remember thinking that perhaps the Gerber receiving blankets that I had were just a tad bit too small so I have a feeling that these ones will be better. I'll let you know how we like them when we get pregnant with and have #2...

New Skill: Swaddling Baby When Half-Asleep! 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a pack of aden + anais Muslin Wraps for swaddling. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, June 2 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Tuesday, June 3. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #103 Kathy Mullins. Congratulations!

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140 comments on “New Skill: Swaddling Baby When Half-Asleep!”

  1. Swaddling is a definite lifesaver with a new little one. These look like the perfect material for the job. :)

  2. The muslin looks very soft and the colors/patterns are great. The extra size is a great idea also.ty!! 4 the great contest!

  3. These look really nice! I always hated trying to swaddle our kids in the little receiving blankets. I searched every store I could think of trying to find the perfect blanket. These ones seem like they may be it.

  4. * * * * * * * * * *
    These are really pretty as well as functional. Swaddling is so calming!

    * * * * * * * * * *

  5. I can attest to the fact that these are by far the BEST swaddling blankets I have ever come across. When my son was born last year it was blazing hot here in So. Cal. and these blankets kept him cool, snug, and comfy!

  6. i was just discussing these swaddlers with a friend. Living in Florida, especially in the dead of Summer, swaddling often has to be abandoned for practical reasons- we cant afford to keep our home at 70 degrees! These could very well solve that problem for us.

  7. Such beautiful blankets, hopefully, I will be lucky enough to feel how soft they are. Often, the only way to get our littlest one to calm down is to swaddle him and these seem perfect.

  8. I am hoping this is get my nephew to enjoy swaddling...he didnt like it when the nurse wrapped him up in the hospital and siince then everytime my sister tries, the blankets are too short and he kicks his way free

  9. I'm a RN who is an expert in swaddling and show new moms how to do it right. The biggest problem is having blankets large enough to do the job right.

    Thank you aden+anais for great wraps.

  10. yeah.. i'm that mom that never swaddled her baby.. but my expectant sister is determined to give it a whirl. I'm thinking babyshower gift!! The blue ones, please!

  11. This is a wonderful prize to provide comfort to a baby. I do not have a baby at this time, so I would donate the prize to the local Community Survival Center so that a family in need can provide comfort to their baby.



  12. I think the Blue Muslin Swaddling Blankets would be a nice, warm and cozy gift for my grandson due in sept. They are comfortable and area must for any baby.
    Thank you.

  13. Aden + Anis Swaddling Wraps are so neat! I love how they have such modern yet "quiet" designs and they looks super comfy! And bigger? It's always better! I would love to win!

  14. I find swaddling essential with my newborns. In fact, they are usually several months old before they get out of it at night. It helps them sleep longer and that's a good thing ;) I'm always looking for more swaddling materials and find that these would be a great addition!

  15. Oh my gosh, of all the things you have given away this is what I want. I have seen these blankets and they look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I would love to try them!!

  16. Swaddling is so important. I could never figure it out as well but hubby is a pro at it - too bad I get up for the midnight feedings instead of him. My first daughter ended up sleeping in her carseat because I never got the swaddle down. This time I have a swaddle me blanket that I love. Lily won't sleep without being swaddled.

  17. I'd like to win these for my expectant niece. I know that I had a hard time swaddling my children. It seemed like I had them tangled up in the blankets, rather than swaddled.

  18. i've heard these blankets are great not only for swaddling, but to use for nursing covers or burp cloths as well. please enter me!

  19. I have to admit, I am still awful at swaddling. I really have to concentrate to do it right. Love that these are so breathable and light

  20. Swaddling my son got me through many fussy episodes. My sister in law is expecting in less than two weeks and I've already told her how swaddling can save her frazzled nerves!

  21. I've never been one to swaddle my babaies, they never cared for it. However my friend does it all the time, only thing to make her baby happy. I'd love to give this to one of the several girls I know taht will be having a baby here in June. Thanks for the contest.

  22. These are really pretty as well as being functional. I didn't even know about "swaddling" when I raised my children, but now I have 8 grandchildren and I have learned how calming it is. I love the wide choices of patterns...the next baby being born in our extended family is Oct. but we don't know the sex of the baby so I would probably choose something like the Zoo animals, neutral shapes or mod muslin wrap 4pack.

  23. It took me a while too to get a hang of the perfect swaddle. I also remember wishing that those blankets were a teensy weensy larger. My daughter always managed to wiggle out. These would be great for my son who should be here over the summer.

  24. A perfect gift for my first-time pregnant daughter. She'd have time to practice her baby-as-burrito skills and be ready to wrap & roll as soon as the little sweetie is born.

  25. These look fabulous! I never got the swaddling thing down, they always came undone! Oh well, my blankies were probably too small too!

  26. My hubby was the swaddle master around our house. I just couldnt do it quite as well. These look amazing.

  27. Both of my girls LOVED to be swaddled, especially my youngest. I think the larger size blanket would be most helpful, especially with larger babies. Both of my girls were over 9lbs., and we could definitely have used larger size, soft swaddling blankets!

  28. I love the blue muslin wraps, they look soft and have such sweet, peaceful designs. I was the same as you, it took me a while to master the art of swaddling and I could never do as snug a swaddle as my hubby!
    By the way, ditto on comment #22, all mums should be mindful of the dangers of overheating their babes, how awful to be bundled up too warmly and not be able to do a thing about it.

  29. I remember practicing swaddling with my baby dolls as a child. I loved to wrap up dolls.

    I agree that the regular receiving blankets available are a little too small to swaddle with.

  30. I don't have much of a list of things to get for number two, but I have to try swaddling blankets. We made due with regular recieving blankets with our first, but I have heard too many good things about the special swaddling variety :)

  31. They do look really soft. I like that they're larger too. Babies really do love to be swaddled and with these nifty prints, parents all over won't be embarassed to bring out the baby blanket.

  32. Both my boys loved being wrapped up like little mummy's and these inventions called Swaddlers, believe it or not I've never used one or even heard of them until preggo #3 (basically ongoing, I'm 6 months preggo), which is ongoing until Helana arrives in September! I'd love for the opportunity to use one of these when she is born!

  33. These blankets are FABULOUS! They are TONS bigger than the normal swaddling blankets that you typically see and find in stores. The sizing is very generous, the fabric light and airy and a soft feeling muslin. I got some for my brand new baby -- and would absolutely adore more of them.

  34. Happy Memorial Day! I have read good things about this brand of swaddling blankets. I am going to a baby shower for a cousin in a few months. This would be a delightful gift for her. Please enter me in your drawing. The "Sage Muslin" pack is lovely.
    Many thanks,Cindi

  35. The white muslin would be my choice. We found that a blanket warmed in the dryer also helped calm our little one. . . but be careful to not get your little one overheated.

  36. I love these, I got some when my little girl was born and I love them!! I would love to win this for my friend who's due in July with a little girl.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. wow how cute i love to well win some thay are realy grate to have in the summer as well as all years round thanks

  38. Those are beautiful fabrics, & I like that they're a larger size. My 2nd baby quickly outgrew the traditional tiny-sized receiving blankets, so I ended up buying flannel & making my own larger sized ones.

  39. Swaddling saved my sanity in the first month or two of my daughter's life. She slept better and longer if she was swaddled well. I wish I'd known about these muslin wraps last spring!

  40. These blankets are awesome, and they are ALL we used (thanks to my sister telling me about them). They are the only ones you can find like them, and they are just simply the best. They breath (so baby doesn't get sweaty), you can drape it over the babies face to block light and other things and they can breath through it. You can create a tight swaddle, it can be an extra sheet, or nursing cover. They are also very modern and cute!

  41. Once we mastered this skill it seemed my lfie returned to normal (well at least as normal as life with a newborn can get). I would love these for baby #2 because we could never find blankets that were big enough once little man started growing!

  42. it took me longer to learn how to wrap our little loves up than it did my husband, too!! two of my great friends are expecting and it would be great to win this for them!! thanks!
    moore.g at

  43. I am all for swaddling as long as possible. We snagged some of the blankets from the hospital that were large enough to use for awhile, but they were not soft by any means. I would like to try blankets like these on our next baby as well.
    The zoo animal print is too cute.

  44. The muslin looks very soft and the colors/patterns are wonderful. The extra size is a good idea too.

  45. Those are so lovely. And you, Stephanie, are SO right. The blankets I used were just at a tad small also. Not all babies are of average size. Sort of like one size fits all dresses. Sure.
    My mother made some lovely crocheted ones but I always wanted fabric on the inside next to his skin. The muslin seems so perfect!

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